Does this all sound hauntingly familiar?

Jews throughout Europe are scrambling to escape the insidious rise of anti-semitism in virtually every country in the continent. No, the average citizen hasn’t heard much about it on CNN, MSNBC or FOX, or in the NY Times and the Miami Herald. Why?

Reason: PC. To avoid any accusations of offending Islam, or even suggest that Muslims are to blame.

But, according to witnesses and scholars that follow the trends around the world, the Muslims are very much gaining political footholds in Europe, and that bodes bad news for Jews. (And for western culture)

One EU commissioner from the Netherlands was quoted as saying that there was no future for Jews (especially Orthodox) in that country because of growing anti-Semitism among citizens of Moroccan descent. (Muslims) This is where Theo Van Gogh was murdered in the streets for producing a motion picture about the plight of women in fundamentalist Muslim countries.

Harassment of Jewish citizens by Muslims in Malmo Sweden has caused the Simon Wiesenthal Center to warn traveling Jews to exercise extreme caution. In 2009, Muslims went to the streets in Malmo to prevent Jewish tennis players from participating in a tournament.


Jews are leaving France and England by the thousands, emigrating to Israel, because of anti-Semitic hatred.

Synagogues in Norway have been subjected to unprovoked attacks by Muslims for no other reason, than they are Jewish.

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In Denmark, Jewish people are shedding their traditional garb to appear less conspicuous because of Jewish hatred by Muslims.

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In Germany, stone-tossing Arab Muslims threw stones at Jewish dancers, forcing them off the stage.

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A recent poll taken in Austria revealed that 38 percent of Muslim youths felt that Hitler had done a lot of good.

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In France, there are over 750 “No-Go zones” where French authorities refuse to enter into Islamic enclaves for fear of uprisings, leaving them to govern themselves under Sharia law, within the borders of that country. There are also “No-Go Zones” in Austria, Sweden and other parts of Europe.

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Seven years ago, Daniel Pipes wrote about the nascent threat to Jews throughout Europe. Read his article of 2004, (Link below) which highlight death chants to Jews, threats, assaults, hatred everywhere, and mass emigration from the continent. In seven years, it’s only gotten worse.

The heads of European governments, once thought to be “liberal” and “tolerant” have recently become much more outspoken about the cultural decay in those countries, due to the massive growth of immigrants (Muslims) who refuse to assimilate.

It’s all coming our way. Give it five years, and we’ll begin looking like Europe is today. In the U.S., there are now at least 35 Islamic enclaves, which are our “No-Go zones.”

And who does anything? Where is the outrage?

There is no outrage, because we are all scared to death of Islam, including 99 percent of our nutless politicians who blather about keeping our country safe. Sorry, that was a typo. I meant “gutless.”

And you know what’s really funny. There will be uninformed people who will read this article, and say that it’s the author (Me) who is full of hate. That’s right, I’m the hater. The anti-Semites who announce to the world that they will establish an Islamic Caliphate here by the year 2020, are the good guys. I’m the bad guy.

You figure.

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There is one politician to watch: Rep. Allen West. Check him out. Here a recent confrontion he had with a member of CAIR. Judge for yourself.

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