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How soon we forget. It’s nearly two years.

On November 5, 2009, at 1:30 in the afternoon, a radical Islamic terrorist with the rank of Army Major, Nidal Hasan, walked into a crowded room full of soldiers at Ft. Hood, Texas, shouted “Allahu Akhar,” and let loose with over 200 rounds of ammunition targeted for Americans in uniform. Another 177 rounds of unfired ammunition was found on his person after he was subdued.

He murdered 14 innocent human beings (including one unborn child) and wounded another 29. Valiant police officers finally wounded the suspect, saving many more lives. The military soldiers were compelled to be unarmed on base by an established policy imposed by armchair geniuses.

Without listing them all, there were numerous red flags and behaviors to indicate that Hasan was a radical Muslim with extremism leanings. This was known to everyone around him, yet he was ignored, promoted and given access to military process. He also was known to use his psychiatric counseling responsibilities to evangelize for Islam. Imagine being a soldier coming back from Afghanistan with PTSD issues, then listening to admonishments in praise of Allah by an Army officer?

This was going on, unabated, for way too-long, until he carried out his plan of multiple death. Yet, no one did anything. No one! It was politically incorrect to criticize or question a Muslim. Because of that, fourteen good Americans died and twenty-nine others were shot, leaving many spouses and children behind.

The U.S. Army, the Secretary of Defense and whoever else played a role in enforcing such a self-disastrous policy, should be charged and stand trial for aiding and abetting Nidal Hasan. It would never have occurred if it had not been for them.

That happened twenty months ago. TWENTY months ago. And we are still waiting resolution. There were — not one, not two — but 29 wounded witnesses, in addition to those who were not shot and the police officers. He has acknowledged being the shooter. Legalese aside, there is absolutely no doubt what happened, who did it, his motives, or his state of awareness. So what’s the delay? Dare we ask: Could it be politics? Could it be that such a case might hold potential revelations that would not bode well for this president prior in the 2012 election?

Forget the usual coinage about “constitutional issues” and “it takes time.” I worked hundreds of murder cases. A homicide detective would have drooled over the existence of so many valid witnesses to one act of murder. Prosecutors would have been propositioning defense lawyers within days or weeks, — “Plead out. Save a long and costly trial. Get life, not death. This one is a done-deal.”

If Hasan had not been wounded, this prosecution could have been held within four months. The killer has long since recovered and still awaits court martial. As it stands, he was not formally arraigned until July 20th of this year, and the judge has set a trial date for March 5th, 2012. That’s two years and five months from the killings. And, I’ll wager anyone there will be no trial until after November.

Now, are you holding on to your monitor?

Nidal Hasan is still receiving full pay while retaining his rank as Army Major? Yes, you the taxpayers are paying this terrorist $200 + thousand a year, plus his medical needs and other care and maintenance. Are we nuts? Are we deaf, dumb and blind?

Click here: Lt. General says Has an still has rank, getting paycheck

When Ft. Hood occurred, the president arrived at a press conference, made several unrelated comments and about two minutes into the speech, “As you may have heard, there’s been a tragic shooting at the Dort Hood Army Base.” He followed up with some obligatory remarks about sympathy and feelings toward the families. Later, he told us — Us, Americans who have been under attack by Islamic radicals since our hostages were seized in Iran in 1979 — that we should not jump to conclusions.

Not jump to conclusions? A radical Muslim screams Allahu Akbar and shoots 41 unarmed soldiers on a military base, and we’re not supposed to jump to conclusions?

Three thousand innocent people were murdered in an act of war by Islamic radicals on September, 11, 2001, and we’re not supposed to jump to conclusions?

Sixteen thousand innocent human beings have been murdered around the world in terrorist attacks since September 11, 2001, by Islamic radicals, and we’re not supposed to jump to conclusions?

I remember being interviewed by John Stossel in 2000, for a 20/20 program about racial profiling. I had written an Op-Ed in which I declared profiling to be necessary, sometimes, depending on the situation. He was clearly trying to make me out to appear as a racist. During the interview, I posed a question back. “John, let me ask you a question. When you first heard about the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, what was the first thing that came to your mind?”

“Arabs,” he said.

I replied, “You just profiled.”

The producer hollered “Cut!”

The segment was never aired.

The truth: Everyone relates terrorism to Islamic radicalism, even those rare times when it’s not true.

 Here’s a conclusion, Mr. President: Nidal Hasan is an Islamic terrorist that was home-grown while under the watchful eyes of the very people who are supposed to be defending America. And he murdered our soldiers, who were left defenseless by a stupid policy. Our government leaders are responsible for the actions of Nidal Hasan. They are people who are ignorant, naive, politically motivated and stupidly disregarded all the overt warning signs. They are people who haven’t a clue about the nature of the enemy of the United States, the very enemy who has sworn to bury us — FROM WITHIN.

It is important that we show the world what will happen when someone, anyone, embarks on a terror attack against innocent people inside America. The results must be swift, certain and severe. Any other approach, and America will be seen as nothing more than a paper tiger. Vulnerable. Conquerable.

No more delays. It’s time for Nidal Hasan to face justice. If not, it’s time for the Justice Department to face justice.

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July 26th, 1960. It was exactly 51 years ago this date that I started my police career. There was no color television. The Russians were winning the space race. Dwight D. Eisenhower was in the last year of his presidency, Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris were clouting homers for the Yankees and a new Cuban dictator named Fidel Castro would change the cultural landscape of South Florida for all time.

Twenty-one years old, I reported to the old Dade County Jail at the 19th floor of the courthouse as a gofer, assigned to sweep floors, work the manual elevator, run errands and handle some prisoners. This would be my job for two weeks until the police academy started.

The atmosphere was a pall of misery. Inmates are never a happy bunch and they all stunk from perspiration. The jail had no air conditioning, just open windows. The cops were not a happy bunch either, relegated to depressing environments day after day. I remember the first sounds when I got off the elevator; keys rattling, steel doors slamming, prisoners screaming.

I was ordered to report to Captain Noah Scott, a tall grandfatherly man who saw no evil, heard no evil and spoke no evil. The indoctrination speech was short and sweet. “Watch your back, here,” he said. I didn’t know if he was referring to the bad guys or the good guys. “You’ll work with Deputy Wes Harmon. Do what he tells you.”

“Yes, sir.”

Moments later, a beer-gutted redneck in a sheriff’s uniform lumbered into the office, looked me over once, and motioned, “Let’s go, Boah.”

As we walked from the captain’s office to the booking room, I could feel Harmon’s eyes peering into mine. Finally, he asked, “You been in the service, Boah?”

“Yeh. Marines.”

“Damn, you a jarhead?”

“Uh. I was…”

“Well, why didn’t you say something? When did you go to P.I.?” (Parris Island boot camp)


“I was in Korea. Did P.I. in ‘51.”

“Uh huh.”

Wes Harmon had a distinct southern drawl, a flat top hair style and a fat face. He personified the stereotypical adjective; Redneck.

It wasn’t more than an hour of orientation time that Harmon had me process a prisoner. He had already taught me how to roll a fingerprint and (ugh) strip search an inmate, to and including the most private of parts. That was not a pleasant experience for a young guy who was supposed to have been a concert violinist.

An inebriated fellow, about twenty-one, shirtless, was ushered into the room by two unformed cops. He had been charged with Public Drunk and Vagrancy, two catch-all charges that were eliminated from the statute books a decade later. He was white, tall, blonde-haired and skinny. Probably a decent fellow, I thought, when sober. I knew Wes Harmon was evaluating me up, down, right and left. I felt awkward. I was not accustomed to this element.

“Get undressed,” he ordered the boy. Moments later, the lanky youngster stood completely nude, head bobbing, eyes drooping, slow to react. Harmon told me to give him an order to bend over and spread. I felt like quitting right there. I complied. “Uh, please bend over…”

The boy acted slowly. Harmon got angry and began shouting at the boy, calling him names. Within a few seconds, he had the boy’s head rammed against the wall, then began punching him in the body, then kicking him when he was down.

I was stunned. Trapped. I couldn’t participate. I couldn’t run. I dared not intervene, or go against the deputy. I couldn’t report him to superiors, not with one hour on the job. My reputation as a rat fink would be sealed forever. As the boy lay groaning, Harmon looked at me with a proud grin, as if to say, “See that, Boah? That’s how you take care of an inmate who don’t follow orders.”

Only one hour into my career, I contemplated walking out the door and into that same elevator I rode up in. I wondered why the other officers and supervisors, who were just around the corner, didn’t respond to help or check out the problem. It was obvious that a noisy scuffle had taken place, but no one seemed to care.

I felt myself shaking inside but dared not be seen as a wimp, or that I couldn’t handle it. As much as I wished, there would be no walking out. I had a pregnant wife at home, no other job and I had obligations to fulfill. But I did let Harmon know that whomping on inmates was, well, just not my thing.

Harmon avoided me from that time on and I figured my days (or hours) might be numbered. But no one said a word. Fortunately, I didn’t have to work with Harmon for the next two weeks, and the jail assignment turned out to be a good learning experience. No other officer acted like Wes Harmon or mistreated inmates. I wondered if I hadn’t been tested.

I had my share of fights and scuffles, like any officer. I was even shot in 1965. But as my career rolled along for thirty years, I’m happy to report that unnecessary brutality, while it may have occurred from time to time, was not something that took place in my presence. That could be because it was just not prevalent, or no one trusted me.

But it left an indelible image in my mind, fifty-one years to the day.

No one in America is more powerful than your local police officer. He or she can take your freedom away on the spot. Not even the president, has that power. Some cops handle authority well, and do everything they can not to abuse, no matter the myriad of stressful situation they are thrust into. A relative few have been known to overact, because the badge emboldens them into feeling like King Kong.

I am proud to have served with the largest police agency in the southeastern United States with some of the finest men and women who every wore a police uniform. Yes, one out of a thousand did stain the agency now and then, but 99.9% were honorable, dedicated and able police who put their lives on the line day and night, to protect people like you and me.

Fortunately, the Wes Harmon’s will slip through the cracks sometimes, but they are far and few between. But they sure can leave a lasting impression, even fifty-one years later.

p.s.  No. Wes Harmon was not his real name.



Since March, we have been engaged in a military action against a regime in Libya that did not attack – or threaten to attack — any other country, include the United States and/or our allies. But we’re dropping bombs and firing rockets at their government forces.


This action has been decried by some members of congress and media as “illegal” because the president has not sought constitutional authorization for approval and for funding within the two-month requirement. But there is not outcry.


The media, most of whom are affected with undying love for this president, remains silent.


Regimes in other countries have been brutally attacking rebellious civilians in other countries of the mid-east, but we haven’t sent troops to Syria, or Yemen, or Egypt, or Tunisia.


Israel is constantly under siege by rocket attacks from Hezbollah at the northern border, and by Hamas at the southern border, but we rarely hear a peep from the media or our administration. The rockets continue striking Israeli citizens, and no one does anything.


Sudanese civilians who are non-Muslim have been under siege by Islamic radicals for years, with millions slaughtered, while the government stood by and did nothing. No U.S. troops or NATO forces were sent in.


Robert Mugabe is the dictator of Zimbabwe who has been responsible for thousands of murderous acts against those who would oppose his regime. The U.S. and the world community stood by and did nothing.


Today, we see and hear horror stories about women and children suffering from disease and starving to death in the deserts of Somalia and Sudan. Yet, the oil-rich Saudis and Iranians continue pouring their mega-millions into U.S. universities, prisons, mosques and pro-Islamic propaganda, but offer little aid to the suffering. But we stay mute and dare not criticize.


In 2009 and in 2011, much like in Libya, the desperate Iranian people tried to revolt against the oppressive, fundamentalist mullah machine of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. They were shot, brutalized and arrested by government forces. There was no NATO outcry. There was no intervention. The president did nothing except denounce violence — the canned statement every leader makes in public forums. He didn’t send in troops. He didn’t call for the removal of the president or issue moral support for the people crying for freedom. He did — basically — nothing.


Now Libya? If any United States soldiers or pilots are killed in the Libyan operation, will they have sacrificed their lives in defense America? If not, then for what?

Why is the president not being held in account for spending billions more dollars in weapons, materials and manpower for attacking a nation that poses no national security threat to the United States? Especially, a president who ran a campaign denigrating the previous president for doing the same thing.

Liberals, Libertarians, and even some Republicans throughout America excoriated President Bush for sending troops into a country without provocation. These same people give Obama a pass. ‘It’s okay, Mr. President, because, well, you’re the president.”


At least eight nations of the middle east erupted into violent dissension within a two-month period this year. Why? Was this sheer coincidence?

Is it coincidence that the burgeoning regime rising from those ashes is the Muslim Brotherhood, the power behind international Jihad? That was no accident. The Muslim Brotherhood’s basic documents call for the establishment of Islamic caliphates in the western world. Their purpose for existence is Jihad. Their plan is specific. Are we to believe that our government leaders didn’t know they were looming in the wings when little people like myself knew it? Our government leaders, including the current administration and many within congress certainly knew it, yet they did more to aid the acceleration of the Brotherhood — than to suppress it. Mubarak was our ally. The Muslim Brotherhood is the master organization of Jihad.


Now, while all this is going on, and for the first time in history, a U.S. president has openly sided with the enemies of Israel in demanding that Israel return land to the Palestinians to pre-1967 borders that are indefensible. That same president is fully aware that Hamas and Hezbollah — which did not exist in 1967 — have been regularly shooting rockets into Israel’s towns and cities, and are loading up with mega-tons more arsenals. The assaults upon Israel is common knowledge. The history of Israeli concessions ALWAYS ends up in more attacks on Israel. Yet, the president caves to the Palestinian’s demands, without demanding that Israel’s right to exist be recognized.


The president knows that those eastern borders would be indefensible, and that the forces behind the radical Islamic world are hell-bent on the total destruction of Israel. But that does not seem to matter.


Forget about the prevailing political issues like the debt ceiling, the slate of Republican candidates, same-sex marriage and gun control. Forget about economic matters, labor unions, social issues and other political minutia. If and when the radical Islamic menace attains their goals, all that won’t mean a thing. What will have meaning, is radical Islam.

The American people are in denial. People refuse to see what’s in front of their noses. And Barack Obama, the greatest asset of the stealth Jihad movement around the world, may actually get reelected in 2012.


The following video is a speech by, Col. Allen West, then a candidate for congress, talking about international Jihad. This is from the horses mouth. He pulls no punches. It’s 19 minutes, but his speech ends at the 12 minute mark. Well worth the listen.

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Not reported by mainstream media, the Obama White House held an Israeli summit on July 11th where a number of representatives were in attendance known as the mid-east quartet. Among them, besides the U.S., envoys from the United Nations, the European Union and Russia, convened to map out a plan to settle the Palestinian problem, based on President Obama’s speech of May 19th. Israel was apparently not present.

Connecting the dots, the timing makes sense. It’s now two months since Barack Obama’s speech in which he called for Israel to cede the pre-1967 borders to the Palestinians, which was met with outrage and disillusionment by every supporter of Israel in the world. Prime Minister Netanyahu, — in response — gave an impassioned speech to our congress, decrying such a demand as virtual suicide to Israel.

Never, in history, has the United States ever backed away from its undying support of Israel.

Supposedly, the U.N. will be meeting on July 26th to vote on the issue of assigning statehood to Palestinians, regardless of the border dispute, and regardless of Israel’s perennial position that their enemies must accept the right of Israel to exist. If approved by the UN, they will debate if, when or how Israel’s land will be seized (seized?) allegedly to take place in September when the new Palestinian borders may be established.

Sources I’ve read claim that 116 of the 192 U.N. members are ready to vote for acceptance of the Palestinian state. The OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) comprises, by far, the largest voting bloc in the UN at 57 countries.  Many of those are oil-rich countries that sway the votes of other nations, Israel be damned.

If all comes to pass, and ceding 1967 borders to the Palestinians is the final vote, it will erupt into full scale war. Israel has no option, but to defend itself from ultimate annihilation which the Palestinians have been determined to achieve for the last 63 years.

I have been asserting for three years, that Mr. Obama has been covertly working behind the scenes to support the Palestinians toward that goal, all the while presenting a veneer that he supports Israel. Three years ago, there was a plethora of reports following investigations that Obama’s campaign was receiving millions under the table from the mid-east for his election. (Not to mention multiple frauds perpetrated by ACORN and non-existent donors) Such kind of fund raising is not blind, it’s done for a purpose.

It also brings to mind numerous articles I and many others have written, pointing out that Mr. Obama has pursued a hidden agenda since the day he was elected, in support of the Palestinian cause over Israel, but too few Americans cared to pay attention.

The mainstream news chooses to focus on the budget, the economy, the war in Afghanistan and such, which are all distractions while Israel braces for the fight of its life, a la Barack Obama and the purveyors of Israeli hatred.

Why now?

Here’s the way I see it. Like all politicians, Obama has promises to keep, and time might be running out. Without a guarantee that he’ll be reelected, he only has until the end of next year to make good his commitments to the Muslim world, especially as it relates to Israel. Even if he is not reelected, he will have set forces in motion for the next administration to deal with, including a Muslim Brotherhood-governed Egypt and/or other mid-east countries.

On July 26th, the United Nations may be voting to establish borders for the Palestinian state, borders that will shrivel Israel to 12 miles wide, and glean half the city of Jerusalem. From the Golan Heights on the east, Israel will be a sitting duck while Hamas and Hezbollah let loose with barrages of rockets from the north and the south.

The only thing that can save Israel, is a veto by the United States on the UN Security council.

Will this president authorize such a veto?

Connecting the dots even further, the recent uprisings in Egypt, Tunisia, Lybia, Bahrain, Syria and Jordan were, in my opinion, no coincidence. Uprisings were disguised to look like a civil rights movements with young people demanding rights and jobs. In truth, they were minions of the Muslim Brotherhood who have their sights set on dominating every nation in the mid-east in their quest to establish a Caliphate.

Now that Egypt is under the notorious, jihad-based Muslim Brotherhood, the borders from Egypt to Gaza are open, and Israel is in more jeopardy than ever. (Remember, Mubarak upheld the peace treaty with Israel and had outlawed the MB — but Obama called for his removal).

So, the stage is set for the death of Israel:

Egypt, under the MB, can and will no longer be a player in protecting Israel

The 1979 peace treaties that have protected Israel are no longer worth the paper they are signed on.

An American president has already made his move publically by demanding Israel cede land to the untenable 1967 borders that will, in Mr. Netanyau’s words, make that small country indefensible.

Other Muslim nations in the mid-east are caught up in turmoil.

The U.S. and NATO are distracted toward Lybia. (Remember, Obama campaigned on decrying any unprovoked war)

Palestinians are in a position to achieve their demands without recognizing Israel’s right to exist. If they get their way, Israel will be smaller, and no peace treaty will exist. The charters of Hezbollah and Hamas will still be dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish state. The Palestinian Authority has aligned themselves with Hamas. Only, now they are more emboldened than ever.

It ain’t good, folks.

Former U.N. American Ambassador, John Bolton, is of the opinion that the U.S. will veto any such U.N. resolution. (See link) I’m not so sure.

What can you do? Call/write your senators, congressmen, newspapers. Send messages like this throughout the country. Encourage everyone to express their undying support of the State of Israel and to demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel’s right to exist.

This is NOT about partisan politics. This is about standing up for Israel, and standing up for America.

We wait.

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One of my readers sent me her notes which she compiled regarding each juror as they were selected in the Casey Anthony trial. With her permission, I have posted them here. Ms. Brenner is an RN of 30 years. Her e-mail to me:

I watched all of the jury selection process through live stream on my computer. I took notes and compiled a list and then supplemented them with the information later posted by WFTV & CFnews13. Here is that information: I’ve bolded the criminal information to make it easier.
Seat 1 Juror # 1398
White female in 60s
Occupation: Retired nurse
Married, 2 children
Nancy Grace: “I choose not to watch.”
“I value life. I also value our criminal justice system as it has evolved. I accept the death penalty.”

Seat 2 Juror # 1019
African American male in 30s
Occupation: Information technology worker
Married, 2 children
Opposed to the death penalty and barely avoided being death disqualified
Low interest in case and not much knowledge about it
“God makes the final judgment.”

Seat 3 Juror # 1055
White female, age 32, who has moved back in with her mom
Occupation: Nursing school student
Single, no children
Has little knowledge of, nor interest in the case
She was involved in some sort of check bouncing deal. Lawyers and judge talked about it in sidebar and it wasn’t brought up again.

Seat 4 Juror #1319
African American woman, about 40
Occupation: Unknown
Single, no children
Reluctant to judge people, “That’s for God to do.”
Prosecution (Batson rule) tried to preempt challenge her. Defense objected that she was being eliminated just because of her race. Judge agreed
Plays games like Farmville
Doesn’t watch news
No opinion on DP
Once arrested for DUI that was pleaded down to careless driving

Seat 5 Juror # 1429
White female in her 60s
Occupation: Retired, hospital nurse’s aide
Divorced, 3 children
11th grade education
She had a DUI in 1998, and her son and grandson both had drug problems & prison sentences.

Seat 6 Juror # 1025
White male, aged 33Occupation: Chef, restaurant equipment company representative
Married, 2 children
College graduate
Has had a lot of travel in his job as chef/salesperson
Arrested and charged with possession and paraphernalia. Served probation.

Seat 7 Juror # 1007
White female, 41 years old
Occupation: Child welfare administrative assistant
Divorced, no children
Three years of college, one major was sociology
Her mother was an attorney
She is very bright and reads two papers
She says she doesn’t really want to be on the jury but will serve because “It’s how I was raised.”

Seat 8 Juror # 3015
White female in 50s
Occupation: Service rep and former manager for Verizon
Married, 2 children
Says she has relatively little exposure to pretrial publicity
Moderate attitudes toward the death penalty

Seat 9 Juror # 3185
White male, aged 53
Occupation: Unemployed former logger
Single, no children
Revealed his name is “Jim” and said friends told him they heard his voice
Grew up in San Francisco Bay area
6 out of 10 on the death penalty scale
Nephew is a cop
Says of law enforcement: “Pleased to have them protecting us.”

Seat 10 Juror # 3310
White male, aged 57
Occupation: Verizon retention specialist
Single, no children, never married
Says he had little exposure to Anthony case
He seems to have a low level job (retention specialist) for a guy with a BA in Business Administration
He gave almost perfect answers to questions from judge, as though he really wanted to be on the jury
Death penalty scale: 6 out of 10. He said, “It’s set. It’s an unfortunate result of actions.”
His sister, along with her boyfriend, committed a violent crime against their dad. She spent time in prison.

Seat 11 Juror # 3016
White male in 30s
Occupation: PE and Health teacher in high school, studying for an online masters degree in special education
Single, no children
Watches little TV, never watches Nancy Grace
Says it would be difficult for him to vote for death: “I guess I could consider it, but having to make that decision would be very tough for me.”
Very certain about his ability to be fair
Called for jury duty but not selected for a jury

Seat 12 Juror # 3140
White female in 40s
Occupation: Publix cook
Married, 2 children
Strong supporter of death penalty (10 out of 10 on scale)
Worked at day care center and supports death penalty for first degree murder of a child
Wants to be on the jury
In response to “who are you” question, she said, “Old fashioned.” “My kids think I’m a great mom.”
Alt 1 Juror # 3093
White female, 48 years old
Occupation: Surgical technician
Married, 2 children
Likes sports on TV better than news
She wasn’t questioned extensively

Alt 2 Juror # 3170
White male, late 40s
Occupation: American government teacher in high school and drop out prevention coordinator
Third marriage, 1 son, 2 stepchildren
Would vote to repeal death penalty

Alt 3 Juror # 4013
White female, 37 years old
Occupation: Cashier at car dealership
Widow; She has a 12-year-old son and lives with her parents
Her husband died in prison where he was in on drug charges.
Married for 14 years but they did not live together
She said a few times, “I hope she didn’t do it.” When asked to expound on that she said that she was hoping the girl would be found and said she was hoping that no crime had been committed
Doesn’t really have opinion on DP

Alt 4 Juror # 4192
White male, around 25
Occupation: Carpenter
Single, no children
From age 18-21 he spent time in Orlando. Went there to party at UCF, etc.
Neutral on death penalty

Alt 5 Juror # 3308
White male, 39
Occupation: Water plant operator
Married, no children
Opposed to DP because of biased application
He was the baseball ticket guy
Long hair, looks kinda like Jesus
Was almost gone, but instead of striking him both sides agreed that he would be the last alternate. This agreement happened outside of court.