Not everything is always as it appears.

The left-leaning media is making President Obama out to be a national hero, the glorious shining star of the hour, because he made the “gutsy” call to take down bin Laden. When the news was first announced on FOX, I thought Geraldo Rivera was having an orgasm, screaming in delight, adulating the president with glowing labels. You’d think Obama was General MacArthur himself. Of course, we all know that Obama’s ratings were falling into the dumpster and he needed a strong bump, which he got.

I served in a large, government police agency for three decades, both in operational and command positions. Many of the cases which came under my purview were high profile. So were many of the corruption scandals from 1960 to 1990.

Without reservation, I can attest that information that is doled out to the public via media, is often carefully edited, molded, protected, skewed and manipulated in order to present an image that is complimentary to the agency, or to someone in it. Of course, it doesn’t always work out that way, especially when the media goes after bad cops like sharks in a feeding frenzy. What actually happens behind the scenes is not always known, and far different than what is perceived.

Same goes for lionizing individuals to make them out as local heroes. I’ve known of several administrators and homicide detectives — in my department and others — who were frequently in the limelight, portrayed as heroic crime-busters, the local versions Sherlock Holmes, forever ready to provide on-camera interviews and see their names in print. In truth, those were the detectives most accessible to reporters for “off the record” information about on going cases. The media often used their names, and thus, they were viewed as the “best” detectives on the department. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. The best detectives on the department were the journeymen, the men and women who quietly busted their butts day and night, year after year, doing their jobs without fanfare, and without seeking public notoriety. They are the ones who solved the most cases, who did the best work and kept their mouths shut. They are the unsung heroes of policedom.

Such are the reasons that ex-cops like myself look upon media releases and hero-building with a cynical eye, forever asking, “Hmmm, there more to the story than we’re led to believe.”

So what really happened behind the scenes in the Obama White House that led to the killing of bin Laden? Until somebody publishes a book in the post Obama years, we may never know the whole truth. But the information is starting to leak, and it’s not a complimentary of the president as some were led to believe. Matter of fact, the “gutsy” call may not have been made by the president at all, but the frustrated head of the CIA, Leon Panetta, who finally took action and backed an indecisive president against the wall. The truth may, in fact be, that Obama’s call was a no-choice situation.

Regardless, calling the decision “gutsy” is a bit far fetched in this writer’s opinion. After all, bin Laden’s location had been known since August of 2010, and it took this long for the government to finally approve the raid. And, one must ask: What would any president have done in the same situation?

Answer: Give the order. What other choice would there be? Say “take no action?” Say, “Leave Osama bin Laden alone?” It certainly would not have taken months of dithering to take him out, dead or alive.

By delaying action for so long, leaks could eventually have jeopardized the opportunity to end the bin Laden debacle. Thus, hindsight tells us this wasn’t handled very well, until the Navy Seals were called to action. We’re lucky it happened at all.

A White House insider — whose name is yet unknown — has provided a startling account of the process that led up to the killing of bin Laden, including much of the inside squabbling and the pressures that Obama suffered from trusted aide, Valerie Garrett, who was totally opposed to the bin Laden mission. According to the report (outlined in detail via the link below) Gates was so frustrated he was ready to resign, Hillary was equally frustrated, and Panetta finally gave the order to move on bin Laden, and then ceded credit to the president.

I’m well aware that the report source is not vetted and many will say it is a right-wing conspiratorial account that has been fictionalized. I think not. If one reads the report in its entirety, it’s clear that the source is well connected from the inside.

Be sure to read all four pages:

Click here: White House Insider: Obama Hesitated – Panetta Issued Order

Equally interesting, is the report by Joshua Holland, who outlines 7 deceptions about the bin Laden operation as proffered by the White House, including the many corrections and re-corrections to public statements made in the aftermath.

Check it out, (in two pages):

Click here: 7 Deceptions About Bin Laden’s Killing

The above articles speak for themselves.

As an aside, I am one American who was utterly appalled that an American warship was used as a platform to afford the most despicable human being on earth, who murdered thousands of innocents throughout the world, a “respectable” Islamic burial at sea, to include forty minutes of recitation in Arabic, a cleansed body and prayers. This was done on our aircraft carrier, on the taxpayer’s dime, forcing our military personnel to stomach a showing of “respect” to our mortal enemy. Would Truman have shown such respect to Hitler? Is that even imaginable?

Please, don’t tell me about appeasing the Islamic world. We are America. The Islamic world can start appeasing us.

Don’t count on that, until after 2012.