Muammar Gadhafi is a bad guy. Brutal dictator. Runs an oppressive government. A supporter of terrorism. He uses unnecessary force to repel his opposition.

Now that we all agree on that, tell me where I’m going wrong here.

Let’s see. We ( along with two Europan allies) have initiated military action within the borders of Libya to protect innocent lives of the rebels from the Gadhafi regime. Sounds good, right?

But wait. Gadhafi’s government did not attack another country in the region. (The Lockerbie Pan Am act of terrorism was over twenty-two years ago, so we can’t count that). This is basically, a civil war in which the people are revolting against the government. It’s all taking place inside of Libya. That’s not much different than: Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, Syria, Iran and et al.

We did not deploy our military airplanes into any of those countries and fire rockets to kill people and destroy property, or engage in any form of warfare, so it makes me wonder why we’re doing it in Libya.

In 2001 and 2003, our president relied on support from congress before entering into any military engagements in Afghanistan and Iraq. People from Afghanistan did, in fact, attack our country. And, there was information (however faulty) that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Libya had no weapons of mass destruction (that we know of) nor did they attack us. Yet, our government has acted militarily and without congressional approval.

Odd, the media doesn’t condemn the actions of this president, as it has condemned the actions of the past president. If it were G.W. Bush who approved of a military strike in Libya, MSNBC and the major networks would be excoriating the president.

Then again, there have been brutal dictators all over the world, who have oppressed their citizenry and murdered many thousands, even millions, of innocents while we stood by. Oh wait, the UN passed resolutions (yawn) and the U.S. made statements condemning the killings. That’s good enough.

Where was the U.S. and the allies when the Islamic barbarians were slaughtering millions of innocents in the Sudan during the last forty years?

Where was the U.S. when Dictator Mugabe was slaughtering hundreds of thousands of innocents in the nation of Zimbabwe? He was brutal to innocent civilians, wouldn’t you say?

And what of the genocide in Rwanda where nearly one million innocents were systematically slashed to death in the 1990’s? Oh yes, we condemned that and the UN came to establish order. Until, of course, they put their tails between their legs and hauled ass.

What did we do when North Korea and Kim Jong Il’s army fired shells on the innocent people of South Korea in 2010?

Somalia has undergone barbaric rule with innocents murdered by the thousands in the last twenty years. Where has the UN been? Where are the military forces from around the world? And what was the reaction of the U.S.?

Somali pirates are terrorizing shipping lanes off the coast of Africa, with near impunity, and we don’t do anything but lay down like wimps. As of December, at least 65 ships are still being held with some 650 innocent hostages imprisoned and held for ransom, all from other countries including the U.S. Where is the outrage? Where is the U.S. Air Force, Marines, Navy and Army?

But, let’s get Gadhafi. We’ll show him.

Just three days ago, the Palestinians of Gaza fired over 150 rockets into the sovereign state of Israel. The U.S. barely uttered a peep. It was: AN ACT of WAR. Yet, the world stood nearly silent, barely mentioned in the media. No fighter jets. No shelling… other than Israel’s own retaliatory response. Where’s the outcry? Where was the mighty U.S. Air Force when the rockets were assailing the tiny nation that everyone loves to hate? When will the pathetic UN stand up for Israel against the hoards of barbarians whoever they are?

All that followed a brutal slaughter of five members of an Israeli family in their private home, including helpless children stabbed to death, only because they were Jewish. Tsk Tsk . A mere blip in the news.

Meanwhile, the people of Gaza passed out candy and flowers in celebration of the killings as though it were a holiday. Later that day, after the brutal murders and the Japanese earthquake/tsunami, President Obama played golf (March 12th) and then hosted a gridiron club dinner with Washington’s elite. After all, there are priorities.

Then, there is Iran. Speaking of oppressive regimes and brutal treatment of their people, the whole world watched as the Iranian government of President Ahmadinejad used brutal force repeatedly in 2009 and then in 2011to quell any uprisings of citizens demonstrating and begging for freedom of choice, and freedom from oppression. Where was the outcry? Where was the U.S. Air Force? The Brits? The French? The UN? Meanwhile, the Iranian government inches closer to their stated goals. We all know what they are.

So, forgive me my cynicism. I think there’s far more to this story than the U.S., France and England trying to help support the rebellion.

Sadly, we have morphed from Tom Brokaw’s Greatest Generation to the most Hypocritical Wimp Generation. There are less people and few countries that respect the United States any longer.

Muammar Gadhafi may be ousted. Then what? Anyone think it’s going to get better?

I have two words in answer to that question: Muslim Brotherhood

 (Watch for Part II:  We Have Failed The Tests)