The MSA (Muslim Students of America) is the largest and most powerful organization of Islamic college students in North America. They were formed under, financed by, and controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, one of many Islamic organizations in the U.S. whose purpose is the overthrow of American freedom and democracy as we know it, to be replaced with Sharia law.

Do not fall for the premise that they are a peaceful, down-trodden, moderate group for kids who are only seeking love and acceptance. Far from it. They are infesting campuses in order to establish power and disrupt anything that is perceived contrary to the goals of Islam. They are nearly every major university in all four corners of this country, with plenty of MB (Muslim Brotherhood) money at their disposal with which to finance any project.

Not long ago, the Israeli ambassador to the U.S. came to speak at the University of California, Irvine campus, but was systematically shouted down by one MSA student after another, in order to disrupt the talk. The students are so effective, that many colleges and universities fear inviting any scholars and public figures that might piss them off. Thus, its censorship by default. Check the video at UC Irvine:

Click here: YouTube – DN: Israeli Ambassador Heckled at UC Irvine

Brigitte Gabriel is a Lebanese-born journalist, now an American, who heads ACT for America, a group dedicated toward fighting the incursion of Sharia and Islamic intolerance. A dynamic speaker, (who I have met) she is often invited to civic organizations and college campuses. In her book, “Because They Hate,” she writes about her invitations to schools:

“Speakers who aren’t friendly to Islam (such as myself) require a full security staff, including body guards and K-9 units, to ensure our lives will be protected when giving a lecture on a university campus. When I spoke at the University of Detroit in 2006, I was accompanied by security details fit for a president. This was the result of a Palestinian group in California sending an e-mail to their Detroit friends urging that ‘Muslims, Arabs, their friends and allies to show up and give Brigitte Gabriel a proper welcome.”

Check out this MSA student’s challenge to author, David Horowitz on campus. Pay attention to her final statement in answer to Horowitz’s question:

Click here: David Horowitz at UCSD 05 10 2010.avi – Video – YouTube

Anyone who wants, can access Google and find a plethora of videos and reports about speeches being disrupted on college campuses.

When speaking at a library after my book, “Militant Islam In America” was released, one man raised his hand about an hour into the talk and said he was a Muslim, and that all my sources were lies. He seemed Anglo-American-born, polite, probably a convert, so I asked him a question, “Sir, do you ever pledge allegiance to the United States?”

His unabashed answer: “No. My only allegiance is to my God.”

The Saudis have been flowing millions (maybe billions) of their petro dollars into the U.S., targeting universities and colleges, (and prisons). For example, Harvard and Georgetown Universities have accepted as much as $20 million in donations from a Saudi prince. Nice folks, those Islamists, they really want us to get good educations. Of course, that kind of money guarantees foot baths for Muslims throughout the campuses, special hours for female Muslims-only in the gym, Halal meals in the eatery, lots of Islamic professors and support for on and off campus organizations.

More definitively, it is bribe money. Quid pro quo. Big bucks translates to big favors. But in this case, those favors are slowly allowing Sharia to creep into our children’s lives. Do the university presidents care?  Not really. They care about money, the ultimate Achilles heel of America.

Recently, a figure from the MSA was videoed leading a “Pledge of Allegiance.” It’s just a little over a minute. Pay close attention to the text of their pledge: 
If you heard it right, they declare: “Jihad is my spirit. Paradise is my goal.”

If you heard it right, they said, “I will die to establish Islam.”

If you don’t know what Jihad means, I’ll be happy to forward you anyone of many documents. If you don’t know what the Muslim Brotherhood is all about, I’ll by happy to enlighten you as well.

Pay attention folks: “I will die to establish Islam!” “Jihad is my spirit.”  The enemy is here, laughing all the way, walking unbridled through the back doors of our country while our kids die shooting guns in Afghanistan.

And we give them (MSA students)visas, student loans, welfare housing, food stamps, and whatever entitlements they can muster from our tax dollars. We give them license. We give them a platform, and we embolden them, because too many of us make excuses for them.

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