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Here’s one story (true) about entitlements and welfare, of which I am intimately familiar. For the sake of protecting identity, we’ll call him Billie.

Billie was 19 years old in 1979 when he had formed a teenage history of aberrant behavior, including the use and selling of drugs, skipping school, etc., but no violence toward others.

His father took him to a psychiatrist who diagnosed him as a manic-depressive, prescribing more drugs that put Billie into a near stupor. That lasted a few months. Billie spent a few days in jail now and then for stealing, but always had someone intervening to help him out.

In 1979, over wrought with expenses, his divorced father managed to have Billie declared “disabled” in order to gain assistance for treatment and medical expenses. Billie’s father kept a log of income from government disability payments and expenditures. After four months, Billie ran away. Disappeared.

Billie’s father wrote a certified letter to the government cancelling all disability payments, advising them of his disappearance.

The father never heard from his son again until he learned that Billie had married a stripper and moved to Hawaii. One day, after Billie settled into a part time job where he had to give his Social Security number, he received a summons to appear at a government office. Billie was very nervous about this, until he showed up. The government representative told Billie they had been looking for him for two years, and that they had been holding checks for him all this time. They proceeded to give Billie $16,000 of taxpayer money which was “over due.” Not only that, the monthly payments were resumed and increased.

Party time.

Billie and his new wife spent some of the money on housing, and then proceeded to have two children. They also applied for additional welfare for the kids, because — well — Billie was “Disabled” and now, so was his wife. They couldn’t work. And, having kids ballooned the welfare payments.

Because the two of them were able-bodied, the father had no idea why they couldn’t work, but the disability was continued on. Along with that, they received food stamps, and Medicaid health insurance for all four members of the family.

Time passed. Billie and his wife divorced, and the kids were subjected to divided loyalties and dysfunctional treatment as both parents accelerated their drug use. Each gave the other custody of the kids for a while, and traded back and forth. Eventually, the kids had to be taken care of by Billie’s parents while Billie partied and used drugs, and the mother went on her merry way enjoying the pleasures of life without the encumbrances of children.

Sometime in 1996, after Billie remarried to a working girl. Billie and she moved to the Florida Keys and rented an apartment. While there, the government called him up and advised that they had made an error in calculations, and handed Billie another $10,000 of your taxpayer money for payment “over due.” The money was spent on a car and lots of drugs!

None of this was ever monitored by the government. Billie was required to visit a shrink now and then who would write a report about Billie’s disability. Billie, meanwhile, knew the ropes and the right buzz words to say during a doctor’s interview. “I have nightmares.” “I get extremely anxious when someone expects things from me.” “I often feel like killing myself.” “I’m in a lot of pain.”

Fast forward. Billie’s second wife died. He is still alive at age fifty, living with another “disabled” woman with whom he pools the welfare money in order to get by. They also received Section 8 housing which means that the taxpayer handled about 3/4 of their rent payments.

If Billie actually managed to get a job, he would risk losing his disability status and all the benefits that go with it. So, why bother? It’s better to lie and stay on welfare.

After so many years, Billie has morphed into a truly disabled person, thanks to the U.S. government. By creating a lifelong dependent, Billie is now hooked on Oxycodone along with his “disabled” girl friend, and continue to live as parasites off the welfare system.


Because they can.

Billie nor his girl could hold a job now. Their minds and bodies are dulled. Into their 50’s, one supervisory criticism, one direct order, one ounce of pressure, would set them off into a frenzy…and no more job. They live day to day, watching television, and looking for extra Oxycodone pills in the streets because the doctor prescriptions just aren’t enough.

Create an environment for handouts, and the hands will be out. Providing welfare for the truly needy, is vital. I have no problem with aiding the handicapped and the disadvantaged who cannot help themselves. But I bet there are millions out there, just like Billie, who have been ripping off the taxpayer for decades, ever since LBJ’s Great Society made it more lucrative to not work, than to work.

I don’t have all the answers to all the ills of the nation. But I do know this story to be true and that providing an endless pool for mooches, will naturally increase our population of mooches.

I dare say, that these kind of mooches also comprise a massive voting block, which — because of their numbers — is of high interest to one side of the political spectrum.

Get those mooches to the polling place. They need America.




Michele Bachmann, congresswoman from Minnesota, has thrown her hat in the Republican ring of the presidential campaign for 2012.

With so many wannabes already vying for the nomination at this early stage, it is worth taking the time to study the personal and professional credentials of each.

I’m impressed with Bachmann. Like any other politician, I do not agree with all her viewpoints, it is clear to me that she is a staunch American and — thus far — seemingly incorruptible, without any questionable characters that guided her life’s path.

In terms of qualifications, she owns a doctorate’s degree in tax law, operated a business with her husband where they employed fifty people, and has mothered five children, plus another 23 kids as a Foster parent.

The mud slingers will soon be out of their holes searching for every “gotcha” and slip of the tongue trying to discredit Mrs. Bachmann. But those same slingers should think hard, because for every “gotcha” they sling at Bachman, there are plenty to go around for the current president, and an array of gaffs, such as “My Muslim Faith…uh, I meant, my Christian faith.” Or, “I’ve been to 57 states…” That’s just for starters.

Critics of Bachmann will be grabbing at straws. Sure, she has conservative views versus liberal, and the issues will be strongly debated, but attacks on her competency or moral character will not gain traction.

She is a woman with experience, intelligence and guts. She is also a staunch unambiguous supporter of the state of Israel. (See link below) And she has a message with a fresh voice worth listening to. Political correctness be damned, she is also unafraid of confronting the impact on the U.S. of fundamentalist, radical Islam and creeping Sharia, which very few politicians will even let cross their lips. Add that, to her position on securing the borders and enforcing laws against illegal immigrants. In other words, she is a compassionate human being, but the national security of America comes first.

Thus far, she and Rep. Allen West are at the top of my list.

Here’s a video of Rep. Bachmann explaining her views on Israel:

Click here: YouTube – Michele Bachmann: Update on Israel

Scroll down on this site and see how she handled a heckler:

Click here: Michelle Malkin » Rep. Michele Bachmann to heckler:

Her bio and positions:

Click here: Michele Bachmann – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia





 Imagine, you are a conservative politician in America and one of the few who has the audacity, (or make that “courage?”) to publicly denounce the spread of radical Islam and suggest it’s time to halt immigration to fundamemtalist Muslims. Not only that, you produced a short documentary film graphically depicting the threat of spreading sharia, not only to America, but to the world, all of which is supported by the written edicts of Islam, historical trends and established facts.  (The movie is “Fitna” – Link provided at the end of this article)

As a result, you are banished from getting off the airplane in England and other countries, as unwanted. While you are an eloquent speaker and a recognized authority on the subject, universities and civic organizations shun you for fear of Islamic reprisals and demonstrations. There is a Fatwa on you, which threatens your life and those in your family, much the same as Theo Van Gogh who was threatened for producing a documentary on female oppression in Islamic countries and then murdered in the streets of Amsterdam. This causes you to live 24 hours a day with a cadre of body guards, shifting to new living quarters almost on a daily basis. Not for a few days, weeks or months, but for life! If you don’t, you will meet a certain death. The Fatwa is open-ended, no expiration. Much the same as a Mafia “Hit,” you are a lifelong target. Only, the Mafia usually kept it secret. Radical Islam fears no authority.

The so-called “moderate” Muslim communities everywhere all know about this, but they remain eerily silent. We hear no condemnation of the Fatwa, i.e., the order to commit murder.

The United States provides free speech and free expression to everyone and anyone, no matter their political or religious leanings. America even allowed Nazis to assemble and speak anti-American hatred during WW II. We are a liberal nation, open-minded, tolerant and welcoming.

But wait. That doesn’t apply to you. The highest powers in the U.S. have considered you a risk to peace, because the Islamic lobby is upset and are twisting arms behind the scenes to shut you up. Despite the fact that your country’s own prosecutors and legal experts defend your right to free speech, and strongly recommend no legal action be taken, the gutless government capitulates and determines that you should be prosecuted — overriding the objections of prosecutors — for “inciting hatred” and other incendiary acts that “offend” the Muslim community. In other words, free speech is nullified for you, and you will spend years in prison, out of the way, if the gutless government has its way. No — if the radical Islamists have their way.

Well, the justice system does its job after all, and following a long and expensive trial, you are redeemed by acquittal, set free to — well — go into hiding once again.

This story is true, except for the setting which, in reality, has taken place in the Netherlands where politician Geert Wilders was just found Not Guilty for crimes against Islam, i.e., speaking freely and telling truths.

Geert Wilders may appear to be an eccentric, but he is a popular representative of the Dutch government with a history of liberal and tolerant views on many social issues. However, as he has monitored the slow incursion of another ideology overwhelm his country through immigration and birth rates, and considering the absence of assimilation into the Dutch culture, Wilders has become a herald for warning the west, including the United States, of the dangers that lurk ahead if we do not wake up from the slumber. Because so very few experts have the courage to relay these kinds of warnings, I consider Wilders an international hero.

Fortunately, we have the likes of Brigitte Gabriel, Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, Steve Emerson and Walid Shoebat — for now.

What is happening in Europe, will be happening here. We are but a generation behind.

Like France, England, Germany and Sweden, the Netherlands is rapidly morphing into an Islamic-dominated country. Among Geert Wilders many proposals for The Netherlands:

* A five year moratorium on non-western foreigners who intend to stay in the Netherlands

* A five year moratorium on the founding of new mosques and Islamic schools

* Close all mosques determined as “radical” and expel all foreign “radical” Muslims.

* Restore educational standards with emphasis on educational value of the family

* Reduce influence of the European Union which now provides home to 57 million Muslims. This includes eliminating/reducing Dutch financial contributions to the union.

A quote from Wilders:

“Islam is the Trojan Horse in Europe. If we do not stop Islamification now, eurabia and Netherabia will be a matter of time.”

For a bio and more info on Wilders:

Click here: Geert Wilders – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Regarding his recent trial and acquittal:

Click here: Geert Wilders Acquitted – Militant Islam Monitor

The following link is a 15 minute documentary movie titled “Fitna”produced by Geert Wilder. There are a couple of short commercial breaks in the middle, but the composite of information and stark realities it contains are important to watch. Take the time, please. And remember, the problem is growing, every day, inch by inch. We must remain educated and aware, and elect courageous political representatives who are willing to stand tall and make a difference. We may reach a point where there is no turning back. Europe is just about there.

Click here: Dailymotion – Fitna the Movie Geert Wilders’ film (English)



The fallout from the Anthony Weiner fiasco includes a mystery no one yet has resolved, especially the media which is ignoring it like the plague. Make that: Two mysteries

Mystery # 1) How is it that Anthony Weiner, a Jew, married a devout Muslim woman, and vice-versa?

Mystery #2) How is it that a devout Muslim woman with strong ties to the notorious Muslim Brotherhood is working within a trusted position in the highest levels of the Department of State?

Here are the facts as we know them:

1 – Anthony Weiner, a Jewish U.S. Congressman from New York, (now resigned) married Huma Abedin, a practicing Muslim woman, in 2010. Ex-President Bill Clinton officiated.

2 – Huma Abedin was born in Michigan, but grew up in Saudi Arabia, the daughter of devout Muslim parents. She was later educated in the U.S. and remains a devout, practicing Muslim.

3 – At age 20, Huma Abedin started working as a White House assistant to then first lady, Hillary Clinton in 1996, and has been by Mrs. Clinton’s side ever since. She now holds the position of Aide and Deputy Chief of Staff to Sec. Hillary Clinton in the State Department.

4 – According to numerous sources, which has not been denied or refuted, the mother of Huma Abedin — a Pakistani — is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood, or, the women’s division of the Muslim Brotherhood.

5. – Huma Abedin’s brother is a fellow with the Oxford Centre For Islamic Studies, which is heavily supported by the Muslim Brotherhood.

6. – Islamic scholars and experts confirm that no Muslim woman — especially devout Muslims and members of the sisterhood — may marry a non-Muslim man, yet a Jew, unless that man has converted to Islam.

7. – It is well known, especially in intelligence circles including the CIA and the FBI, that the Muslim Brotherhood is the most notorious global, anti-American, jihadist organization in the world, with long range sights set upon establishing an Islamic caliphate in the west. (That means, converting America into an Islamic nation, folks). According to their own documents — authored by the highest levels in the MB — America is destined to be settled as an Islamic nation, and that it will use deceit and infiltration to accomplish this goal from within.


Readers tend to gloss over this, but it is as important as Mein Kampf was to the burgeoning Nazi movement in 1930s Germany that so many ignored. You’ve read it before. Here, again, is their language taken from the Muslim Brotherhood manifesto, introduced at the Holy Land Foundation trial:

“The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious.”


* The Muslim Brotherhood — or its affiliations — has infiltrated the highest levels of our government.

* Hillary Clinton is either in denial, stupid, naive or complicit in having such a person with ties to the MB working within the highest levels of the State Department. That goes for the president as well.

* There is certainly more to the story of the Weiner wedding, which we don’t know about. If Anthony Weiner, in fact, converted to Islam, it was done surreptitiously because it would have been a death knell to his political career. And, if so, Weiner certainly knew of the Muslim Brotherhood connections of his wife.

* If the Islamic community has approved of, or ignores the marriage between Jewish born Weiner and Huma Abedin, it can be logically concluded that they — the Islamic community — know something we don’t. An Imam from the Islamic Cultural center of New York, Omar Abu-Namous, not only approved of the union, he has encouraged Huma Abedin to stand by her man during the cybersex scandal. Thus, it must be advantageous to the goals of Islamic jihad and the MB to have Huma Abedin inside the bowels of the Department of State with daily access to governmental intelligence. Therefore, her “marriage” to a U.S. congressman, regardless of religion, was openly accepted.

That, folks, is an example of “Taqiyya” which I’ve often written about. Taqiyya is the Islamic equivalent to using lies, deceit and concealment in order to advance the cause of spreading Islam. The 9/11 al Qaeda terrorists blended with American society for months prior to the deadly attack, drinking alcohol, carousing with women and eating pork, in order to conceal who they truly were, in order to carry out their mission.

Their mission was to infiltrate and kill. The mission of the Muslim Brotherhood is to infiltrate and conquer, even if it takes 100 years. In the Muslim Brotherhood planning document, “The Project,” it clearly states — among their strategies:

* Maintain the appearance of moderation

* Use deception to mask the intended goals of Islamic Action

We know about these things, the government knows about these things, the highest of officials know, yet they are inexplicably ignored.

Forget about the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. We are losing the war right here. And our government is helping.

For a look at the Muslim Brotherhood’s “The Project” read here, plus more links:

Click here: FrontPage Magazine – The Muslim Brotherhood “Project” Click here: Did Anthony Weiner, a Jew, convert to Islam to marry a Muslim? 

Click here: Did Anthony Weiner Convert to Islam?

Click here: Gates of Vienna: Sabotaging Our Miserable House

Click here: Muslim Brotherhood – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia






The following three minute video depicts the responses by some Palestinians to the murder of 3,000 Americans on September 11, 2001. Bear in mind, these are not al Qaeda terrorists, just simple Palestinians whose claim their only complaint is with the State of Israel. Watch:

Click here: YouTube – The Palestinians: Perhaps their most amazing secret

The media and the government continually focus on al Qaeda, swaying the minds and hearts of Americans into thinking they are the lone hostile enemy, the only purveyors of hate. Long before there was an al Qaeda, there has always been hatred toward Jews and infidels infecting the Islamic world like a disease spread out of control.

In March of this year, obscured by the news reports of the Japanese tsunami, a Jewish family were safe and secure in their Israeli home when Palestinian invaders broke in and calculatedly butchered a mother, a father and three children, ages 11, 4 and 3 months, for no other reason than to impose a painful death upon helpless human beings. When the news broke, the happy Palestinian people celebrated in customary fashion, by distributing cookies, candies and fruits.

I did check a number of sources. The information is confirmed. The following also depicts some of the crime scenes, so be prepared:


Should Israel make compromises and concessions? Hmmm. When Ariel Sharon and the Israeli government agreed to pull Jewish settlements from Gaza in 2005, as a gesture of peace and concession, the new Palestinian government responded how? By initiating rocket attacks from Gaza soil into Israeli communities. Why? Well, it certainly wasn’t to defend, because their people were not under any threat of attack. It was for no other purpose than to murder innocent civilians. And where was the UN?

By the way, same scenario in Lebanon, when Israel pulled out from there as a concession for peace. Rockets. Hate. Murder.

Thus far, over 12,000 rockets have been fired into the state of Israel from Gaza (and from Lebanon) since 2005, and they are still coming.

What would the United States do if Mexico of Canada were shooting Americans with Rocket attacks on a daily basis? But it’s okay. After all, it’s only Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu recently posed a question during his speech to our congress. The following is transcript from his speech:

“In recent years, Israel withdrew from south Lebanon and from Gaza. We thought we’d get peace. That’s not what we got. We got 12,000 rockets fired from those areas on our cities, on our children, by Hezbollah and Hamas. The U.N. peacekeepers in Lebanon, they failed to prevent the smuggling of this weaponry. The European observers in Gaza, they evaporated overnight. So if Israel simply walked out of the territories, the flow of weapons into a future Palestinian state would be unchecked, and missiles fired from it could reach virtually every home in Israel in less than a minute.

“I want you to think about that, too. Imagine there’s a siren going on now and we have less than 60 seconds to find shelter from an incoming rocket. Would you live that way? Do you think anybody can live that way? Well, we’re not going to live that way either.”

The campaign of teaching hatred toward Jews started long before there was a state of Israel, it has been going on for centuries, to and including the time of the Prophet Muhammed himself.

During the lead-up to WW II, the Grand Mufti from the Palestinians consorted with Hitler to assist in the “final solution” which, defined, meant the systematic annihilation of the Jewish people. The following link provides a number of other links which should educate the doubters:

Click here: Have it clearly!: Hitler’s (“Palestinian” Arab Muslim) Mufti

During Muhammed’s lifetime, when the Jews refused to convert to Islam despite peaceful efforts, the Islamic powers turned to violence. In Medina, following the Battle of the Trench in 627 A.D., between 700 and 900 Jewish males were lined up and beheaded one by one. Their wives were converted into concubines and slaves, and their children were ushered into Madrassas (schools) for total conversion and indoctrination into Islam. Here are a couple of links to learn from:

Click here: Banu Qurayza – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Click here: Muhammad’s atrocity against the Qurayza Jews

In Palestinian territory today, Arab children have no choices when they are systematically brainwashed into believing all Jews are apes and pigs and they are the worst of peoples on the planet deserving of annihilation. Is it any wonder that they grow up virtually hypnotized into these beliefs to the exclusion of any truths bestowed them from the outside world.

Meanwhile, whatever goodness that Israeli does for anyone, including Arabs, is rewarded with hatred and violence. Here’s one example, of an Arab woman who was burned by her family and rescued and saved by Jewish doctors at a hospital in Jerusalem, only to become a suicide bomber targeting the same hospital that cured her. Verified by Snopes and etc.:

Click here: Civilized man vs. Savage – Atlas Shrugs

And, speaking of those darling children of Hamas, Hezbollah and the West Bank Palestinians, check out these photos, which speak for themselves:

Where else in the world are mothers so utterly brainwashed, that they consider it a privelege to send their sons out to die for the love of killing innocent civilians?  Listen to this interview on Arab TV, of a mother talking about the three sons she proudly dispatched to die:



How does one fight that kind of indoctrination?

So when I hear American politicians or media pundits, including the president, suggesting that Israel is the one who must make concessions, or portraying Israel as the bad guys, I shudder at the propaganda, because there are very gullible people out there who will actually believe it.

The charters of Hamas and Hezbollah are unambiguous. There can be no peace negotiating. The only goal of the Palestinians, is the utter destruction of the state of Israel.

We must never forget: Among the declared strategies of the Muslim Brotherhood, is to use deceit and portray a position of “moderation.” They will say anything to achieve their long range goals, which is the destruction of Israel, and the eventual annihilation of the Jews. Anyone who is educated knows this, including members of our government…at the highest of levels. “Deceit” is an effective strategy in any war, because the deceivers rely on ignorance, naivety and stupidity. (and, they get it)

What is remarkable about Hitler’s strategy in the 1930s is how he pursued his genocidal ambitions by simultaneously conducting both a campaign of aggression and a campaign of feigning peace. The appeasers fell for it.

Perhaps, if they had not, 50 million lives could have been saved.

A sovereign Palestinian state sounds like a great idea. But so long as they will not accept the right for Israel to exist, there is no sense convening for the first talk.