Forty-five radical Islamic enclaves are now operating with the borders of Canada and the United States. One of them has the audacity to call itself: Islamberg. Clear and simple, their intention is to destroy us. Nothing is being done about it.

In France, the growth of Radical Islam has spread to all four corners where enclaves have demanded, and basically received, the right to run their communities under Sharia Law. These are called “No-Go Zones” meaning, French police and government officials stay away unless invited, and let the enclaves govern themselves as they wish. Understand this: There are over seven hundred “No-Go Zones” in France. There were none thirty years ago. Imagine the next thirty years?

We have ‘No-Go Zones” as well, thirty-five in the U.S. and more in Canada. Here’s a report, check it out:

Click here: YouTube – Islamic terror camps in USA

The United States is in (you guessed it) their crosshairs. We are the great Satan. Radical Islamists in the mideast have been known to say, “First Saturday, then Sunday,” which means, First Israel, then America.

For those who like to wear rose-colored glasses and refuse to acknowledge the obvious, it’s time to check reality. Truth cannot be denied. Radical Islam is here and growing, and in greater force than most people can imagine. Unfortunately, the only aspect of Radical Islam that the mainstream media focuses on, are threats or acts of terror, as if that’s all that matters. They, and our government representatives, do us no service by suppressing information that poses a danger to us and to our grandchildren in future generations. And the government, including the justice department, does us no service by ignoring it.

In a nutshell, their single purpose — no, their “Duty” — is the eventual Islamization of the west, whether it be through stealth infiltration, deceit, propaganda, population birth rates, immigration, conversions and if needed, violence.

Please take a breath before you stammer… “Oh, it’s just a religion” or “You’re a Xenophone, Islamophobe” or “Right wing nut,” as some of my unaware friends so uneloquently have labeled me. I invite my critics to investigate, as I have investigated. Name-calling does not translate to knowledge and information. If anyone can refute me, I’m all ears. Try it.

Radical Islam is not just a religion. The Radical side of Islam is a clear ideology and form of government with its own set of laws (Sharia) that is not compatible with the U.S. Constitution. When strictly applied, the two cannot co-exist, for many reasons too numerous for a short article to explain.

What is the difference between “Radical” Islam and “Moderate” Islam? One word: Jihad. Those who actively engage in or support the overthrow of democracy in the west, by violence or any other means, are Jihadists engaged in a ” holy struggle.” Their numbers are HUGE, into the multi-millions, not just a few al Qaeda insurgents twelve thousand miles away.

Remember the name Sheik Mubarak Ali Gilani.  He is the founder of these camps known as Jamaat ul-Fuqra. He is the person journalist Danny Pearl was headed to meet when he was abducted and slaughtered by Islamic extremists. There are a myriad of investigative reports disclosing Gilani’s funding sources, where his charity funds are funneled, his training and information records, and so forth. The network is vast. Please check out this report by Jerry Gordon for the New English Review.

Click here: Jamaat ul-Fuqra > Jerry Gordon

Many of these enclaves are occupied and run by former inmates of prisons in the U.S. which is part of the original plan. Four years ago, I researched and wrote in my book “Militant Islam In America,” how 40,000 to 60,000 inmates a year, mostly African American, are targeted for recruitment and conversion within prison walls. Saudi Arabia has been funding the dispatch of Korans by the thousands into prisons. It’s all paying off.

Young blacks, who already feel disenfranchised by the system, are prime for conversion, especially when they know they will be protected from other gangs. At first it’s a security blanket, then the indoctrination begins.

Meanwhile, we all sit by. People like me are called names. Government and media are skiddish over being names, so they turn a blind eye.

The only things we can do, is become better informed. Knowledge is power, and it is our duty to protect what is already here, our democracy, our way of life and our grandchildren’s children. Otherwise, we’re just a bunch of ignorant fools and the Jihadists would have been right all along.

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