Michele Bachmann, congresswoman from Minnesota, has thrown her hat in the Republican ring of the presidential campaign for 2012.

With so many wannabes already vying for the nomination at this early stage, it is worth taking the time to study the personal and professional credentials of each.

I’m impressed with Bachmann. Like any other politician, I do not agree with all her viewpoints, it is clear to me that she is a staunch American and — thus far — seemingly incorruptible, without any questionable characters that guided her life’s path.

In terms of qualifications, she owns a doctorate’s degree in tax law, operated a business with her husband where they employed fifty people, and has mothered five children, plus another 23 kids as a Foster parent.

The mud slingers will soon be out of their holes searching for every “gotcha” and slip of the tongue trying to discredit Mrs. Bachmann. But those same slingers should think hard, because for every “gotcha” they sling at Bachman, there are plenty to go around for the current president, and an array of gaffs, such as “My Muslim Faith…uh, I meant, my Christian faith.” Or, “I’ve been to 57 states…” That’s just for starters.

Critics of Bachmann will be grabbing at straws. Sure, she has conservative views versus liberal, and the issues will be strongly debated, but attacks on her competency or moral character will not gain traction.

She is a woman with experience, intelligence and guts. She is also a staunch unambiguous supporter of the state of Israel. (See link below) And she has a message with a fresh voice worth listening to. Political correctness be damned, she is also unafraid of confronting the impact on the U.S. of fundamentalist, radical Islam and creeping Sharia, which very few politicians will even let cross their lips. Add that, to her position on securing the borders and enforcing laws against illegal immigrants. In other words, she is a compassionate human being, but the national security of America comes first.

Thus far, she and Rep. Allen West are at the top of my list.

Here’s a video of Rep. Bachmann explaining her views on Israel:

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