Some folks are elated that Egyptian demonstrators have succeeded in their fight for “Freedom.”  But, there is more to the story those folks should know.

A recent poll of Egyptian thinking was conducted by the Pew Research Center. Here’s a partial summary of their findings:

* What do you think of Hamas? Answer: 49 % Favorable

* Is it good that Islam plays a large role in politics? Answer: 95% Yes

* Al Qaeda? Answer 20% Favorable

* Should adulterers be stoned? Answer: 82% Yes

* Should Apostates from Islam be executed? Answer: 84% Yes

* Should men and women be segregated in the work place? Answer: 54% Yes

* Should thieves be flogged or have their hands amputated? Answer? 77% Yes


These results show that Egypt tends toward the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, which is lurking in the wings to take control of that country, and eventually, the entire world.

The very purpose of Hamas is to destroy the state of Israel.

95% say Islam should play a large role in politics. Translated: Islam in politics means the implementation of Sharia Law, one is inseparable from the other.

If 20 percent of 77 million support al Qaeda, that equates to 15 million Egyptians that would be our sworn enemy.

Adulterers stoned? That’s Sharia.

Apostates are people who wish to choose another religion. That’s the death penalty according to 84 percent of people polled.

Men and women must be separated in the workplace? Most say, yes. That’s a rule under Islamic law. Women are subservient, unequal and of less value. Read the Koran and the Hadith.

The Muslim Brotherhood may not be the major force in Egypt YET, but they’ve just made huge strides toward that goal. They will openly decry violence, but support violence behind closed doors. Taqqiya, according to the Hadith and the Koran, provides an excuse for Radical fundamentalists to use lies and deception in order to advance the spread of Islam.

The MB is the greatest force for Islamic fundamentalism in the world, including the United States. Any foothold given to them is like giving a foothold to the Nazi party in 1932 Germany. They will emerge.

Very disappointing to hear our stupid (that’s the right word) newscasters, pundits and politicians play down the significance of the rising Muslim Brotherhood in the Egyptian power center, including our president. He knows better. He’s too smart not to know what the Muslim Brotherhood has in store for Egypt and the U.S. Yes, they may be a numerical minority, but powerful minorities have often dominated star gazers in the likes of Neville Chamberlain, and then rise to tyrannical supremacy. We all know their long range goals. If their progress in the last ten years is any omen of what’s to come down the pike, get your grandchildren prepared.

It’s been a long time since our country has had great leadership. And we keep going downhill.

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