Mr. President,

You hold enormous power in this country, and in the world. But you are also an elected representative of the people of America. As an American, I have a right to know certain aspects of your personal and professional history, in order to feel secure that you do not hold divided loyalties with any other nations or any other ideology that is not compatible with the interests of all Americans and with the constitution of the U.S. After all, you are the president and if Americans do not have a right to know about you — then who?

This is not about party politics. This is about national security. It’s about trust. No other president in history has been shrouded in so much secrecy, especially one who claims to be so “transparent.”

I have some questions:

When you were five years old, you were adopted by Lolo Soetoro, a Muslim like your natural father. You moved to Indonesia where you attended interfaith schools and were registered as Barry Soetoro. Your religion was registered as “Islam.” You remained there until age ten, at which time you returned to Hawaii to live with your maternal grandparents.

Question 1: When and where did you legally change your name back to Barack H. Obama?

Question 2: Did you ever, in fact, legally change your name back to Barack Obama?

Question 3: When and where did you reinstate your American citizenship, after being an Indonesian citizen for four or five years? (Then again, was it ever reinstated?)

Question 4: When and where did you obtain a United States passport, after being an Indonesian citizen?

When you attended Occidental College in 1979 to 1981, you used the name Barry Soetoro, as you did throughout your childhood.

Question 5: Was Barry Soetoro, or is it still, your legal name?

Question 6: What identification papers did you present to Occidental College for registration, i.e., passport, birth certificate, driver’s license, etc?

Question 7: Why do you purposely prevent public access to those school records?

Question 8: How and why did you happen to secure two roommates at Occidental who were Muslim men from Pakistan? (With rare exception, Muslims generally room with Muslims only.)

When you were 20 years old, you traveled to Pakistan with your Muslim friends, when Pakistan was experiencing serious uprisings and was considered under siege.

Question 9: What country’s passport did you use for international travel at that time?

Question 10: Was that passport under the name of Barry Soetoro?

Question 11: What was the purpose of your travel to Pakistan?

Question 12: How did you fund this travel venture?

According to records, and your autobiography, you enrolled in Columbia University 1981 to 1983, where you obtained a degree in Political Science. However, private investigators working for attorney, Orly Taitz, have obtained your attendance records at Columbia, which indicate you only attended Columbia from September of 1982 to May of 1983. (See link below – Item #27 of FAC lawsuit allegations)

Question 13: Are these attendance records inaccurate? If so, how?

Question 14: If they are accurate, where were you and what were you doing during the missing year between Occidental and Columbia?

Question 15: Could this be why so many people from your Political Science class, graduating in 1983, never knew you or saw you there?

Question 16: How was your Columbia University schooling funded, and by whom?

Question 17: Why do you refuse to allow America and/or the media in general, to view your enrollment records from Columbia University?

Percy Sutton, renowned Harlem attorney and the former president of Manhattan Borough of New York, publicly stated in 2008, that in 1988, he was approached by Radical Islamist, Dr. Khalid al-Monsour — a close advisor to Saudi sheik, al Walid bin Talal — to write a support letter of recommendation for Barack Obama to help him get into Harvard Law School. (See link, below)

Question 18: How and by whom did you fund your law school at Harvard?

Question 19: Did you receive support from any foreign sources?

Question 20: What were your relationships with Mr. Al Monsour and Sheik bin Talal?

Question 21: Why do you refuse to authorize release of your enrollment records at Harvard?

Question 22: Can you explain why your Social Security Number was applied for and secured in Connecticut, a state in which you never resided?

Question 23: Can you explain why your Social Security Number 042-68-4424, belonged to another person, Thomas Wood, who did live in Connecticut and died at age 19, between 1977 and 1979?

Question 24: When you applied for the bar exam in Illinois, you swore that you had never used any other name than Barack Obama. Is that true and did you knowingly lie under oath?

It was not until your presidential campaign was well under way when the character of the church you were attending for 20 years, and its pastor’s anti-American views, became public.

Question 25: Despite attending Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years, giving financial support and considering your close association with the racist pastor, should we believe that you never had an inkling that he held such radical views?

Question 26: Did you become a Christian because you accepted Jesus Christ as the son of God, or because it was politically expedient for your future ambitions?

Question 27: If your birth verification should not be an issue, why do you spend money on  legal teams to prevent the certified record from being made public?

The computer generated Certification of Live Birth (COLB)which your associates have posted on line, and which some media claims to be valid, fails to provide birthing facts generally present on all American birth certificates. Thus, it begs many questions:

Question 27: Why does the COLB fail to name the hospital you were born in?

Question 28: Why does the COLB fail to name the doctor in attendance?

Question 29: Why is the COLB unsigned/certified by any one in attendance?

Question 30: Why does the COLB fail to denote address of the parents?

Question 31: Why is the father’s race listed as “African” when, in fact, African is not recognized as a race on any census in America, especially in 1961?

Question 32: Why is the COLB generated on a computer, when computers were not in use in 1961, (your birth year) or for many years thereafter?

Some say it’s possible to legally obtain a Hawaiian Certification of Live Birth, even though you were born somewhere else.

Question 33: Is it true that your half sister, Maya Soetoro, has a Hawaiian COLB also, though she readily admits she was born in Indonesia? If so, that would explain how a person born elsewhere can still obtain a Certification of Live Birth in Hawaii.

If your presidency is to be so “transparent,” please answer the aforementioned questions so that Americans will feel confident that you have no hidden agenda, that you are as honest as you say, that your are wholly American and we can focus our attentions on important issues, domestic and foreign, without these constant distractions which only one person can clear up: That’s you, Mr. President.

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The following link is the Certification of Live Birth (COLB) as presented by the president’s team. Note all the absent or incorrect information.

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The following is an actual Hawaii Birth Certificate, note the difference in format and inclusive information: