Disagreeing with policy is one thing. That’s to be expected in political spectrums. This writer has disagreed with many of Barrack Obama’s policies since taking office. (I also disagreed with some of Bush’s) We can argue issues like economics, health care, stimulus packages, government bail-outs, federalizing banks and private industry, all of which attach to liberal or conservative thinking.

But there are five distinct actions taken by Mr. Obama these past 30 months, so egregious, they are virtually inarguable and inexcusable for a United States President. These actions have nothing to do with conservative versus liberal, they have to do with racism, bigotry, deceit, and national security. They are glaring examples of the man’s hidden agenda that will emerge even more dangerously if he is reelected. For those reasons alone, in the absence of any other, we should do what we can to ensure Barack Obama does not remain in office — with no more accountability — for another four years.

1. The Betrayal of Israel.

Three years ago, I warned readers that, despite the rhetoric and speeches, Barack Obama was more allied with the Palestinian (and Islamic in general) causes than he ever was with Israel and the Jewish people. The Palestinians engaged in extensive fund raising activities to help elect Barrack Obama in 2008. They knew something that America ignored. Thus, it was no surprise when Mr. Obama recently called for Israel to give up territory and revert back to borders that would leave them vulnerable to certain obliteration. This, while Hezbollah and Hamas continue to shell Israel’s population with rockets daily. This, while previous territorial concessions  by Israel in Lebanon and Gaza virtually gained no peace from the Palestinian side, and resulted in continuous assaults on Israel.

It is beyond excusable, it is an act of overt betrayal to our devoted democratic ally in the mid-east, and to the most productive country, per capita, in the world.

2. Suing Arizona.

I’m still shaking my head in disbelief, that an American president would authorize the Justice Department to take legal action against one of our sovereign states that enacted a law giving authority to local law enforcement in dealing with illegal immigrants, a law that mirrors the federal law. Seventy percent of the people of Arizona supported this legislation, but that mattered not to a president pandering for future a voting block among the Mexican immigrants which is obviously more important. He sued Americans who are desperately seeking security measures and relief from foreign invaders, criminals, drug smugglers, terrorists, for which the feds have failed miserably.

Then, to exacerbate this diabolical action, Barrack Obama went outside the borders of this country to seeks support from the United Nations, Europe and South America in condemning Arizona. Since, another twenty-two states have been considering a similar law, including georgia whose new law recently was enacted.

Outside of any other inexcusable action, this should be on the table for impeachment, for violating his oath to “preserve, protect and defend…”

No president, loyal to the American people despite political differences, would ever have sued citizens and states who are simply trying to secure their homes, their families, and their futures.

This college professor wraps it up very well:

Click here: YouTube – Obama and Holder taking on Arizona’s SB1070

3. Dropping Charges Against The Black Panthers

This may seem a trivial matter, but in fact, it speaks hugely of this president’s racist leanings.

If the KKK had overtly menaced a polling center during the 2008 elections, in order to elect a white person into office, you can bet they would be serving prison sentences this very moment.

Not so, with the Black Panther thugs who were originally arrested and charged by the Justice Department for voter intimidation by standing at the door in military fatigues and billy clubs shouting expletives and making reference to a black man being elected this time.  Shortly after Obama, and Mr. Holder took office, the charges against the Black Panthers were dropped, no explanation given.

The action was clearly racist and so abhorrent, it triggered the resignation of a civil rights attorney with the Justice Department, L. Christian Adams, who has since been speaking out in utter dismay over the action. Another six attorneys in the DOJ urged Holder to continue with the prosecution, that was ignored.

The anti-racism fight is not just a one-way street. Voter intimidation laws are not meant only for whites.

Here’s a short radio interview with Adams:

Click here: Chris Baker interview with Whistleblower

4. Failing to support Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak.

Most folks haven’t caught up with the skullduggery going on under the radar in this unfortunate, and dangerous area of the world.

Like him or not, Mubarak was our ally. He helped maintain the peace with Israel, he suppressed Sharia Law and he outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood, the most extreme Islamic Jihad organization in the world. Yet, Obama wasted no time in calling for his expulsion, regardless of the obvious consequences, for which he is too smart not to have known.

Here are the obvious consequences: Emergence of Sharia; Breakdown of Security for Israel; The rise of Muslim Brotherhood in assuming power.

Knowing  such outcomes were likely, he should have stood behind our ally of thirty years, and stood up to the radical Islamic threat, which he did not.

When the Iranians were demonstrating for freedom in the streets of Tehran in 2009 and 2011, being shot at and arrested by the Ahmadenijad government, Obama stayed mute. But, not when the Muslim Brotherhood was rising in the largest arab country in the mid-east.

Now, the situation in the mid-east is poised for greater threats from Islamic extremism, Jihad and Sharia everywhere, thanks to a prez who either didn’t have the cajones, or…I’m afraid to say … had a hidden agenda.

5. Apologizing for the United States

This was among Mr. Obama’s first actions as president, to fly across the world and tell everyone — including millions who are taught to hate us from birth — how bad we are, but how good he’s going to make us.

I still cannot get the taste out of my mouth.

No elected leader of our nation — a nation who spends $50 billion on foreign aid, rebuilds nations and comes to the rescue of human beings in four corners of the world — should be telling any other country that we are “arrogant” and that we are apologetic for our mistakes.

Yes, many doubt the validity of some wars, as do I. And I, like millions, do not agree with all the policies of the U.S. But never, never, should a leader of our country cow-tow and apologize for who we are.

In 2013, I hope the next president apologizes to the world for giving them Barrack Obama for four years.

Signed: One ashamed American

There are a zillion other issues that this writer is passionate about. But these are the ones that are absolutely inexcusable.