When the February uprisings occurred in Egypt, and the western media applauded the “Freedom Fighters” in their quest to rid that nation of it’s dictator, I warned readers that things would more likely get worse, not better.

They did.

Mubarak may have been a dictator, but the mid-east is well accustomed to dictatorships. Mubarak was as close of a friend in the mid-east that America could possibly have. Christians (Coptics) were protected, the notorious Muslim Brotherhood was outlawed, and the peace treaty with Israel was strictly enforced.

That’s all gone to hell.

The barbarians are back in charge, and the Muslim Brotherhood, whose sole purpose is to establish Sharia law throughout the world, including the United States, is rising to power. That was predictable, but no one listened. Christians are under siege with murders and church burnings a regular part of the new landscape. The Muslim Brotherhood is not only legalized now, they are expected to either assume control of the government or have a strong influence in the parliament.

Israel? Forget about the treaty. That’s heading out the door behind Mubarak. Egypt is opening its heretofore closed border with Gaza, which is ruled by Hamas. That opens the pathway for arms and military support from the south. Hamas exists but for one reason: To destroy Israel.

According to the Pew Research Center, only 36 percent of Egyptians to today want to keep the Israeli treaty alive. Seventy-five percent favor government by the Muslim Brotherhood. And 89 percent want Sharia Law.

According to Pew, the Israeli population sees our American administration 9 percent favorable. (compared to 88 percent for Bush) Most Israelis see Obama as pro-Palestinian.

That’s not surprising, considering that the Palestinians set up phone banks in 2008 to raise money to get Obama elected.

This is not a good situation for America, western civilization and for Israel.

Additional uprisings in other mid-east countries have not faired well for U.S. interests. Jordan has experienced street violence against civilians, while their peace treaty with Israel is more in jeopardy than ever. Many suspect the Muslim Brotherhood of having an influence in the against the established government. If they assume power, Israel will be on guard against another war, perhaps even nuclear.

Tunisia, Yemen and Libya, likewise, have Muslim Brotherhood fingerprints on the unrest. It’s their M.O. You all know what that means. The Brotherhood can be likened to the rise of the Nazi party in the late 1920’s, early 1930’s, when people scoffed and said they were just a bunch of hoodlum fanatics. Surprise, surprise.

Meanwhile, the United States has blithering idiots running the country, such as James Clapper who told congress under oath, that the Muslim Brotherhood was largely a secular organization, portraying them as non-violent and harmless. He couldn’t be that stupid, because most of the educated world has read the manifestos authored by the MB which calls for Islamic conquest, by stealth means or by violence.

Believe it or not, this is America’s Director of National Intelligence:

Click here: VIDEO: James Clapper: Muslim Brotherhood ‘Largely Secular’

Well meaning liberal folks who choose to see life through rose-colored glasses dare to see reality in the raw. The mid-east is falling apart, our allies are diminishing, and Israel is more in peril now than ever. The much-exalted coup in February has turned into a disaster.

I’ve learned from a knowledgeable source that Abour al Zomor, who led the assassination of Anwar Sadat, was among the prisoners released once Mubarak was ousted. The source claims that Zomor is supported by Zawahari, the new leader of al Qaeda, in the quest for establishing Sharia law.

Click here: Aboud and Tarek El-Zomor amongst released prisoners

The Libyan situation is another fiasco that was poorly handled from the upstart. Indecision, delays and mis-appropriated support will likely see that nation remain or worsen as an enemy of the United States.

 Our president’s alliance with the Muslim world has not produced the desired effect, mainly because our government refuses to accept the truth: Radical Islam has no intent on co-existing peacefully with the non-Muslim world. (Note the adjective: “Radical”) We are naive to think that appeasement will ever lead to peace.

Peace talks with Israel? Are you kidding. Hamas’ new union with Fatah is a strong message to Israel that peace talks are merely a ruse to stall and pressure the united Nations and world community into blaming Israel for anything and everything evil. Hamas’ charter clearly states, there can and will be no such thing as negotiations or co-existence with Israel. Period.

No doubt, attacks to end Israel’s existence are under way behind closed doors as we speak. Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and the entire world of radical Islam have been emboldened by their successes.

 We should see and trust Pakistan as our ally? Where were the Pakistanis when Osama bin Laden was living as a neighbor next to the military training facility for five years? Where was their alliance with the U.S.? Where was their assistance? Meanwhile we ship $3 billion of our tax dollars to Pakistan every year as bribe money to keep them from using nukes against India, or anyone else.

The message folks, is that we implore our government leaders to wake up and see truth as it is. Radical Islam is gaining strength throughout the entire world, to and including our own country. And we have no one to blame but ourselves.

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