I’ve learned of an al Qaeda document, authored by Ayman al-Zawahiri (Number 2 under Bin Laden), that blows the mind. It spells out the seven-phase plan for world domination which is taking place as we quibble about smallness. The first three phases have already succeeded. We’re in the fourth phase now, which is also succeeding as you will see in a moment.

In truth, this is no surprise to any of us who have chosen to be informed by looking further than what the mainstream media spoon-feeds us. CNN, MSBNC, and FOX, plus the traditional newspapers don’t tell us what we need to know, until it’s too late. Even then it’s cloaked in political correctness. Remember, the largest shareholder of FOX news outside of Rupert Murdoch, is Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Lalal. While FOX may seem like the most outspoken, don’t forget they have their marching orders behind the scenes.

Well-meaning, liberal America think that the uprising in Egypt is passionate outreach by mobs of poor youngsters demanding relief from a brutal dictatorship. But if they would look at the global evidence, it’s clear that there is something much bigger going on. That is, if they care to open their eyes. To deny that, is like denying Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor as a minor demonstration.

Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen, Jordan, Egypt — are we supposed to believe these uprisings are all a coincidence? That they are not being coordinated by a single power source? Check Item #4 below.

In 2005, the Number 2 ranking leader of al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri ( graduate of the Muslim Brotherhood) wrote this letter to Abu Musab Zarqawi which lays out the strategy (game plan) for achieving world domination. It was analyzed in depth by Shmuel Bar and Yair Mimzili of the Hudson Institute from where they penned a paper, “The Zawahiri Letter and the Strategy of al Qaeda, in 2006. (Full report is available in the link below) Summarized, these are the seven steps:

1) Awakening. This refers to the attacks of 9/11 designed to make the Islamic movement a central player on the global scene.

2) “Opening the Eyes,” the period from 2003 to 2006, that will transform al Qaeda into a mass movement.

3) “Arising and standing up” – 2007 to 2010, focusing on terrorism and destabilization of existing Muslim regimes

4) Toppling moderate regimes such as Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and other Muslim states from 2010 to 2013.

5) Formation of a new world order between 2013 and 2016, based on an Islamic caliphate as a world power and the weakening of the United States and Israel

6) A total confrontation between Islam and the west, 2016 – 2020.

7) A “Decisive Victory” for Islam in 2020.

Sound familiar? Anything ambiguous there?

Much of the letter also deals with the strategy in Iraq, which is considered a vital element in establishing a caliphate, not only for radical Islamic expansion, but to seize control of the vast oil fields. The primary obstacle, for al Qaeda, is the presence of American troops, which — as we know — are on track to leave. They are also waiting for the conflict in Afghanistan to wind down which will also provide another opening in the global chess game of radical Islamic dominance.

Meanwhile, we sleep. The mainstream media covers happy stories about freedom in the streets. The president tells us that the Muslim Brotherhood is only a minority, playing down any long range threats. The president has supported the “poor” insurgents and not our ally who stood by the U.S. for thirty years. This, after the president DID NOT support the freedom-loving insurgents of Iran in 2009.

Whether it be the media, the government or the people, we and the Europeans are playing right into their hands. I’ve also provided a few links to how the leaders of France, Germany and England are beginning to change their tune, now that the writing is on the wall.

First, check out the Hudson Institute study of the Zawahiri letter. The Seven steps are listed in the 10th paragraph under the heading: “The Letter’s Context.”

Click here: The Zawahiri Letter and the Strategy of al-Qaeda ology

Send it to all the doubters you know, and pass it to legislators, newspapers, liberals, independents and conservatives. This movement must be stopped, and the only ones who can do it are “we the people.” Let your voices be heard.

Do we care about our grandchildren’s lives, as much as our grandparents cared about ours?


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