There’s something wrong in this equation.

Let’s see. The nation is in a recession, with 9 percent of workers unemployed and 43 million people, including 20 million children, living under the rate of poverty. On Sunday, the 13th of this month, CBS aired a heartbreaking segment on 60 minutes about once-middle class families around the country living homeless, sleeping in their cars and under bridges, because of job loss, with dads standing on street corners holding signs, pleading for help. Kids were interviewed about how it felt to go to bed hungry.

Meanwhile, professional football players — whose job it is to play a game for a living — are earning anywhere from $1 million to $15 million a year. And — THEY ARE COMPLAINING!

That’s right. The NFL players union and the owners of the teams could not come to agreement during their bargaining sessions, so the games are on suspension, indefinitely. Some folks will say it’s very complicated. I don’t think so. The bottom line can be reduced to one word: MORE


For Peyton Manning, $15 million a year is not enough.

The owners are made out to be the villains because of all the money they make. Well, there’s something to be said about people who are successful in business ventures, and that they are entitled to make all the money they can. That’s the free market system. Frankly, I don’t care if they make trillions. By making all that money, and building success, the success trickles down to thousands of others. They provide jobs for people with substantial salaries (not just ball players) with benefits, including the stadium staffs, the vendors, the local restaurants, cab drivers, sports and souvenir shops and so forth. With the games suspended, these hard working people who depend on the games for income, will also suffer a significant loss.

Nice guys.

Bill Gates made as money as he could, so did Mark Zuckerberg and Sam Walton. We don’t resent them. They not only made fortunes, they helped millions of families in the work place. They helped send their kids to college, put food on their tables, roofs over their heads and provisions for health care.

So, let’s not talk about greedy owners. The greed label belongs in the lap of the players and the players union. They should be ashamed.

They should watch the 13 minute segment on 60 minutes about homeless kids who have no food in the stomachs at bedtime, and then look themselves in the mirror to ask: What am I doing?

Men and women are dying and losing their limbs in far away lands, in the service of their country, for a mere pittance of, perhaps, $16,000 a year, while the NFL players complain that they’re not treated well enough.


Great example for kids.

If the players had any integrity, plus certain body parts not shriveled by steroids, they would fire the union reps and get back to the practice field to play ball, thanking the heavens above for the shower of money and benefits they receive for playing a game.

For shame.

If any of those ball players missed the 60 minutes segment, here it is:

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