The United States and the free world are in the cross hairs of not one, but two powerful political ideologies who are determined to see us become like them in the near future. If we remain comatose and are not vigilant, it well might happen.

On this Memorial Day, I think about the many millions of Americans who have given their lives, sacrificed limbs and impacted their families in the struggles to keep America great. We are living in new times, and all the fighting, unfortunately, can longer be focused solely on guns, tanks, smart bombs and aircraft carriers. We are all soldiers now. Much of that fight must take place involving each one of us at the polls.

I’ve often written about the dangers of Islamic Jihad, not only in its violent form, but more importantly, it’s stealth form because that’s the way gullible people can be lulled into semi-consciousness while our enemies invade under the cloak of deceit, much like the Trojan Horse.

What I’ve not written about often, is the other enemy, the ever looming determination of American Communist Party and their continuous movement toward fully socializing our government and eventually, implementing communism as the way of life for our grandchildren.

Both ideologies would ultimately strive for a nullification of the U.S. Constitution, to eventually be replaced by either Sharia (Islamic) Law or Communist Doctrines as modeled by the Karl Marx manifesto. Don’t shake your heads. Both have been making strong inroads, though inch by inch, so slowly it’s hardly noticeable.

This article is about the communist angle. Contrary to years past, it is no longer in vogue to denounce “communism” as a fearful threat. That will get me labeled a “right-wing nut.” Name-callers will fire epithets at me such as “McCarthyist” and “Red Scare” which is nothing more than a distraction from an intellectual argument. Those readers would do well to take a step backward and check out the overall picture and how the trends of the post-Reagan era, and particularly, the last two years, have seen a slow but certain resurgence toward that end.

In the Karl Marx Communist Manifesto, he advocated for a socialist government system without classes (wealth evenly distributed) and the elimination of privately owned property (i.e., government owned and controlled). This has been the basic doctrine of major communist nations ever since.

Many prominent communists/socialists have proclaimed a certain destiny that the west (the U.S. in particular) will be conquered from within, without firing a shot. In other words, average Americans, easily fooled, will be paying no attention as their trusted officials steer the nation in a new direction while our heads are buried in iPods. Particularly targeted for their political support, are lower-economic people who depend greatly on entitlements (welfare), labor unions, new immigrants (legal and illegal) and university campuses.

The Russian revolution succeeded by stirring the worker unions into revolt with promises of a better life for all Russians under communism, i.e. total control of government over the personal and public lives of all citizens. In essence, the promise was that everyone would be taken care of by the state, i.e., education, health, jobs, housing, etc., in exchange for limiting personal liberty, free press and free speech. As we all know, the Soviet model eventually progressed exactly as Marx proposed, and until 1989, their citizens were not allowed to own property, not allowed to communicate with the rest of the free world, and were not allowed to criticize the government. People were “assigned” living quarters and told from grade school years what their vocations would be.

Oppression was in, freedom was out, compliments of communism.

Don’t be fooled by today’s economic boon in China. It’s not much different there in today’s world. They just have more toys to play with.

We are referring, now, to the confines of the U.S. and the concept of creeping communism from “within.” Stirring up worker unions was a starting point with Lenin and other future communist regimes. Hmmm.

Recently, the Services Employees International Union (SEIU), one of the largest and politically powerful unions in the nation, held a rally in Los Angeles. This time, they made no secret of their alliance with the American Communist agenda, to and including support of Immigration Reform, which translates to amnesty for socialist-leaning future Americans (and voters). This took place on May 8, 2011. Please read and view the SEIU alliance with communists:

Click here: Zombie » SEIU drops mask, goes full commie

Now, here is one of the speeches made by then candidate, Barack Obama to the SEIU in 2008. Pay close attention and draw your own conclusions:

Click here: YouTube – Obama SEIU’s Agenda is My Agenda

Millions of Americans, particularly the younger set, do not understand the consequences of the drift toward a socialist/communist society. They should all do their homework, because once it reaches the slippery slope, and government gains a power grip, there will be no turning back.

Today, America is as much the target of enemies as Israel is within the mid-east, only we’re not dodging rockets and terror organizations…yet. Rather, we are quietly being subjected to subterfuge and deceit, aided by the government and the media itself.

It’s not about what they tell you, it’s about what they don’t tell you. That’s why you and I have to go digging to learn the truth.

For the young folks, some sites to learn from:

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