Inch by inch.

When my book “Militant Islam in America” first came out in 2006-2007, I arranged several appearances with a notable chain of book stores, where I already knew the managers, having appeared there for past book signings.

A few days after making the arrangements, I received a call from the district manager telling me to cancel the signings. “We’re unable to order you books,” he said. That was a lie. The books were available and returnable (for the unsold), so there was no valid reason to cancel the appearances, other than the subject title. The book store feared repercussions. I was being censored.

I speak frequently at libraries all over Florida and the southeast. When I arranged book talks for the new release on militant Islam, I had two of the library directors tell me I was welcome to discuss my books in general, but “do not talk about Islam.”

I had amassed a considerable bibliography of books written by experts and scholars, like Daniel Pipes, Steve Emerson, Robert Spencer, etc. So, I checked the book shelves at Barnes & Noble and Books-a-Million to see if their books were on hand in the stores. Not surprisingly, they were not. “You can order copies, if you want,” said the store managers.

It begs the question, how much information and literature is there which we are not privileged to know about? Is free speech being infringed upon, de facto?

I am just a little person in the scheme of things, no big name in the world of writing. One can only imagine how much information is being suppressed on a national level.

I don’t always agree with Harvard Professor and author, Alan Dershowitz, but I must cede to his vast knowledge of world affairs, especially as they are related to the mid-east, Islam and Judaism. Mr. Dershowitz is known as a liberal, of sorts, but also a realist. In a recent tour of Norway where he was invited by a Norwegian, pro-Israeli group to lecture on Israel/Palestine, he received a cool reception and was rejected by three universities from speaking on a subject for which he has written six books and is considered an international expert.

The schools told him he could talk about the O.J. Simpson case. But Islam, Jews and the Israeli situation? Off limits. Don’t want to ruffle the feathers of the growing Islamic population.

Click here: Alan Dershowitz: Norway to Jews: You’re Not Welcome Here

How’s that for free speech? How’s that for laying down to intimidation?

Norway’s foreign minister has apparently established a dialogue with Hamas, a terrorist organization dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish state. Supporters of Hamas are invited to participate in the dialogue, supporters of Israel are not, according to Dershowitz.

So much for dialogue.

The Norwegians (which host my ancestry from my mother’s side) in 1980 had less than one thousand Muslims living in the country. Today, the Muslim population has swelled to 100,000, mostly due to immigration. Birth rates of Muslims, which exceed five times that of Europeans, suggest that Norway will be fully dominated by Islam in another two generations. The Jewish population is estimated to be around one thousand.

Speakers throughout Europe are being censored from speaking about anything that might hint of supporting Israel or criticizing Islamic extremism. And it’s coming to the U.S. where the First Amendment is being tested to the limits.

Alan Dershowitz, himself, wrote about the rise of anti-Israeli rhetoric being supported by — none other than— the ACLU. The trends are clear: Capitulate to Islam, don’t ruffle the feathers.

Jews? Well, who cares?

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The sad thing, is that the most intelligent of people simply do not, or refuse to, see it coming.

That’s good news for the rise of Islamic fundamentalism.

Inch by inch.