The Academy Awards will be presented on the 27th of February. With one or two exceptions, I’ve seen all the movies listed in the major categories. So, here are my predictions and my personal selections for the winners:

Best Supporting Actor:

My selection – Geoffrey Rush, for “The King’s Speech.”

Who will win – Christian Bale, for “The Fighter”

No other nominee has a chance. Bale, who gave an excellent performance, has come up short in past awards, so he’s overdue from the Hollywood circuit. Rush already has his Oscar for “Shine” though in my opinion, his performance this year was superb.

Best Supporting Actress:

My selection – Amy Adams, in “The Fighter”

Who will win – Amy Adams in “The Fighter”

Melissa Leo, who played the mother of a gaggle of sisters and two brothers did a remarkable performance in “The Fighter” for which she won a Golden Globe. I’m sure the voting was close, but I have a hunch Amy Adams, who has delivered a stunning body of work in recent years, will win the Oscar for her gritty portrayal of a foul-mouthed, but loyal girl friend of the fighter played by Mark Wahlberg.

Best Actor:

My selection – Colin Firth, for “The King’s Speech.”

Who will win – Jesse Eisenberg, for “The Social Network.”

Jeff Bridges is equally deserving for “True Grit” but he already won his Oscar last year for playing a drunken cowboy. Not likely to repeat. I think Colin Firth is most deserving for his fabulous portrayal as the stammering King George VI. However, I opine that Eisenberg — for his skill, energy and youth — will be the favorite of the Hollywood elite this year and pull it off.

Best Actress:

My Selection – Natalie Portman, “Black Swan”

Who will win – Natalie Portman, “Black Swan”

This is a no brainer. She has won every major award so far, including the Globe and the SAG, and well deserved. No one will come close. If there is a dark horse, my other vote would go to little known Jennifer Lawrence for her gut-wrenching portrayal of a destitute teen in the back woods of Missouri in “Winter’s Bone.”

Best Movie:

My Selection – “The King’s Speech”

Who will win – “The King’s Speech”

“The Social Network” would probably come in second, followed by “Black Swan” and then “The Fighter.” Yet, “Winter’s Bone” could be the sleeper.

Best Director:

My selection – Tom Hooper for “The King’s Speech”

Who will win – Tom Hooper for “The King’s Speech”

I thought “Black Swan” had too many flaws. “The Social Network” paced the dialogue so fast that the average old fart couldn’t understand half what was going on. “True Grit” was well done, but an old recipe. “The Fighter” was the best directed movie behind “The King’s Speech.”

We’ll see…