“Soul Surfer” – Rating: 7 ½

The only movie now at theaters today worth seeing, if you’re over thirty.

I haven’t posted any recent reviews because the Hollywood industry is producing nothing but junk pictures intended primarily for children, teens or young adults. Try watching “Bridesmaids,” and then tell me that deserved the great ratings by Roger Ebert and others.

Shaking my head.

“Bridesmaids” opens with five solid minutes of a naked couple having sex in every position conceivable, as though that was supposed to be the artistic grabber. From there, every third line in dialogue included sexual content or gross references to body parts and their emissions. The acting, writing and directing was terrible. We walked out after 45 minutes.

But there is one new movie engrossing enough to be worthy of a recommendation. At first I thought “Soul Surfer” was going to be just another chick flick, but it was much more. It’s based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton, a teenage girl who lost an arm to a tiger shark while surfing the waters of Hawaii in 2003. Devastated at first, she bravely learned to overcome her new handicap and returned to the sport as a one-armed competitor, eventually placing and winning tournaments.

It’s not an Academy Award winner, but it has all the elements of love, family support, excitement, drama, tenacity, heart and faith, presenting an inspiring message to all those who suffer setbacks and then strive to overcome.

A young newcomer, AnnaSophia Robb, plays the role of Hamilton well, eliciting well-earned emotions and admiration of the spirit of this courageous young girl. Her parents are played by Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt, neither of whom are shabby actors. American Idol almun, singer Carrie Underwood, does a credible job acting as Hamilton’s mentor

Photography is superb, especially the incredible athleticism in the surfing scenes. And the special effects depicting Hamilton’s arm stubbed at the shoulder was amazing.

The movie holds many inspiring messages, especially for young kids, like turning negatives into positives. It’s worth the two hours of entertainment. It might even make you cry — a little.

Here’s a short clip about and with Bethany Hamilton:

 Click here: YouTube – Bethany Hamilton Tells Her Story….

 More about the movie: