Imagine, you are a conservative politician in America and one of the few who has the audacity, (or make that “courage?”) to publicly denounce the spread of radical Islam and suggest it’s time to halt immigration to fundamemtalist Muslims. Not only that, you produced a short documentary film graphically depicting the threat of spreading sharia, not only to America, but to the world, all of which is supported by the written edicts of Islam, historical trends and established facts.  (The movie is “Fitna” – Link provided at the end of this article)

As a result, you are banished from getting off the airplane in England and other countries, as unwanted. While you are an eloquent speaker and a recognized authority on the subject, universities and civic organizations shun you for fear of Islamic reprisals and demonstrations. There is a Fatwa on you, which threatens your life and those in your family, much the same as Theo Van Gogh who was threatened for producing a documentary on female oppression in Islamic countries and then murdered in the streets of Amsterdam. This causes you to live 24 hours a day with a cadre of body guards, shifting to new living quarters almost on a daily basis. Not for a few days, weeks or months, but for life! If you don’t, you will meet a certain death. The Fatwa is open-ended, no expiration. Much the same as a Mafia “Hit,” you are a lifelong target. Only, the Mafia usually kept it secret. Radical Islam fears no authority.

The so-called “moderate” Muslim communities everywhere all know about this, but they remain eerily silent. We hear no condemnation of the Fatwa, i.e., the order to commit murder.

The United States provides free speech and free expression to everyone and anyone, no matter their political or religious leanings. America even allowed Nazis to assemble and speak anti-American hatred during WW II. We are a liberal nation, open-minded, tolerant and welcoming.

But wait. That doesn’t apply to you. The highest powers in the U.S. have considered you a risk to peace, because the Islamic lobby is upset and are twisting arms behind the scenes to shut you up. Despite the fact that your country’s own prosecutors and legal experts defend your right to free speech, and strongly recommend no legal action be taken, the gutless government capitulates and determines that you should be prosecuted — overriding the objections of prosecutors — for “inciting hatred” and other incendiary acts that “offend” the Muslim community. In other words, free speech is nullified for you, and you will spend years in prison, out of the way, if the gutless government has its way. No — if the radical Islamists have their way.

Well, the justice system does its job after all, and following a long and expensive trial, you are redeemed by acquittal, set free to — well — go into hiding once again.

This story is true, except for the setting which, in reality, has taken place in the Netherlands where politician Geert Wilders was just found Not Guilty for crimes against Islam, i.e., speaking freely and telling truths.

Geert Wilders may appear to be an eccentric, but he is a popular representative of the Dutch government with a history of liberal and tolerant views on many social issues. However, as he has monitored the slow incursion of another ideology overwhelm his country through immigration and birth rates, and considering the absence of assimilation into the Dutch culture, Wilders has become a herald for warning the west, including the United States, of the dangers that lurk ahead if we do not wake up from the slumber. Because so very few experts have the courage to relay these kinds of warnings, I consider Wilders an international hero.

Fortunately, we have the likes of Brigitte Gabriel, Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, Steve Emerson and Walid Shoebat — for now.

What is happening in Europe, will be happening here. We are but a generation behind.

Like France, England, Germany and Sweden, the Netherlands is rapidly morphing into an Islamic-dominated country. Among Geert Wilders many proposals for The Netherlands:

* A five year moratorium on non-western foreigners who intend to stay in the Netherlands

* A five year moratorium on the founding of new mosques and Islamic schools

* Close all mosques determined as “radical” and expel all foreign “radical” Muslims.

* Restore educational standards with emphasis on educational value of the family

* Reduce influence of the European Union which now provides home to 57 million Muslims. This includes eliminating/reducing Dutch financial contributions to the union.

A quote from Wilders:

“Islam is the Trojan Horse in Europe. If we do not stop Islamification now, eurabia and Netherabia will be a matter of time.”

For a bio and more info on Wilders:

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Regarding his recent trial and acquittal:

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The following link is a 15 minute documentary movie titled “Fitna”produced by Geert Wilder. There are a couple of short commercial breaks in the middle, but the composite of information and stark realities it contains are important to watch. Take the time, please. And remember, the problem is growing, every day, inch by inch. We must remain educated and aware, and elect courageous political representatives who are willing to stand tall and make a difference. We may reach a point where there is no turning back. Europe is just about there.

Click here: Dailymotion – Fitna the Movie Geert Wilders’ film (English)