Donald Trump recently raised the issue of Barack Obama’s mystery birth certificate on the TV show, “The View,” suggesting the president should just release it, and get it over with. Not unpredictably, Whoopie Goldberg immediately blew her gasket citing (what else?) Racism! “No white president has ever been asked for his birth certificate,” she said. ‘So, why Obama?” insinuating it’s only because of his skin color.

Answer to Whoopie: This has nothing to do with Race. Never in the history of this country has so much secrecy shrouded a president. The so-called “transparency” of Barack Obama has become the ultimate oxymoron.

First: It is a daunting question, indeed, that anyone would spend so much effort and money in legal fees to prevent disclosure about a basic question of identity, particularly the president of the country.

Second: The reason for the constitutional requirement, is to ensure that no leader of this country will ever hold a dual allegiance to any foreign entity.

Third: The issue of trust. Even if the laws did not preclude Obama from being a president, how can the media and the public, in general, trust someone who will not disclose a basic document that all government employees — city, state and federal — routinely disclose throughout America?

Fourth: In fact, John McCain ( he’s a white man, Whoopie) – and Obama’s opponent — was required by congress to verify his eligibility. In April of 2008, the U.S. Senate approved a resolution recognizing McCain’s eligibility to run. But, not Obama, who’s father was not a U.S. citizen and who has not authorized the release of his alleged Hawaiian birth certificate.

Fifth: Interesting to note that the newly elected Democratic Governor of Hawaii, Neil Abercrombie, when taking office recently, made a public statement declaring he would settle the birth certificate question forever. Not long after, he retracted, admitting that document may not exist.

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More questions have surfaced which add fuel to the fires of distrust. Let’s start with the mystery Social Security Number:


This is the number Mr. Obama has been using since 1980-81. However, records indicate that it was issued in the State of Connecticut, where Obama never resided. Hmmm. In the spring of 1977, when Obama was sixteen living in Hawaii, the same number was used by a Connecticut resident who was born in 1890. Strange.

These facts were dredged up by licensed investigators working with Dr. Orly Taitz, who has initiated a number of legal actions against Obama in pursuit of the truth. This kind of information would be accessible to any tenacious and seasoned investigator. (For details, see links below) In fact, there have been at least seventeen other social security numbers that have been used by someone with the name Barack Obama, but that’s not to say they belong to the president, however odd. However, the fact that the president is using a social security number of deceased individual, and not issued to him, could suggest social security fraud for which penalties are attached. For me, and anyone, it raised a bigger question: Why even do it?

The same investigators endeavored into another mystery surrounding the president: His college records.

In Obama’s memoirs and speeches, he claimed that, while living in New York, he attended Columbia University two years between September of 1981 and May of 1983. Some folks might recall other past students of note who have said they never saw Obama there, including George Stephanoplous and Wayne Root, also a political science major, same years. But, okay, it could be that Obama was a low-key student and didn’t make many acquaintances.

Or … there’s another reason. Obama was not at the school during all the times stated in his memoirs. According to Columbia University records, he only attended Columbia from September of 1982 to May of 1983. That gives us one entire missing year, not to mention the lie. It also begs the question, where was Mr. Obama during that missing year? We do know he traveled to Pakistan in 1981 when that country was in upheaval and Americans were either banned or discouraged from traveling there. Was he in Pakistan longer than he disclosed? If so, was it more than a vacation? What was the reason, and on what country’s passport?

Are these the questions the president fears? Is this why Mr. Obama has consistently refused to release his college records to the Chicago Tribune and other reporters over the last three years? Aren’t we, the citizens of this country, entitled to be assured that the president’s source of funding to Columbia and to Harvard were legitimate, and not on the dime of a Saudi Sheik?

Simple questions beg simple answers. Anyone reading this article would have no problem with releasing biographical records in order to hold a government job. Except one person:

Mr. Transparency: The President of the United States

Study the link below in detail. It’s inconceivable that anyone who reads it and investigates the truth, could not have doubts.

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Here is a 2008 article in Newsmax listing some of the issues Obama remains secretive about. Nothing has changed since and the media, accommodatingly, never presses the issue.

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The following is a World Net Daily article from two years ago, listing many probes into Obama’s background that he refuses to release. Pay particular attention to the section, subheading: Passports.

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As the next campaign gets into high gear, it’s unthinkable that the secrets of Barack Obama will not become a major issue. Donald Trump’s campaign is only the beginning.

But there is one person who can make it all go away, and that’s Barack Obama.

It ain’t going to happen.

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