This is an opinion column.

The Obama we’ve seen for the first two years will not be the Obama we’ll see in the next two. As in the honeymoon period of any administration, the newly anointed president tried to ramrod every bill during first year while he has the luxury of time and a majority congress on his side. By the time the mid-term election is over, he and his staffers will have had their fingers to the wind, testing which way the electorate is blowing, with one — and I mean ONE objective in mind: Getting re-elected in 2012.

For the next two years, it’s all about getting re-elected, even if it means projecting a new and more moderate image. But image is one thing, reality is another. What a politician tells us in front of the cameras is often quite different than what is going on behind closed doors. Some are less honest than others.

Bear in mind, when a president is re-elected for another four-year term, it’s Carte Blanche, like unlimited credit. Use it at will. He is no longer a politician because he can no longer run for office. Thus, it makes him a quasi-dictator of sorts, with the latitude to impose his will via executive orders and other means, outside the will of the people and/or the will of congress. Fortunately, the U.S. has a constitution which — to some degree — creates a balance of power that limits the executive from total power.

So, in order to reach the 2012 winner’s circle, Team Obama will have to a make some adjustments. Most important, he must suck up to the Independent voters, which are his key for re-election. The far right and left will remain there. It’s the middle-of-the-roaders that he won over in 2008, but lost in 2010. They are vital to the survival of Team Obama.

The projected strategy will go something like this:

1 – Back off Immigration Amnesty, for now. Behind closed doors, he’ll explain to his left wing supporters that an aggressive pursuit of reform will be revised (amnesty) once he’s re-elected.

2 – No more apologizing for how terrible the U.S. has been. Instead, present an image of love for America and promote our country’s assets and goodness.

3 – Downplay his love for Islam, publically. No more speeches to Islamic nations telling the world how Islam has played such a major role in the history of America. Behind closed doors, he can assure his supporters in the Islamic world, that success in 2012 will provide a new platform on which he can and will be more outspoken on behalf of Islam.

4 – Unless there’s a new war, Afghanistan’s conflict is finished. Fingers in the wind indicates that the majority of Americans want to see it end, so he will please both sides of the spectrum by fulfilling his commitment to get out. Thus, the lost lives of thousands may have gone for naught, as the Taliban — via the corrupt regime — will reassume power and pull the women back into 7th century oppression. Of course, we won’t mention how easy it is to lose a war by telegraphing your strategy to the enemy.

5 – He will show strength and determination dealing with the Iran nuclear situation, which will please the right-leaning Independents. Of course, the Wikileak revelations that the rest of the Islamic world support that, including Saudi Arabia, will embolden him to take action.

6 – Obama will take credit for any improvement to the economy in 2011, and disregard the right shift in congress. On the other hand, he will blame the new right shift in congress should the economy slump further in 2011.

7 – Supreme Court appointments prior to 2012, will be slightly left of center, but easily confirmed. That will all change if he’s re-elected in 2012.

8 – Team Obama will cozy up to every minority voting block in America, because the aggregate of minorities will comprise the majority. Besides the 94 percent of black voters, he needs Hispanics, gays, Muslims and Native Americans. Some of the women voters will be wooed by the wonderful images portrayed by Michele Obama.

9 – Team Obama will work hard behind the scenes to demonize every prominent Republican candidate on the horizon. Unfounded leaks to the media against the likes of Huckabee, Palin and Romney will run rampant, including charges of racism, sexual indescretion and corruption.

10 – Look for Obama to replace Eric Holder as Attorney General, who is becoming more of a liability than an asset. He’ll be replaced with another Obamanite with less baggage.

11. – Pursuant to # 10, Obama will be able to temporarily modify his stance on civilian trials for international terrorists, including the big trial of Khalil Sheikh Mohammed. It will be delayed until after 2012. That will soften the hearts of right-leaning Independents who will hopefully perceive Obama as being flexible enough to change his mind.

12. – Look for new flexibility with the Health Care bill, so that certain some aspects will be amended to pacify and quiet Republicans and Tea Party advocates.

That’s the nutshell.

The message this writer is trying convey, is do not lose sight of what Obama’s presidency will be like when and if he retains office for another four years without another election to face. Team Obama basically showed itself during the first year in office. The second year was spent defending the first year, in an effort to minimize Democratic losses in the mid terms. Now, it’s a whole new strategy with the 2012 objective in mind.

Above all else, the one thing I learned about Team Obama in two years, is that my fears prior to the elections were realized and that, as usual, what we are told in front of the cameras is far different behind closed doors.

I am strongly opposed to this president, not because he is a Democrat, but because I am deeply suspect of his behind-the-scenes agenda.