Is anyone really surprised?

Barack Obama’s loyalty has been toward the Palestinian movement since the day he took office, duly appreciative for all the support he received from the Israel-hating Islamic world during the campaign. Palestinians did not set up phone banks in 2008 to raise money for Obama, for nothing.

Now, eighteen months before the next election, it’s time for payback. Palestinians get their wish: The U.S. president has turned his back on our only democratic ally in the mid-east by calling on Israel to return land to the pre-1967 borders. He thinks Israel should get out of the West Bank, and give the land, including the Golan Heights, to the Palestinians in a gesture of peace and conciliation.

Hmmm. Perhaps the president doesn’t remember what happened when Israel returned the land called Gaza to the Palestinians. Then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon ordered all Jewish settlements uprooted to return Gaza to their enemies, in exchange for peace.

Here’s how “peace” translated to the Palestinians. Instead of love and harmony, the Palestinians thanked Israel in the form of rockets — by the thousands — into Israeli civilian communities for the sheer purpose of killing innocent people. They started in 2005, they have never stopped. Rockets ( that’s little bombs, folks) have rained on the Israeli people for six years, while the UN and now, the U.S. stands mute.

If Canada or Mexico rained rockets upon New York or Los Angeles, that would be considered an act of war and aggression. But when the Palestinians shoot bombs at Israel, the media dubs it “the on-going conflict.”

In 2005, our naive government, then under G.W. Bush, called upon the people of Gaza to hold free elections in a gesture of promoting “democracy.” That blew up in our face as well. They voted for HAMAS to run their country, the same organization that was founded ( according to its own charter) for the purpose of destroying Israel — no compromises, no negotiations, no coexistence. Read their charter.

Now, HAMAS has formed a unity with Fatah, enjoining a non-compromising union of hate and destruction toward the Jewish state. Mr. Obama would have us believe that ceding the 1967 borders back to the Palestinians would enhance peace in the region, and that Israel would live side-by-side in harmony. Meanwhile, the HAMAS charter remains unchanged: Kill all the Jews, and destroy Israel. Period.

For those who think that ceding the West Bank and the Golan Heights back to the Palestinians will bring peace, I have some tree farms to sell them on the surface of the moon.

The Golan Heights would provide Syria with an elevated logistical vantage point from which to send mortar rounds directly into Israel. The West Bank would mirror the Gaza pull-out of 2005. Israel — our heretofore loyal ally — would be on its last legs as a nation. If Obama’s plan is enacted, Israel may as well commit suicide. Prime Minister Netanyahu calls the plan “indefensible.”

All this in effect, while the borders to Gaza have been opened to Egypt now that Mubarak is gone, exacerbating the already tenuous security situation faced by Israel. Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood, arch enemy of Israel and ally to HAMAS, is poised to assumed major control of the Egyptian government, easily predicted as Obama was calling for the removal of Mubarak in February of this year. Those of us who have had our eyes open, could see it coming.

It’s all fits together folks, those dots are connecting. This is no accident. Israel’s future is on the cliff’s edge more than ever, thanks to our disloyal government.

I’ve often asked, in my prior writings, “Whose side is he on.” Now we know. All the signs have been there, Americans just paid no attention to them, because they saw this as a partisan issue. But this is not a partisan issue. It’s a national security issue. It’s an Israeli issue for which we should be standing up for a country that has been surrounded by enemies and under attack by Jew haters since its inception in 1948. Democrats and Republicans alike should stand up and condemn the president’s speech which, in essence, clearly takes sides against Israel.

You can’t put the tooth past back in the tube. The Gaza Strip was returned to the Palestinians and then used as a launching pad from which to create murder and havoc upon Israel. Without declaring all-out war, the Israeli’s now have to live with that horrendous blunder. To think that won’t happen again, in the West Bank and the Golan Heights, under Obama’s plan, can only be described one of three ways: Fantasy, Stupidity or Calculated.

The diplomats and politicians can blather all they want. Peace in the middle east is contingent upon one immovable mandate: To recognize Israel’s right to exist. The Palestinians, HAMAS, Hezbollah, Syria, have NEVER recognized that right, and never will. Without it, sitting at a peace table is like sitting in Yankee Stadium at midnight in the dark of winter. Might as well be no one there.

Barack Obama? Sadly, there are many of us who are not shocked. It’s been obvious all along.

What can we do? Express outrage with as many letters as possible to senators and representatives and flood the congressional offices with phone calls. Meanwhile I’ll keep writing.

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