What is happening today in Egypt varies little from what happened in Iran in 1979.

Undercurrents of Islamic extremism began street riots and demonstrations in protest of the “dictatorship” regime which had been friendly to western institutions and at peace with Israel. The undercurrents, as it turned out, were not simply innocent young people in protest because of unemployment, but disguised by, and spurred on by a movement that intended on replacing the friendly regime with radical Islamic extremism openly hostile to the United States and to Israel.

We had a naive or ignorant president who capitulated to the so-called demands of Iranian people and called for the removal of the Shah. What came in his place, was a taking of American hostages for 444 days and thirty years of fundamental Islamic tyranny which has since threatened the very existence of our nation. Carter’s was a huge blunder that could never be fixed.

We never learn.

We didn’t back Batista when Castro was coming to power, because our government thought a new regime would be better. Surprise!

We didn’t back the Shah, and look what happened.

We continue to make stupid mistakes, thinking we’re the good guys.

Now, we do not back Mubarak, when the hand writing is clearly on the wall. The Muslim Brotherhood is making their grand move for seizing control, from which radicalization, tyranny and Sharia law will be implemented. Don’t think, for one second, our president doesn’t know that. From there, the goal is destruction of Israel, and then, the destruction of the United States, by violence and by stealth infiltration which banks on American ignorance and tolerance.

People who do not see through the smoke screens are simply unwilling to reach out and view the evidence. It’s out there.

Please take 55 minutes aside to watch this movie (link below) which provides a nutshell in which to understand the global threat taking place today. I know it’s long, but it’s worth the time to self-educate and to pass on to others who are disbelievers. Pay particular attention to the segment at 37: minutes where they reveal information about EMP weapons (Electro Magnetic Pulse) in the hands of Iran, which can be delivered and detonated as a nuclear device from the center of the U.S. from the clouds, miles up. Such a weapon would literally erase our nation, and likely see a death rate of 90 percent in one year.

“Change” sounds wonderful. Remember, not all change, is for the better.

This is not a scare tactic. This is truth. No one is making it up.  Please take time to watch. It’s worth it:

Click here: IRANIUM – Watch the entire film – Now! | Israel Video Network

 Vote Smart. The unemployment and economic issues will become minor non-issues if radical Islam has its way.