Whatever happened to “charity begins at home?”

Here is the top fifteen list, compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau, of foreign aid recipients from the United States, i.e., your tax dollars as appropriated by our elected officials:

1. Afghanistan – $8.7 billion ($5.7 billion in military aid)

2. Israel – $2.4 billion (Nearly all in military aid)

3. Iraq – $2.2 billion (Nearly all in economic aid)

4. Egypt – $1.8 billion ($1.3 in military aid)

5. Pakistan – $1.7 billion

6. Sudan – $1.2 billion

7. West Bank/Gaza – $1 billion

8. Ethiopia – $940 million

9 Kenya – $918 million

10. Colombia – $895 million

11. Jordan – $816 million

12. Georgia – $622 million

13. South Africa – $570 million

14. Burkina Faso – $508 million

15. Nigeria – $500 million

Let’s see. A recent Zogby poll found that 92 percent of Egyptians believe the United States is their greatest threat, and most want to see Sharia law implemented in their government. This, despite the fact that the American taxpayer has been donating an average of two billion dollars a year to their economy and military since1979.

Another poll sponsored by The Washington Post found that 55 percent of Afghanistan people want the U.S. out of their country. This, while American sons and daughters give their lives to offer them a better world.

Pakistan, a country whose government most likely aided and abetted the concealment of Osama bin Laden for several years, and who true allegiance to U.S. interests is in question, receives nearly $2 billion a year in foreign aid.

While we dole out big bucks, the U.S. economy is in dire straits. The Congressional Budget Office projects a 2011 deficit of $1.5 trillion while the national debt is exceeding $14 trillion. We pay taxes for our government to serve us, and to provide security, which instead, are misappropriated for political purposes. We’re giving away $45 billion a year to assist over 150 other countries, some of whom hate us.

Doubled in the last two years, and now seventh on the list of recipients to foreign aid, is the West Bank/Gaza, (over $1 billion) which is not even sovereign country. Most of the Palestinian regions are now co-governed by a terrorist organization, Hamas, who despise America and whose purpose is to annihilate Israel. So why do we aid and abet? One only has to access the Internet to see ‘hate America’ chants in the streets of Gaza.

Never heard of Burkina Faso? It is a small West African country of 15 million people, mostly Islamic, and fourteenth on the list for receiving American tax dollars.

Our administration would have us believe we are a ntaion at odds with and discriminatory toward Muslim nations. Yet, nine of the top fifteen nations we give money to, are predominantly Muslim.

While our government tells us that we’re interested in advancing human rights and improving living conditions around the world, perhaps we should pay more attention to taking care of our own. According to the Homelessness Research Institute, America has almost 675,000 people without a place to live. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates 36 million people live below poverty levels, including 13 million children. Millions of Americans go to bed hungry every night.

America needs roads and bridges, infrastructure, health care, and assistance for the elderly who have paid their dues. America needs secure borders that are less penetrable and dangerous to our own taxpaying citizens. The cost of living is impacting middle class America, with gas prices a dollar more a gallon than a year ago, certain to start an inflationary crisis.

America needs respect. Using money as a tool to gain respect is utterly naive.

Let’s be Brutally Frank. Funneling tax dollars to nations like Egypt and Pakistan is pure bribery. The Israeli peace treaty with Egypt and Jordan is based upon foreign aid to all three, not mutual love. We give them all money so they won’t kill each other.

We give Pakistan money so they will act like an ally to us in the war on terror and, perhaps, avoid using nukes against their enemy in India.

We give Colombia almost $1 billion a year, so they will side with the U.S., not the cartels, in the perennial lost war on drugs.

It’s all about payoffs for favors. It’s corruption personified.

I vote to halt aid to all other countries, except for disaster relief. Let’s take care of Americans first.

Click here: United States foreign aid – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia