I’ve been saying all along, that the force behind the Egyptian revolution, and likely behind every other revolution in the mid-east, is the Muslim Brotherhood, whose stated long range objectives is to establish Islamic law throughout the world, one way or another. Yet, thousands of American ignoramus’ are all glow with trickles up their legs thinking this is about democracy and the will of the people.   I wish it was.
What you can expect, short range, in the mid-east nations like Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan and others that topple the reigning dictators, is a government takeover by the Muslim Brotherhood who, at first blush, will present themselves as “moderate and peaceful” progressive Islamist leaders. In doing so, they will give the citizens of those countries food and housing and better conditions, making them the heros of the revolution. Remember, one of their strategies is the use of “deception.” It’s in their documents.

When that phase is finished and the Brotherhood is entrenched, it will be too late. Watch for the end of peace treaties with Israel, more uprisings in Europe, the attempted destruction of Israel and eventually, accelerated uprisings in the United States. It’s coming, friends, have no doubts.

Walid Shoebat is a former Palestinian, now converted to Christianity, who speaks and writes often on the situation in the Mid-east. Here is his latest view of the Egyptian crisis:

Click here: Egypt’s Revolution Robbed

The movement to Islamize the west is vast and it is well financed. It is the greatest danger to world peace and to democratic institutions in the western hemisphere since the advent of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. Only, it is more dangerous, because these people are hidden among us, they do not wear uniforms, they do not have a national border, and their religion gives full permission to lie and deceive if it for the purpose of advancing Islam. Yes, that means they (the Jihadists) can pose as good people, when in fact, they are our enemies behind closed doors.

The problem for us, is that so many well-intentioned Americans are so easily fooled. But being fooled is what the enemy is counting on. The enemy is counting on our ignorant belief that this is only about religion. In fact, it is about ideology, fascism and power, all under the guise of religion.

Had Hitler won the war, he would have been elevated as a God. Because Nazism was about worshipping Hitler. I see little difference with the Jihadists, other than not calling Nazism an official religion.

My efforts to educate some of my more liberal friends about the dangers of the Muslim Brotherhood have fallen on deaf ears. They shluff me off, as though I’m some radical extremist, as though I’m the hater, when in fact, I am trying to alert Americans about the world of hate that’s at our doorstep.

It amazes me, that these people are so easily led down the path of self-destruction, that they do not ask questions or do their own research. Rather, they reject every informational anti-Jihad essay that is written, and then call people like me the hate mongers. Some say it’s all about Republicans versus Democrats. That’s too dumb to even waste space on.

It is about Sharia. It is about Taqiyya. It is about radical Islam and their global movement. It is about Islamic domination. It’s about enslaving women. (Where is NOW?)

The biggest target is the United States.

Who would have ever thought we would have seen this scene in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, a little more than two years ago. (link below) Watch, listen. Many of these “demonstrators” are people who otherwise call themselves “moderates” and some of you believe them.

The first minute is of Tom Trento giving a preparatory remarks, then from the 1:00 to the 7:00 mark is how these marvelous “Muslim Americans” behaved in the streets of Florida.

Click here: Mega-Star Info-Tainment: The Enemy Within –

Yes, they have the right to free speech. But they do not have a right to my country. And those who encourage, support and defend these Anti-Americans are anti-Americans as well.

There will come a time, when we will have to draw a line in the stand, and determine who is for America, and who is for the Jihadists. Because it cannot be had both ways.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s creed, from their own documents, is to destroy America from within. They have many subordinate organizations at work in the U.S., including CAIR, the ISNA and the MSA. The seeds have been planted.

When the mid-east is sewn up and Israel is gone, Europe will be next, and then —

You got it.