I first lauded Lt. Colonel Allen West in my blog in April of 2010, seven months before his election to the House of Representatives. It was clear then, and clearer now, that this man is the future leadership of America.

Better sooner, than later.

Remember, the most important aspect of the 2012 presidential election, is to unseat Barack Obama from the Oval Office, regardless of who runs. But that won’t happen unless the opposition nominates a winner. Rep. Allen West can be that winner.

The Democratic field is stagnant, all filing behind Barack Obama with no challengers. Thus, it is up to the Republican party to unseat the current president. Republicans should have learned a lesson from the 2008 campaign that you can’t put up a Nixon-like candidate against a Kennedy-like candidate and expect to win.

Old and sluggish versus youth and vigor is a loser.

Dull versus charismatic, is a loser.

Intellect versus oratory skill is, unfortunately, a loser.

In the modern era of sound bites, photo-ops and cameras everywhere, it doesn’t matter if a politician has moved mountains, it’s the imagery that makes a difference. Most of the current slate of possible candidates in the Republican field  — while certainly qualified — are lackluster at best.

Sometimes, if we’re lucky, a candidate will come along who has charisma, brains, looks, youth, and oratory skill, and with the ability to move mountains. As far as I can see right now, the only Republican that fits that mold is Rep. Allen West, of Plantation, Florida.

His only drawback is the lack of experience in elected office. Then again, Dwight Eisenhower had zero experience in elected office. And Barack Obama did nothing in four years of elected office other than run for president.

Elected in 2010, Rep. Allen West has not indicated a desire to run for president. But he might, if a ground swell of support is overwhelming.

West retired from the U.S. Army with twenty-two years serving the country, much of it overseas in combat zones. He’s a no-nonsense pragmatist, willing to speak out on issues no one else will touch for fear of political incorrectness. And, he’s smart, very smart.

Here are some of his strengths and positions:

* Highly respected and likeable, even by Democrats and opponents

* Has not been part of the Washington establishment, thus, his fingerprints do not appear on the current economic crisis.

* A powerful and charismatic speaker who minces no words and conveys pragmatism and natural leadership

* Fiercely patriotic and true to America with no divided loyalties to any other nation or ideology.

* Willing to stand up to radical Islamists and stealth Jihadists who strive for the Islamization of America

* Health Care: Supports some parts of Obamacare, including the clause on pre-existing conditions, but cannot support in total because of too many mandates that will kill/hurt small business and worsen health care services in general

* Illegal Immigration: Strong on enforcing existing laws against illegal (note: illegal) immigrants and securing the borders as a vital measure to protect citizens of the United States

* Very strong on national security and the fight against terror and radical Islamic Jihad.

* Economy and Jobs: Revise tax codes, support small businesses through tax cuts and incentives, stop the floodgates of reckless spending.

* Energy: Strong on making America energy independent through development of natural resources on the domestic front, including natural gas, oil, wind, solar, nuclear and etc.

* Israel: “My commitment to Israel will rise above mere statements of support.”

* Judicial Constitution: Supports strict interpretation of the Constitution, including strong adherence to the first and second amendments, and the tenth amendment which limits scope on the federal government

Rep. West has yet to announce any intention on throwing his hat in the ring. If he did, I suspect the groundswell of support would flood like a tsunami. He has the style, the brains and the gravitas to defeat Barack Obama. And, he would make an outstanding president for all Americans to be proud of, regardless of party affiliation.

I urge Americans to do their homework, learn more about this fine American and support Rep. Allen West for President.

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