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This past week, a Phoenix jury convicted an Iraqi Muslim (not a terrorist) of killing his daughter in 2009 by deliberately running her over with a car. The reason: The 20-year-old college girl refused an arranged marriage, had her own boyfriend and had become too westernized. Question: Why choose to live in a western society if being westernized is so horrible?

Here’s the article:

Click here: Jury convicts Iraqi immigrant in ‘honor killing’

In 2008, a ‘moderate” Muslim man from Jonesboro, Ga., strangled his own daughter to death in her bed with a bungee cord because she wanted a divorce from an older man who she was forced to marry.

Click here: Dad charged with murdering reluctant bride – CNN

In 2009, a model “moderate” Muslim man, who owned a New York television station meant to portray Islam in a positive light, murdered and beheaded his wife for wanting a divorce. Ironically, he was only convicted of 2nd Degree Murder, though it was clearly premeditated.

Click here: Buffalo, New York: Moderate Muslim who beheaded his wife

In 2008, a “moderate” Muslim shot both his teenage daughters to death for dating non-Muslims. He fled the country and is still at large.

Click here: Dailymotion – Father Murders His Two Daughters In “Honor” Killing.

Click here: First Time FBI Calls Case an ‘Honor Killing’ –

In 2009, a 17 year-old Ohio girl converted to Christianity then fled to Florida seeking asylum, in dire fear of her Muslim father who threatened her with honor killing.

Click here: Christian Teenager Flees Home,

These are some of the atrocities within Muslim families that have made it to news print. How many others do not? In Turkey, it was reported that the incidents of honor killings were rising at such an alarming rate, that they had to think of a way to make it appear otherwise. The answer: Forced suicides. A girl who disgraced the family is made to enter a locked room with no provisions, never to be reopened while she’s alive, and the only objects present are a gun, a rope and a box of poison. One Turkish city is called “Suicide City” because 75 percent of victims are female.

Click here: Muslim women told: Please commit ‘honor suicide’

In America ninety-nine percent of the cases, it is the females who are victimized, yet no woman’s group has the courage to come forward and condemn this barbaric practice. One can only imagine how many women, young and old, are living in state of slavery, in fear of death should they want to speak out, refuse an arranged marriage, convert to another religion, or form a relationship outside of Islam. Yes, many Muslim women will claim their love for living as a Muslim, but once they do, what free choices do they have?

Statistics show that at least 5,000 honor killings occur annually, and many more possible that are not reported or disguised as something else, i.e. murder, suicide, accident.

This does not take into account other forms of barbarism toward women in the Islamic world, including mass genital mutilation, beatings (allowed by law), rape, forced marriages, and sheer domination, better known as slavery.

Yet, as Sharia creeps into the U.S., the women’s groups pay no mind and remain eerily silent. And people — like me — who disclose this kind of information, are labeled as “racist” “Intolerant” “Hate mongers.”

You figure.

Suggested source of information to learn more about the plight of women in Sharia. Go to Facebook: OF THE WORLD UNITED AGAINST ISLAMIC/MUSLIM SHARIA LAW

I have three granddaughters and one great granddaughter. I care about their future world.




I’ve been saying all along, that the force behind the Egyptian revolution, and likely behind every other revolution in the mid-east, is the Muslim Brotherhood, whose stated long range objectives is to establish Islamic law throughout the world, one way or another. Yet, thousands of American ignoramus’ are all glow with trickles up their legs thinking this is about democracy and the will of the people.   I wish it was.
What you can expect, short range, in the mid-east nations like Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan and others that topple the reigning dictators, is a government takeover by the Muslim Brotherhood who, at first blush, will present themselves as “moderate and peaceful” progressive Islamist leaders. In doing so, they will give the citizens of those countries food and housing and better conditions, making them the heros of the revolution. Remember, one of their strategies is the use of “deception.” It’s in their documents.

When that phase is finished and the Brotherhood is entrenched, it will be too late. Watch for the end of peace treaties with Israel, more uprisings in Europe, the attempted destruction of Israel and eventually, accelerated uprisings in the United States. It’s coming, friends, have no doubts.

Walid Shoebat is a former Palestinian, now converted to Christianity, who speaks and writes often on the situation in the Mid-east. Here is his latest view of the Egyptian crisis:

Click here: Egypt’s Revolution Robbed

The movement to Islamize the west is vast and it is well financed. It is the greatest danger to world peace and to democratic institutions in the western hemisphere since the advent of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. Only, it is more dangerous, because these people are hidden among us, they do not wear uniforms, they do not have a national border, and their religion gives full permission to lie and deceive if it for the purpose of advancing Islam. Yes, that means they (the Jihadists) can pose as good people, when in fact, they are our enemies behind closed doors.

The problem for us, is that so many well-intentioned Americans are so easily fooled. But being fooled is what the enemy is counting on. The enemy is counting on our ignorant belief that this is only about religion. In fact, it is about ideology, fascism and power, all under the guise of religion.

Had Hitler won the war, he would have been elevated as a God. Because Nazism was about worshipping Hitler. I see little difference with the Jihadists, other than not calling Nazism an official religion.

My efforts to educate some of my more liberal friends about the dangers of the Muslim Brotherhood have fallen on deaf ears. They shluff me off, as though I’m some radical extremist, as though I’m the hater, when in fact, I am trying to alert Americans about the world of hate that’s at our doorstep.

It amazes me, that these people are so easily led down the path of self-destruction, that they do not ask questions or do their own research. Rather, they reject every informational anti-Jihad essay that is written, and then call people like me the hate mongers. Some say it’s all about Republicans versus Democrats. That’s too dumb to even waste space on.

It is about Sharia. It is about Taqiyya. It is about radical Islam and their global movement. It is about Islamic domination. It’s about enslaving women. (Where is NOW?)

The biggest target is the United States.

Who would have ever thought we would have seen this scene in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, a little more than two years ago. (link below) Watch, listen. Many of these “demonstrators” are people who otherwise call themselves “moderates” and some of you believe them.

The first minute is of Tom Trento giving a preparatory remarks, then from the 1:00 to the 7:00 mark is how these marvelous “Muslim Americans” behaved in the streets of Florida.

Click here: Mega-Star Info-Tainment: The Enemy Within –

Yes, they have the right to free speech. But they do not have a right to my country. And those who encourage, support and defend these Anti-Americans are anti-Americans as well.

There will come a time, when we will have to draw a line in the stand, and determine who is for America, and who is for the Jihadists. Because it cannot be had both ways.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s creed, from their own documents, is to destroy America from within. They have many subordinate organizations at work in the U.S., including CAIR, the ISNA and the MSA. The seeds have been planted.

When the mid-east is sewn up and Israel is gone, Europe will be next, and then —

You got it.



Does this all sound hauntingly familiar?

Jews throughout Europe are scrambling to escape the insidious rise of anti-semitism in virtually every country in the continent. No, the average citizen hasn’t heard much about it on CNN, MSNBC or FOX, or in the NY Times and the Miami Herald. Why?

Reason: PC. To avoid any accusations of offending Islam, or even suggest that Muslims are to blame.

But, according to witnesses and scholars that follow the trends around the world, the Muslims are very much gaining political footholds in Europe, and that bodes bad news for Jews. (And for western culture)

One EU commissioner from the Netherlands was quoted as saying that there was no future for Jews (especially Orthodox) in that country because of growing anti-Semitism among citizens of Moroccan descent. (Muslims) This is where Theo Van Gogh was murdered in the streets for producing a motion picture about the plight of women in fundamentalist Muslim countries.

Harassment of Jewish citizens by Muslims in Malmo Sweden has caused the Simon Wiesenthal Center to warn traveling Jews to exercise extreme caution. In 2009, Muslims went to the streets in Malmo to prevent Jewish tennis players from participating in a tournament.


Jews are leaving France and England by the thousands, emigrating to Israel, because of anti-Semitic hatred.

Synagogues in Norway have been subjected to unprovoked attacks by Muslims for no other reason, than they are Jewish.

Click here: Islam in Europe: Norway: Muslims attack Jews in school

In Denmark, Jewish people are shedding their traditional garb to appear less conspicuous because of Jewish hatred by Muslims.

Click here: Islam in Europe: Copenhagen: Jews take off kippas

In Germany, stone-tossing Arab Muslims threw stones at Jewish dancers, forcing them off the stage.

Click here: Arab youths throw stones at Jewish dancer

A recent poll taken in Austria revealed that 38 percent of Muslim youths felt that Hitler had done a lot of good.

Click here: Vienna: 38% of Muslim youth think Hitler did a lot of good

In France, there are over 750 “No-Go zones” where French authorities refuse to enter into Islamic enclaves for fear of uprisings, leaving them to govern themselves under Sharia law, within the borders of that country. There are also “No-Go Zones” in Austria, Sweden and other parts of Europe.

Click here: ONWARD JAMES: Islam Rising & No-Go Zones

Seven years ago, Daniel Pipes wrote about the nascent threat to Jews throughout Europe. Read his article of 2004, (Link below) which highlight death chants to Jews, threats, assaults, hatred everywhere, and mass emigration from the continent. In seven years, it’s only gotten worse.

The heads of European governments, once thought to be “liberal” and “tolerant” have recently become much more outspoken about the cultural decay in those countries, due to the massive growth of immigrants (Muslims) who refuse to assimilate.

It’s all coming our way. Give it five years, and we’ll begin looking like Europe is today. In the U.S., there are now at least 35 Islamic enclaves, which are our “No-Go zones.”

And who does anything? Where is the outrage?

There is no outrage, because we are all scared to death of Islam, including 99 percent of our nutless politicians who blather about keeping our country safe. Sorry, that was a typo. I meant “gutless.”

And you know what’s really funny. There will be uninformed people who will read this article, and say that it’s the author (Me) who is full of hate. That’s right, I’m the hater. The anti-Semites who announce to the world that they will establish an Islamic Caliphate here by the year 2020, are the good guys. I’m the bad guy.

You figure.

Click here: Jewish Life in an Increasingly Muslim Europe :: Daniel Pipes

Click here: David Cameron Signals Tougher Stance On Islamic

Click here: GERMAN Chancellor says, “Multiculturalism is an utter failure”

Click here: Multiculturalism has failed, says French president – Yahoo! News

There is one politician to watch: Rep. Allen West. Check him out. Here a recent confrontion he had with a member of CAIR. Judge for yourself.

Click here: Allen West Confronted by Koran-Wielding CAIR



The Academy Awards will be presented on the 27th of February. With one or two exceptions, I’ve seen all the movies listed in the major categories. So, here are my predictions and my personal selections for the winners:

Best Supporting Actor:

My selection – Geoffrey Rush, for “The King’s Speech.”

Who will win – Christian Bale, for “The Fighter”

No other nominee has a chance. Bale, who gave an excellent performance, has come up short in past awards, so he’s overdue from the Hollywood circuit. Rush already has his Oscar for “Shine” though in my opinion, his performance this year was superb.

Best Supporting Actress:

My selection – Amy Adams, in “The Fighter”

Who will win – Amy Adams in “The Fighter”

Melissa Leo, who played the mother of a gaggle of sisters and two brothers did a remarkable performance in “The Fighter” for which she won a Golden Globe. I’m sure the voting was close, but I have a hunch Amy Adams, who has delivered a stunning body of work in recent years, will win the Oscar for her gritty portrayal of a foul-mouthed, but loyal girl friend of the fighter played by Mark Wahlberg.

Best Actor:

My selection – Colin Firth, for “The King’s Speech.”

Who will win – Jesse Eisenberg, for “The Social Network.”

Jeff Bridges is equally deserving for “True Grit” but he already won his Oscar last year for playing a drunken cowboy. Not likely to repeat. I think Colin Firth is most deserving for his fabulous portrayal as the stammering King George VI. However, I opine that Eisenberg — for his skill, energy and youth — will be the favorite of the Hollywood elite this year and pull it off.

Best Actress:

My Selection – Natalie Portman, “Black Swan”

Who will win – Natalie Portman, “Black Swan”

This is a no brainer. She has won every major award so far, including the Globe and the SAG, and well deserved. No one will come close. If there is a dark horse, my other vote would go to little known Jennifer Lawrence for her gut-wrenching portrayal of a destitute teen in the back woods of Missouri in “Winter’s Bone.”

Best Movie:

My Selection – “The King’s Speech”

Who will win – “The King’s Speech”

“The Social Network” would probably come in second, followed by “Black Swan” and then “The Fighter.” Yet, “Winter’s Bone” could be the sleeper.

Best Director:

My selection – Tom Hooper for “The King’s Speech”

Who will win – Tom Hooper for “The King’s Speech”

I thought “Black Swan” had too many flaws. “The Social Network” paced the dialogue so fast that the average old fart couldn’t understand half what was going on. “True Grit” was well done, but an old recipe. “The Fighter” was the best directed movie behind “The King’s Speech.”

We’ll see…


Is Obama throwing Israel under the bus? It would appear that way, especially in the UN Security Council.

Since 1948, Israel has been fighting for survival, constantly surrounded by enemies that have sworn to drive them into the sea and destroy the small nation who gives so much to the world. Yet, they have prevailed.

With 57 Muslims states as a bloc in the United Nations, and with Israel their target for ultimate destruction, Security Council resolutions regularly condemn Israel, while many of those backward Arab states — who engage in beheadings, honor killings, death to apostates and slave status to women — are given prominence on various human rights councils.

Shaking your head?

When Barack Obama was campaigning for president, it was no secret that he was seen as the hero ( savior?) among the Muslim nations of North Africa, the Mid-east and Southern Asia. Some leaders, like Ghadaffi, even referred to him as a brother Muslim in the White House. Palestinians set up phone banks to raise money for his election. He had the support of Islam around the world.

He has been paying his debt ever since. Starting with his travels to the mid-east where he praised Islam and apologized for the arrogance of America, he has welcomed Islam into the White House, commiserated with many high level personalities with the ISNA and CAIR, assigned Muslims to sensitive positions in the Department of Homeland Security, and on and on.

Obama’s support among the Jewish bloc — which hovered around 78 percent in 2008, has diminished to below 50 percent according to a poll in October of 2010. And much of that waning comes from the dubious position this administration is taking in regards to the Israeli question. I suspect it is even less today.

Israel is always expected to make concessions, made out as the “bad guys” in the world theater, no matter what they do or don’t do. Israel pulls out of Lebanon, they are attacked by Hezbollah. Israel pulls out of Gaza, and they have been rocketed ever since by Hamas. When does the UN condemn Hamas, Hezbollah or, for that matter, the Muslim Brotherhood, which is orchestrating these upheavals around the world?

I repeat, the Muslim Brotherhood’s goals are documented and they are firm: To eventually destroy Israel and all western democracies in order to establish Sharia governments and Islamic caliphates. It is their duty to God. The Hamas charter specifically details there can be no negotiating.

Those who don’t believe that should do their homework . The facts are out there, all you have to do is look at them.

Egypt and Jordan were two brave mid-east nations that were willing to sign peace treaties with Israel, and to establish peace. For thirty years, they have kept to those treaties. Anwar Sadat was murdered in 1981, for making peace with Israel, by the so-called “peace-loving, non-violent” Muslim Brotherhood.

Now comes the upheavals, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Yemen, etc., and while our administration says nothing that support the street demonstrators who crave freedom in Iran, they openly support demonstrators that want to topple our loyal allies. The Muslim Brotherhood, no doubt, will emerge when the dust settles as the powerhouse in all the Muslim nations of the Mid-east. Our present administration knows this. The Muslim Brotherhood is our sworn enemy.

That bodes sad times for Israel, Europe and the U.S.

Meanwhile, to no one’s surprise, the Obama administration is joining with Arab forces in condemning Israel for building additional living quarters for Jews in Jerusalem.

Did you hear that? Obama is supporting the Palestinians and the Muslim world in general, in condemning Israel.

If that is any sign of what Israel will be facing down the road, it’s just a matter of time.

Some folks may be surprised to learn where our president’s loyalty lies. I’m not. It’s always been clear. All one has to do is open the eyes and check out the evidence and the trends. I‘ve warned about it since the campaign.

 This issue is not about Republican versus Democrat. It’s about survival.

How would you feel, if you were an Israeli right now?

Click here: In sharp reversal, U.S. agrees to rebuke Israel

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