Is Obama throwing Israel under the bus? It would appear that way, especially in the UN Security Council.

Since 1948, Israel has been fighting for survival, constantly surrounded by enemies that have sworn to drive them into the sea and destroy the small nation who gives so much to the world. Yet, they have prevailed.

With 57 Muslims states as a bloc in the United Nations, and with Israel their target for ultimate destruction, Security Council resolutions regularly condemn Israel, while many of those backward Arab states — who engage in beheadings, honor killings, death to apostates and slave status to women — are given prominence on various human rights councils.

Shaking your head?

When Barack Obama was campaigning for president, it was no secret that he was seen as the hero ( savior?) among the Muslim nations of North Africa, the Mid-east and Southern Asia. Some leaders, like Ghadaffi, even referred to him as a brother Muslim in the White House. Palestinians set up phone banks to raise money for his election. He had the support of Islam around the world.

He has been paying his debt ever since. Starting with his travels to the mid-east where he praised Islam and apologized for the arrogance of America, he has welcomed Islam into the White House, commiserated with many high level personalities with the ISNA and CAIR, assigned Muslims to sensitive positions in the Department of Homeland Security, and on and on.

Obama’s support among the Jewish bloc — which hovered around 78 percent in 2008, has diminished to below 50 percent according to a poll in October of 2010. And much of that waning comes from the dubious position this administration is taking in regards to the Israeli question. I suspect it is even less today.

Israel is always expected to make concessions, made out as the “bad guys” in the world theater, no matter what they do or don’t do. Israel pulls out of Lebanon, they are attacked by Hezbollah. Israel pulls out of Gaza, and they have been rocketed ever since by Hamas. When does the UN condemn Hamas, Hezbollah or, for that matter, the Muslim Brotherhood, which is orchestrating these upheavals around the world?

I repeat, the Muslim Brotherhood’s goals are documented and they are firm: To eventually destroy Israel and all western democracies in order to establish Sharia governments and Islamic caliphates. It is their duty to God. The Hamas charter specifically details there can be no negotiating.

Those who don’t believe that should do their homework . The facts are out there, all you have to do is look at them.

Egypt and Jordan were two brave mid-east nations that were willing to sign peace treaties with Israel, and to establish peace. For thirty years, they have kept to those treaties. Anwar Sadat was murdered in 1981, for making peace with Israel, by the so-called “peace-loving, non-violent” Muslim Brotherhood.

Now comes the upheavals, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Yemen, etc., and while our administration says nothing that support the street demonstrators who crave freedom in Iran, they openly support demonstrators that want to topple our loyal allies. The Muslim Brotherhood, no doubt, will emerge when the dust settles as the powerhouse in all the Muslim nations of the Mid-east. Our present administration knows this. The Muslim Brotherhood is our sworn enemy.

That bodes sad times for Israel, Europe and the U.S.

Meanwhile, to no one’s surprise, the Obama administration is joining with Arab forces in condemning Israel for building additional living quarters for Jews in Jerusalem.

Did you hear that? Obama is supporting the Palestinians and the Muslim world in general, in condemning Israel.

If that is any sign of what Israel will be facing down the road, it’s just a matter of time.

Some folks may be surprised to learn where our president’s loyalty lies. I’m not. It’s always been clear. All one has to do is open the eyes and check out the evidence and the trends. I‘ve warned about it since the campaign.

 This issue is not about Republican versus Democrat. It’s about survival.

How would you feel, if you were an Israeli right now?

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