As the dust settles in Arizona, it becomes clearer how and why Sarah Palin became the vicarious scapegoat from the actions of a crazed mass murderer. It’s almost laughable, if it weren’t so sad.

While the victims were still bleeding in the hospital, a Lima County Arizona Sheriff, Clarence Dupnik, made a passionate statement on national television suggesting that campaign vitriol played a role in the suspect’s motives, i.e. Sarah Palin’s infamous cross hairs. Bear in mind, the sheriff is supposed to be a law enforcement official who job it is to act upon facts, once all the facts are known. But in this case, the sheriff took it upon himself to stir the political pot making public his assumptions that Jared Loughlin was somehow inspired by Palin’s ads, therefore, it’s her fault.

And to their shame, the national media took that incompetent blurb and exploded it into national firestorm. Based on Nothing! Zero.

In truth, Sheriff Dupnik is a politician, elected into office on the coattails of political favors, like all politicians, on which he owes favors to them, and they to him. That’s the nature of the beast. In this scenario, Sheriff Dupnik has shown that he knows nothing about investigating a murder, because you do not make public statements of that nature until you have facts to back them up. He should be fired. So should the media moguls who went on a feeding frenzy, skewing assumptions into facts to mind the minds of all Americans.

Meanwhile, during all the hoopla, the media disregarded the most important issues in this case, which are:

* Should senators and congresspersons be afforded security in the public forum?

* Why didn’t the Sheriff’s Department, or any police agency, have officers present at this political event?

* How can we prevent psychopaths who don’t have “official” records, from owning firearms?

* How can we improve our system of treating, identifying and isolating psychopaths that are dangerous to themselves or to others?

Are these the issues at the forefront? No. It’s about Sarah Palin.

Gotta giver her credit, her popularity and clout must be scaring the crap out of democrats. Sarah Palin had as much to do with this tragedy as I had with killing Kennedy.

Within the first two or three hours of hearing about the shooting, Paul Krugman of the New York Times was blogging about the terrible way Republican politicians inflamed the public with rhetoric, all of which had nothing — Zero — to do with the crazy shooter. Krugman, couldn’t wait to seize the moment to take an opportunity to somehow connect Sarah Palin to the nutball’s motives. That’s journalism? That trumps credibility for the New York Times, for even employing such a biased and incompetent writer.

Whatever happened to, “Let’s not jump to conclusions?” Sound familiar?

It’s not so complicated. Jared Loughner is a psychopath that has been living inside his own lunatic cocoon for several years, which many of his classmates and teachers have attested to. Those who do not know about schizophrenia and severe mental illness should do a little homework before shooting off their mouths, because its another world these people live in, a world which you and I, the normals, cannot relate to. If we must find a goat to blame, perhaps we should be asking why his parents — who must have known he is seriously imbalanced — didn’t seek psychiatric help for their son, or yet, have him institutionalized. For now, that’s speculation.

There is not one shred of information to suggest that Loughner ever even saw the “Crosshair” ads at all. I didn’t, and I don’t live under a rock. And if he did see them, they had nothing to do with his actions which had been pressure cooking for years. 

Sheriff Dupnik may be experienced at administrating police departments, but he’s short on knowing anything about mental illness and dealing with crazies. Meanwhile, he tap danced his way from focusing on his own failure as a police leader so people would not ask why his department was not involved in protecting a congresswoman in the public arena — which was HIS JOB. Not stirring political rhetoric at a most inappropriate time.

Hey sheriff, maybe it’s your fault that the congresswoman was shot. Hmmm? Maybe not, but it makes far more sense than Sarah Palin, or even Mickey Mouse.

The left wing has a way of portraying themselves with angelic halos, pure and innocent, while it’s the right wing who are the evil ogres of the world. It’s getting old. It doesn’t work that way.

You want to see hate and vitriol? Generally, I try to avoid tit for tat, but this time I’ll post a link that speaks for itself. Some of the signs in the demonstrations here are verbally graphic, but that’s part of the shock effect. In them, you’ll see that the left wing has its own issues with serious — I mean serious — vitriol.

Maybe Sheriff Dupnik, CNN and the New York Times will comment on that?

The Face of Hate comes in all shapes, colors and political platforms:

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