Staunch supporters of Barack Obama will no-doubt be rolling their eyes, but it would serve them well to give some clear-minded attention to the growing questions being raised about the legitimacy of this presidency. This goes far beyond a Democrat/Republican adversarial situation. It is something that can devastate the democratic party, and the end result will be a one-party rule for some time. And the democrats will have no one to blame but themselves.

Why? Because the staunch supporters of Barack Obama have not paid attention to reality. Instead, they have turned a blind eye to the obvious, that he has never proved himself legally qualified to hold the office of president, as John McCain was required to do.

I’ve steered clear of the issue for the last several months because it’s become an old story, though a significant one. But, now comes the newly elected democratic governor of Hawaii who, in December, vowed to proved Mr. Obama’s legitimacy to the world, and that “birthers” are a group of wacky conspiracy theorists.

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But, alas, the governor may have to eat his words. In a recent interview, Governor Abercrombie admits that, thus far, he has not been able to find an original, hard copy birth certificate in file which, he admits, could present very difficult times for Obama in the next presidential election.

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Surprise, surprise.

No one should be shocked, because the reports have been out there for three years for people to learn from, i.e., those who are willing to learn. Yet, the name-callers (Whacko! Extremist! Birther!) never stop to wonder why the president would have been spending over two million dollars in legal fees to fight off law suits that demand nothing else, but to produce a legitimate birth certificate from Hawaii’s records?

Why spend two million dollars to prevent people from discovering of a fact about the president? He would only do that if there is something to hide. Even if it’s an empty file folder.

Here’s the obvious answer. Because, it doesn’t exist, and it is politically terminal to this man’s presidency.

Mr. Tim Adams was an elections clerk in the city of Honolulu with access to public records, and a Democratic supporter of Hillary Clinton. Now a university professor, Mr. Adams revealed in June of 2010, that “there is no birth certificate. It’s like an open secret. Everyone in the government there knows this.”

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The so-called Certification of Live Birth, that has been proffered on the Internet as proof of Obama’s Hawaiian origins has lost its steam over the last two years, because it’s an obvious fraud and his supporters refuse to own up to it. Anyone who has ever seen a legitimate birth certificate from Hawaii, especially in the era of 1961, will know the difference. I’m one of those. My two grandkids were born in Hawaii. The forms are totally different, with the phoney document devoid of basic information, like the doctor in attendance and home address. It even lists the father’s race as “African” which is not a listed race in the census system.

Plenty of Africans are white and Arab/Semitic.

All of the above, portend disaster for the Obama presidency, and a crisis for this country. If the Democratic power structure was smart, they would convince the president to resign, install Joe Biden as president, and then appoint Hillary as the VP. Only she would stand a chance at winning for the Democrats in 2012.

If the Democratic party is not smart and stonewall this issue, it will come back to haunt them.

Why is this so important, you ask? What’s the big deal if he was not born in America?

1) It clearly violates the constitution that the president swore to uphold.

2) It will expose Obama and his entire camp as a cadre of frauds.

All this may explain why Mr. Obama has thus far refused to release any of his records from any of the three colleges and universities he attended. After all, the registrations will most definitely contain personal data, including passport information, student loan information, and …yes, birth certificate information. But we, the American people, have been stonewalled.

And, you don’t wonder, why?

Democrats: You can overcome this. You can see the edge of the cliff coming. What are you going to do about it?

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