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When criminals choose to invade a home or public place, and then brandish a deadly firearm at innocent human beings, they deserve any harm that comes to them. The victim of such an assault should have full latitude and authority to do whatever it takes to alleviate the situation and restore security and safety. If that means killing one or more of the intruders, that’s tough, brother.

But that’s not the case in Oklahoma City where a retired, disabled Army Colonel and war hero with no criminal background has been convicted of First Degree Murder in the killing of a teen who tried to rob the pharmacy he worked in.

On May 19, 2009, two masked thugs entered the store, one of whom possessed a firearm, began terrorizing everyone and shooting in the direction of the three employees, wounding the pharmacist, Jerome Ersland, age 59. As the two other employees ran for cover, Ersland retrieved a pistol of his own and fired at one of the kids, striking him in the head. Subject number #2 scurried out the door and disappeared. Meanwhile, Ersland retrieved another firearm and returned to the injured Subject # 1on the floor, and finished him off with five more shots.

Too bad.

The person who should have stood trial for First Degree Murder was Subject #2, who was responsible for his crime partner’s demise. The police investigator on the scene allegedly told Ersland he was a hero. But he spoke too soon. Eight days later, allegedly at the behest of the NAACP, Ersland was charged with First Degree Murder. The celebrated trial was held, and Ersland was recently convicted and will likely be sentenced to life in prison.

What impacted the decisions to prosecute was Ersland being white and the dead kid being black. Any other racial formula of the parties, the NAACP would not have entered the picture. Every newspaper account of the incident mentioned Ersland as being white, and the deceased as being black, as though that mattered. If both were white, or both were black, race would never have been an issue.

According to prosecutors, once the second kid was down on the floor, Ersland’s continued shooting episode was no longer necessary. Perhaps that’s true. But how many people, including the judge, lawyers, and jury members, have ever felt the sudden terror of being at the other end of a gun being fired at you, and your life, and the lives of other innocent people, are thrust at death’s door. How many judges, lawyers and jurors have ever walked in those shoes when, in an instant, your life is turned upside down while your mind and heart is in utter chaos. Nobody can judge that kind of fear and emotion, not from the comfort of an arm chair. The judge in this case barred testimony from other robbery victims about the unnerving stress they had endured in similar situations.

Sometimes we just get too technical, and too politically correct.

Shame on the Oklahoma City prosecutors for knuckling under to political pressure based on racial grounds. They seem to have enjoyed a sense of victory for sending a harmless, law-abiding, taxpaying, American patriot into prison for the rest of his life, for doing the right thing.

Even if Ersland was technically wrong, the dire extenuating circumstances should have weighed heavily in favor of lesser charges. But that wasn’t the case. Go for the jugular, pacify those special interest groups.

There is now a groundswell of support for the governor of Oklahoma to issue an instant pardon in this matter. Letters of such support would be in order, if people feel injustice has been served. Oklahoma state senator, Ralph Shortey, has expressed his disdain for the outcome of this case, stating, “I’m going to spend the rest of my career…trying to right this wrong.”

I’m one ex-homicide detective who is appalled that this can happen in America, where the bad guys are made into victims, and the victims are made into bad guys.

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The United States and the free world are in the cross hairs of not one, but two powerful political ideologies who are determined to see us become like them in the near future. If we remain comatose and are not vigilant, it well might happen.

On this Memorial Day, I think about the many millions of Americans who have given their lives, sacrificed limbs and impacted their families in the struggles to keep America great. We are living in new times, and all the fighting, unfortunately, can longer be focused solely on guns, tanks, smart bombs and aircraft carriers. We are all soldiers now. Much of that fight must take place involving each one of us at the polls.

I’ve often written about the dangers of Islamic Jihad, not only in its violent form, but more importantly, it’s stealth form because that’s the way gullible people can be lulled into semi-consciousness while our enemies invade under the cloak of deceit, much like the Trojan Horse.

What I’ve not written about often, is the other enemy, the ever looming determination of American Communist Party and their continuous movement toward fully socializing our government and eventually, implementing communism as the way of life for our grandchildren.

Both ideologies would ultimately strive for a nullification of the U.S. Constitution, to eventually be replaced by either Sharia (Islamic) Law or Communist Doctrines as modeled by the Karl Marx manifesto. Don’t shake your heads. Both have been making strong inroads, though inch by inch, so slowly it’s hardly noticeable.

This article is about the communist angle. Contrary to years past, it is no longer in vogue to denounce “communism” as a fearful threat. That will get me labeled a “right-wing nut.” Name-callers will fire epithets at me such as “McCarthyist” and “Red Scare” which is nothing more than a distraction from an intellectual argument. Those readers would do well to take a step backward and check out the overall picture and how the trends of the post-Reagan era, and particularly, the last two years, have seen a slow but certain resurgence toward that end.

In the Karl Marx Communist Manifesto, he advocated for a socialist government system without classes (wealth evenly distributed) and the elimination of privately owned property (i.e., government owned and controlled). This has been the basic doctrine of major communist nations ever since.

Many prominent communists/socialists have proclaimed a certain destiny that the west (the U.S. in particular) will be conquered from within, without firing a shot. In other words, average Americans, easily fooled, will be paying no attention as their trusted officials steer the nation in a new direction while our heads are buried in iPods. Particularly targeted for their political support, are lower-economic people who depend greatly on entitlements (welfare), labor unions, new immigrants (legal and illegal) and university campuses.

The Russian revolution succeeded by stirring the worker unions into revolt with promises of a better life for all Russians under communism, i.e. total control of government over the personal and public lives of all citizens. In essence, the promise was that everyone would be taken care of by the state, i.e., education, health, jobs, housing, etc., in exchange for limiting personal liberty, free press and free speech. As we all know, the Soviet model eventually progressed exactly as Marx proposed, and until 1989, their citizens were not allowed to own property, not allowed to communicate with the rest of the free world, and were not allowed to criticize the government. People were “assigned” living quarters and told from grade school years what their vocations would be.

Oppression was in, freedom was out, compliments of communism.

Don’t be fooled by today’s economic boon in China. It’s not much different there in today’s world. They just have more toys to play with.

We are referring, now, to the confines of the U.S. and the concept of creeping communism from “within.” Stirring up worker unions was a starting point with Lenin and other future communist regimes. Hmmm.

Recently, the Services Employees International Union (SEIU), one of the largest and politically powerful unions in the nation, held a rally in Los Angeles. This time, they made no secret of their alliance with the American Communist agenda, to and including support of Immigration Reform, which translates to amnesty for socialist-leaning future Americans (and voters). This took place on May 8, 2011. Please read and view the SEIU alliance with communists:

Click here: Zombie » SEIU drops mask, goes full commie

Now, here is one of the speeches made by then candidate, Barack Obama to the SEIU in 2008. Pay close attention and draw your own conclusions:

Click here: YouTube – Obama SEIU’s Agenda is My Agenda

Millions of Americans, particularly the younger set, do not understand the consequences of the drift toward a socialist/communist society. They should all do their homework, because once it reaches the slippery slope, and government gains a power grip, there will be no turning back.

Today, America is as much the target of enemies as Israel is within the mid-east, only we’re not dodging rockets and terror organizations…yet. Rather, we are quietly being subjected to subterfuge and deceit, aided by the government and the media itself.

It’s not about what they tell you, it’s about what they don’t tell you. That’s why you and I have to go digging to learn the truth.

For the young folks, some sites to learn from:

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This year, American Idol fielded its most talented finalists — as a whole — of any other year.

The final show, last night, was a wonderful surprise. I had considered taking a pass because my favorite kids weren’t in the finale, but I’m glad I watched the show, one of the best entertainment/music shows I’ve ever seen on TV.

Besides featuring the top thirteen kids, with great music and choreography for two hours, cameo appearances by big-time stars added a Las Vegian quality to the show. They presented the gamut, from Lady Gaga to Tony Bennett, Bono to Tim McGraw, Jack Black to Carrie Underwood, Gladys Knight to Tom Jones and yes, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez as well.

Though the best didn’t win, and a young male singer with a guitar would become the next Idol, as usual, most of the kids were superbly talented and should move on to successful careers in entertainment.

The very best, in my opinion, were:

* Pia Toscano – Poise, beauty, and a powerful voice

* James Durbin – Heavy Rock is not my favorite, but this fellow has a wide range of talent

* Haley Reinhart – Oozes with showgirl qualities and wide vocal range

* Casey Abrams – Show biz is flowing through his veins, an entertainer besides a versatile singer

We’re all happy for Scotty McCreery. He’s got a superb country style and will go far. It’s nice to see a sensitive and deserving person begin a meteoric rise to stardom.

If you didn’t see it, you missed a great show.

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I first lauded Lt. Colonel Allen West in my blog in April of 2010, seven months before his election to the House of Representatives. It was clear then, and clearer now, that this man is the future leadership of America.

Better sooner, than later.

Remember, the most important aspect of the 2012 presidential election, is to unseat Barack Obama from the Oval Office, regardless of who runs. But that won’t happen unless the opposition nominates a winner. Rep. Allen West can be that winner.

The Democratic field is stagnant, all filing behind Barack Obama with no challengers. Thus, it is up to the Republican party to unseat the current president. Republicans should have learned a lesson from the 2008 campaign that you can’t put up a Nixon-like candidate against a Kennedy-like candidate and expect to win.

Old and sluggish versus youth and vigor is a loser.

Dull versus charismatic, is a loser.

Intellect versus oratory skill is, unfortunately, a loser.

In the modern era of sound bites, photo-ops and cameras everywhere, it doesn’t matter if a politician has moved mountains, it’s the imagery that makes a difference. Most of the current slate of possible candidates in the Republican field  — while certainly qualified — are lackluster at best.

Sometimes, if we’re lucky, a candidate will come along who has charisma, brains, looks, youth, and oratory skill, and with the ability to move mountains. As far as I can see right now, the only Republican that fits that mold is Rep. Allen West, of Plantation, Florida.

His only drawback is the lack of experience in elected office. Then again, Dwight Eisenhower had zero experience in elected office. And Barack Obama did nothing in four years of elected office other than run for president.

Elected in 2010, Rep. Allen West has not indicated a desire to run for president. But he might, if a ground swell of support is overwhelming.

West retired from the U.S. Army with twenty-two years serving the country, much of it overseas in combat zones. He’s a no-nonsense pragmatist, willing to speak out on issues no one else will touch for fear of political incorrectness. And, he’s smart, very smart.

Here are some of his strengths and positions:

* Highly respected and likeable, even by Democrats and opponents

* Has not been part of the Washington establishment, thus, his fingerprints do not appear on the current economic crisis.

* A powerful and charismatic speaker who minces no words and conveys pragmatism and natural leadership

* Fiercely patriotic and true to America with no divided loyalties to any other nation or ideology.

* Willing to stand up to radical Islamists and stealth Jihadists who strive for the Islamization of America

* Health Care: Supports some parts of Obamacare, including the clause on pre-existing conditions, but cannot support in total because of too many mandates that will kill/hurt small business and worsen health care services in general

* Illegal Immigration: Strong on enforcing existing laws against illegal (note: illegal) immigrants and securing the borders as a vital measure to protect citizens of the United States

* Very strong on national security and the fight against terror and radical Islamic Jihad.

* Economy and Jobs: Revise tax codes, support small businesses through tax cuts and incentives, stop the floodgates of reckless spending.

* Energy: Strong on making America energy independent through development of natural resources on the domestic front, including natural gas, oil, wind, solar, nuclear and etc.

* Israel: “My commitment to Israel will rise above mere statements of support.”

* Judicial Constitution: Supports strict interpretation of the Constitution, including strong adherence to the first and second amendments, and the tenth amendment which limits scope on the federal government

Rep. West has yet to announce any intention on throwing his hat in the ring. If he did, I suspect the groundswell of support would flood like a tsunami. He has the style, the brains and the gravitas to defeat Barack Obama. And, he would make an outstanding president for all Americans to be proud of, regardless of party affiliation.

I urge Americans to do their homework, learn more about this fine American and support Rep. Allen West for President.

Here are some web sites to check out:

Click here: Congressman Allen West

Click here: Allen West (politician) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Here, Rep. West grills a contractor about special contributions, holds on like a pit bull:

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Rep. West answers a question about radical Islam:

Click here: YouTube – Allan West: Islam will destory Western civilisation

Watch Rep. West at a Town Hall meet where a member of CAIR tries to confront:

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“Soul Surfer” – Rating: 7 ½
The only movie now at theaters today worth seeing, if you’re over thirty.
I haven’t posted any recent reviews because the Hollywood industry is producing nothing but junk pictures intended primarily for children, teens or young adults. Try watching “Bridesmaids,” and then tell me that deserved the great ratings by Roger Ebert and others.
Shaking my head.
“Bridesmaids” opens with five solid minutes of a naked couple having sex in every position conceivable, as though that was supposed to be the artistic grabber. From there, every third line in dialogue included sexual content or gross references to body parts and their emissions. The acting, writing and directing was terrible. We walked out after 45 minutes.
But there is one new movie engrossing enough to be worthy of a recommendation. At first I thought “Soul Surfer” was going to be just another chick flick, but it was much more. It’s based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton, a teenage girl who lost an arm to a tiger shark while surfing the waters of Hawaii in 2003. Devastated at first, she bravely learned to overcome her new handicap and returned to the sport as a one-armed competitor, eventually placing and winning tournaments.
It’s not an Academy Award winner, but it has all the elements of love, family support, excitement, drama, tenacity, heart and faith, presenting an inspiring message to all those who suffer setbacks and then strive to overcome.
A young newcomer, AnnaSophia Robb, plays the role of Hamilton well, eliciting well-earned emotions and admiration of the spirit of this courageous young girl. Her parents are played by Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt, neither of whom are shabby actors. American Idol almun, singer Carrie Underwood, does a credible job acting as Hamilton’s mentor
Photography is superb, especially the incredible athleticism in the surfing scenes. And the special effects depicting Hamilton’s arm stubbed at the shoulder was amazing.
The movie holds many inspiring messages, especially for young kids, like turning negatives into positives. It’s worth the two hours of entertainment. It might even make you cry — a little.
Here’s a short clip about and with Bethany Hamilton:
 Click here: YouTube – Bethany Hamilton Tells Her Story….
 More about the movie: