I Love You Phillip Morris” =  0

This article contains some graphic language and descriptions concerning sex scenes in a movie starring Jim Carrey. If that offends you, do not read on.

I wish it were not necessary to include that warning, but I cannot make my point without describing — to some extent — the graphic nature of these scenes.

I am a lover of physical comedy, ever since Abbott and Costello, Jerry Lewis and Johnny Carson. Jim Carrey is just as talented, ranking with the best of them. Especially in Liar Liar and the Ace Ventura series. I think his career had hit bottom.

I Love You Phillip Morris is a movie about a married man who discovers he is gay, then goes about a life of con games, stealing/embezzling and ending up in prison where he meets his lover. From there, Carrey’s character struggles with criminal behavior and the pursuit of his man friend. While allegedly a true story, that’s all there is.

It’s a B movie, and without the garbage scenes, would not score better than a 3 out of 10. Instead, it’s a Zero. The directors, writers, actors sunk the picture into the pits of salacious obscenity with dialogue and scenes that added nothing to the story, and entices the audience to throw up.

This has nothing to do with being offended by gay or straight sex. It has nothing to do with being open minded. When a scene opens with pounding sex while the camera pans up to a naked Jim Carrey pile-driving into the rear end of a man…while than man is screaming “Come in my ass!” You have to wonder, why a rich, talented comic would stoop to that level to entertain.

In another scene, Carrey is the recipient of fellatio by his man friend on a boat. When the “performer” is finished, he spits over the side of the boat. Ugh!

Delicious movie, indeed.

There’s more, but you get the point.

That’s not entertainment. It’s not art. That’s porn, that’s junk, that’s pure crap.

Hollywood should be ashamed. Carrey should be ashamed. The movie industry is known for it’s wide-open-minded tolerance and support of depicting gays in the mainstream.  But now they are pushing the envelope…they’ve gone too far. Way too far.

What’s really disappointing is the array of professional reviews, none of which express any outrage, or even dare to besmirch. Rather, the graphic sex seems to be ho-hum, taken in stride, part of the modern mentality. It actually received some good reviews, including from Roger Ebert.

It must be me.

Meanwhile, you’re not going to want your teenage son or daughter seeing that movie, that’s for sure.