Lee Martines is one of my loyal readers, often providing insightful comments to my blog articles. More than anything, he has done what I’ve asked everyone to do who disagrees with me, and that is: Stop calling names, and refute me with facts, if you can.

Lee did just that.

My recent blog, “Is Snopes A Political Hack For Obama” asked a question based on hundreds of blogs and e-mails floating through the net which identified Elena Kagan as having represented Obama in numerous suits challenging his eligibility wen she was Solicitor General, even naming the court dockets and plaintiff names, etc. Therefore, Snopes’ defense of Kagan/Obama was seen as a lie.

But Lee challenged me and delved further, which we all should have done. Yes, Kagan was a frequent name as a defender of the president in many legal actions, but none of them, that I can find, were about his eligibility. I was inaccurate.

It will not have happened in vain. And it will not happen again. We should all learn from this and avoid jumping to conclusions because we are hearing or reading what we already think to be true.

In regards to Snopes bias, I take exception to Lee’s allegation that they have never shown bias to Obama. When the fraudulent “Certification of Live Birth” was basically validated by Snopes as being proof of his natural birth, they failed to note that the co-called “Certification” was NOT a genuine certificate, rather a computer-generated document that could not have been produced anywhere close to the time of his birth, rather, closer to the time of his running for president. The document has many flaws that should send up a red flag to any investigator. It also is not the true format of a genuine Hawaiian Birth Certificate. Thus, it begs the question, why hasn’t the president been more forthcoming in producing a certificate that any one of us would be willing to produce. It also tells me, that Snopes was fast to jump to the president’s defense in this issue, when we all know that he has been stonewalling the release of his actual Birth Certificate for three years. A non-biased fact-checker would have made note of these facts.

That being said, I apologize to all readers for my error, and assure you that I have learned much by the mistake.

Many thanks to Lee Martines, who pointed these miscues out with respect and dignity.

It is with humility and some embarrassment that I retract the blog for the Internet.