This is about mind-manipulation and the network media.

Let’s see. A Democratic senator was critical of Gerald Ford for pardoning Nixon, which is what triggered Squeaky Fromm to shoot at the president. It was the senator’s fault.

In 1968, the Jews supported Israel, and Robert Kennedy supported the Jews. Therefore, it was the Jews fault that Sirhan Sirhan, an anti-Semite, shot Bobby Kennedy. Why didn’t the media run with that?

Then again, it was President Obama who spent part of his first year in office apologizing for America for not understanding or treating Muslims very well. Ergo, Nidal Hasan’s motive for killing thirteen people in Ft. Hood in 2009. It must have been Obama’s fault. Media, where are you?

By all indications, the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and the tragic deaths of six others in her midst, was the work of a mentally deranged, psychotic individual with delusions about everything from politics, to individual rights, to schools and criminal behavior. While evidence thus far suggests that his views were more aligned to the extreme left than right, there is nothing to indicate that he shot the congresswoman because of any subtle suggestion implanted by opposing politicians.

But that’s not how CNN or USA Today would have you think. Taking an offhand comment by one Sheriff in Arizona, who opined that the recent elections had engaged in too much “vitriol,” (they usually do) the cable network took that ball and ran with it. In translation, they would have us believe that Sarah Palin is the culprit. After all, during the campaigns of 2010, there was talk about the Tea Party having many congressional seats in their “cross hairs.”

But instead of focusing on the sad state of national mental health awareness and the absence of intervention and treatment in all fifty states, or the lack of security for elected officials, or the ease by which someone with mental problems could purchase a handgun, the network — in the likes of Wolf Blitzer and Candy Crowley — seized the moment by asking politically biased questions clearly intended to cast a shroud over Republicans, specifically naming Sarah Palin and her vitriolic “cross hairs.”

I’ve got news for the American people. Both parties exercise vitriol in targeting the other party seats during elections.

Kudos to Senator Lamar Alexander who, while being grilled by Crowley, had the cajones to fire back, letting her know that she was responsible for doing the very thing she was trying to condemn, by constantly bringing it up. Check this video starting at the four-minute mark: (scroll down)

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No, Palin was not overtly accused by media moderators. By simply posing such stupid questions, it implants the seed of inquiry and doubt into the minds of millions of viewers, and fuels the fire of those who are constantly on the ready-line to vilify Palin. The media knows that. It’s no accident. The sad part, is that many citizens get sucked in and actually believe it. They believe it, because they want to believe it.

That’s not reporting news. That’s creating news. It’s yellow journalism in disguise. Everyone and anyone who watches cable news networks — all of them — know that they have distinct political leanings, some right and some left. Turn to one station, and the Democrats are a blessing to the nation. Turn to another, the Republicans are a blessing. Then, each accuse the other of being biased.

The garbage that spewed forth in the wake of the Arizona tragedy should be a wake-up call to all Americans that they are tired of being manipulated, as though we, the people, are too stupid to evaluate facts on our own.

It’s all spin. Sarah Palin had no more to do with inspiring the Arizona whacko to shoot people, than President Obama did with inspiring Nidal Hasan to kill thirteen innocent people at Fort Hood. Both scenarios are absurd.

Mental illness is among the most neglected problems in this country today, one in which we rely too much on prisons to deal with instead of professionals. The Arizona tragedy also raises the issue of closet psychotics having access to the purchase of handguns. It appears that there were many red flags in the life of Jared Loughner, the shooter, that indicated he was a walking time bomb, but nothing was done.

There’s the news story. Not Sarah Palin.

Here’s more tilted diatribe for so-called political analysts:

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This is a bit more substantive information that delves into the warped mind of the shooter. Nowhere is it about Sarah Palin. Rather it’s about the Congresswoman not voting in lock step with Nancy Pelosi. Gee, maybe it was Congresswoman Gifford’s fault.

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More “vitriolic” garbage, which only distracts from the substantive issues:

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