Here’s one story (true) about entitlements and welfare, of which I am intimately familiar. For the sake of protecting identity, we’ll call him Billie.

Billie was 19 years old in 1979 when he had formed a teenage history of aberrant behavior, including the use and selling of drugs, skipping school, etc., but no violence toward others.

His father took him to a psychiatrist who diagnosed him as a manic-depressive, prescribing more drugs that put Billie into a near stupor. That lasted a few months. Billie spent a few days in jail now and then for stealing, but always had someone intervening to help him out.

In 1979, over wrought with expenses, his divorced father managed to have Billie declared “disabled” in order to gain assistance for treatment and medical expenses. Billie’s father kept a log of income from government disability payments and expenditures. After four months, Billie ran away. Disappeared.

Billie’s father wrote a certified letter to the government cancelling all disability payments, advising them of his disappearance.

The father never heard from his son again until he learned that Billie had married a stripper and moved to Hawaii. One day, after Billie settled into a part time job where he had to give his Social Security number, he received a summons to appear at a government office. Billie was very nervous about this, until he showed up. The government representative told Billie they had been looking for him for two years, and that they had been holding checks for him all this time. They proceeded to give Billie $16,000 of taxpayer money which was “over due.” Not only that, the monthly payments were resumed and increased.

Party time.

Billie and his new wife spent some of the money on housing, and then proceeded to have two children. They also applied for additional welfare for the kids, because — well — Billie was “Disabled” and now, so was his wife. They couldn’t work. And, having kids ballooned the welfare payments.

Because the two of them were able-bodied, the father had no idea why they couldn’t work, but the disability was continued on. Along with that, they received food stamps, and Medicaid health insurance for all four members of the family.

Time passed. Billie and his wife divorced, and the kids were subjected to divided loyalties and dysfunctional treatment as both parents accelerated their drug use. Each gave the other custody of the kids for a while, and traded back and forth. Eventually, the kids had to be taken care of by Billie’s parents while Billie partied and used drugs, and the mother went on her merry way enjoying the pleasures of life without the encumbrances of children.

Sometime in 1996, after Billie remarried to a working girl. Billie and she moved to the Florida Keys and rented an apartment. While there, the government called him up and advised that they had made an error in calculations, and handed Billie another $10,000 of your taxpayer money for payment “over due.” The money was spent on a car and lots of drugs!

None of this was ever monitored by the government. Billie was required to visit a shrink now and then who would write a report about Billie’s disability. Billie, meanwhile, knew the ropes and the right buzz words to say during a doctor’s interview. “I have nightmares.” “I get extremely anxious when someone expects things from me.” “I often feel like killing myself.” “I’m in a lot of pain.”

Fast forward. Billie’s second wife died. He is still alive at age fifty, living with another “disabled” woman with whom he pools the welfare money in order to get by. They also received Section 8 housing which means that the taxpayer handled about 3/4 of their rent payments.

If Billie actually managed to get a job, he would risk losing his disability status and all the benefits that go with it. So, why bother? It’s better to lie and stay on welfare.

After so many years, Billie has morphed into a truly disabled person, thanks to the U.S. government. By creating a lifelong dependent, Billie is now hooked on Oxycodone along with his “disabled” girl friend, and continue to live as parasites off the welfare system.


Because they can.

Billie nor his girl could hold a job now. Their minds and bodies are dulled. Into their 50’s, one supervisory criticism, one direct order, one ounce of pressure, would set them off into a frenzy…and no more job. They live day to day, watching television, and looking for extra Oxycodone pills in the streets because the doctor prescriptions just aren’t enough.

Create an environment for handouts, and the hands will be out. Providing welfare for the truly needy, is vital. I have no problem with aiding the handicapped and the disadvantaged who cannot help themselves. But I bet there are millions out there, just like Billie, who have been ripping off the taxpayer for decades, ever since LBJ’s Great Society made it more lucrative to not work, than to work.

I don’t have all the answers to all the ills of the nation. But I do know this story to be true and that providing an endless pool for mooches, will naturally increase our population of mooches.

I dare say, that these kind of mooches also comprise a massive voting block, which — because of their numbers — is of high interest to one side of the political spectrum.

Get those mooches to the polling place. They need America.