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Americans should be paying close attention to the happenings in Egypt. Don’t think for one minute, this is not going to affect you and me, one way or another. Much like other riots we have known about, there are often other motivations behind insurgencies than what is reported to the press. By all accounts, the situation in Egypt is not some spontaneous uprising, and not just about jobs and economy. It’s about government takeover.

The greatest threat, is the Muslim Brotherhood, because they have the most to gain. And once they root into a major power, things will change around the world.

I’ve written often about the Brotherhood. They were formed in Egypt in 1928, following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, for the expressed purpose of engineering and carrying out the plan to establish Islam throughout the world, as a duty to Allah. The Brotherhood was responsible for the assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in 1981 for daring to enter into a treaty with Israel and the U.S. They are the mega-global Islamic organization that has been pulling the strings – the puppeteer if you will — for the advancement of international Jihad, violent and non-violent, particularly in the western hemisphere. They are the authors of the document “The Project” which spells out the twelve-point strategy for infiltration of America. (See link below) They were the defendants in the Holy Land Foundation trial where secret documents authored by the Brotherhood were introduced, part of which outlined their goals in America, to wit:

“The process of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’…The Ikhwan (Brothers) must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”


They are the financiers of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), they are the power and money behind the audacious Muslims Students of America (MSA) and the Muslims Of America (MOA) all of which have been subject to many investigations for funding terrorist groups and or causing insurgencies in the United States. The Brotherhood is a force to be reckoned with, in Europe and North America.

Mubarak is the dictator in Egypt, but that’s not a bad thing, because he and his government still honor the treaty with Israel and the U.S. If Mubarak should be removed, and the Muslim Brotherhood takes over power, we will have much to worry about, and so will Israel.

I communicated recently with a knowledgeable source who has worked as a reporter of mid-east affairs for many years, going back to before the Iranian revolution. This was the response I received, in part:

“The uprising is following the exact script of the Iranian Revolution and I feel I can tell you what is going to happen hour by hour, day by day. I’ve just seen it before and history repeats itself. Yemen is at risk as is Jordan, perhaps Algeria, too. Tunisia has set the level. We will not allow Saudi Arabia to be threatened as their safety is vital to our economy. In Iran in 1979, people went out on the streets and turned the army and the police against the Shah, in the name of freedom, liberty, peace and love. Khomenei and his religious thugs sat quietly back. The intellectuals, the western educated spouted what they had learned in their universities in US and the UK and everyone smiled benevolently. The Shah was kicked out, Khomenei stepped in, executed the liberals and intellectuals, instituted a regime of terror that made the Shah look like a pussy cat. The Muslim Brotherhood is staying quietly in the background in Egypt and, when the revolution is complete, they will step in, fill the jails and the hangmen’s nooses and take over.”

When the takeover is complete, Egyptians will be well served, and people will feel happy. All will seem better and wonderful, much like how much better Germans felt under Hitler, and the reports were about a new thriving economy and national pride. But there’s much more behind the scenes we all should be worried about, as my source explained.

Obama is between a rock and a hard place, daring not to appear for or against one side or the other, thus no hard stance either way. It appears that the official response of our government has been to warn Mubarak’s government to withhold using force, and in essence, comply with the demands of insurgents. It has been reported that the U.S. has threatened to withhold some of the $1.5 billion in foreign aid we send to that country, unless they abide by our demands. It would appear to me, that the demands favor the insurgents. And that will eventually favor the Muslim Brotherhood.

We cannot lose sight of their long reaching tentacles. This is not just about Egypt. It’s about the world.

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Forty-five radical Islamic enclaves are now operating with the borders of Canada and the United States. One of them has the audacity to call itself: Islamberg. Clear and simple, their intention is to destroy us. Nothing is being done about it.

In France, the growth of Radical Islam has spread to all four corners where enclaves have demanded, and basically received, the right to run their communities under Sharia Law. These are called “No-Go Zones” meaning, French police and government officials stay away unless invited, and let the enclaves govern themselves as they wish. Understand this: There are over seven hundred “No-Go Zones” in France. There were none thirty years ago. Imagine the next thirty years?

We have ‘No-Go Zones” as well, thirty-five in the U.S. and more in Canada. Here’s a report, check it out:

Click here: YouTube – Islamic terror camps in USA

The United States is in (you guessed it) their crosshairs. We are the great Satan. Radical Islamists in the mideast have been known to say, “First Saturday, then Sunday,” which means, First Israel, then America.

For those who like to wear rose-colored glasses and refuse to acknowledge the obvious, it’s time to check reality. Truth cannot be denied. Radical Islam is here and growing, and in greater force than most people can imagine. Unfortunately, the only aspect of Radical Islam that the mainstream media focuses on, are threats or acts of terror, as if that’s all that matters. They, and our government representatives, do us no service by suppressing information that poses a danger to us and to our grandchildren in future generations. And the government, including the justice department, does us no service by ignoring it.

In a nutshell, their single purpose — no, their “Duty” — is the eventual Islamization of the west, whether it be through stealth infiltration, deceit, propaganda, population birth rates, immigration, conversions and if needed, violence.

Please take a breath before you stammer… “Oh, it’s just a religion” or “You’re a Xenophone, Islamophobe” or “Right wing nut,” as some of my unaware friends so uneloquently have labeled me. I invite my critics to investigate, as I have investigated. Name-calling does not translate to knowledge and information. If anyone can refute me, I’m all ears. Try it.

Radical Islam is not just a religion. The Radical side of Islam is a clear ideology and form of government with its own set of laws (Sharia) that is not compatible with the U.S. Constitution. When strictly applied, the two cannot co-exist, for many reasons too numerous for a short article to explain.

What is the difference between “Radical” Islam and “Moderate” Islam? One word: Jihad. Those who actively engage in or support the overthrow of democracy in the west, by violence or any other means, are Jihadists engaged in a ” holy struggle.” Their numbers are HUGE, into the multi-millions, not just a few al Qaeda insurgents twelve thousand miles away.

Remember the name Sheik Mubarak Ali Gilani.  He is the founder of these camps known as Jamaat ul-Fuqra. He is the person journalist Danny Pearl was headed to meet when he was abducted and slaughtered by Islamic extremists. There are a myriad of investigative reports disclosing Gilani’s funding sources, where his charity funds are funneled, his training and information records, and so forth. The network is vast. Please check out this report by Jerry Gordon for the New English Review.

Click here: Jamaat ul-Fuqra > Jerry Gordon

Many of these enclaves are occupied and run by former inmates of prisons in the U.S. which is part of the original plan. Four years ago, I researched and wrote in my book “Militant Islam In America,” how 40,000 to 60,000 inmates a year, mostly African American, are targeted for recruitment and conversion within prison walls. Saudi Arabia has been funding the dispatch of Korans by the thousands into prisons. It’s all paying off.

Young blacks, who already feel disenfranchised by the system, are prime for conversion, especially when they know they will be protected from other gangs. At first it’s a security blanket, then the indoctrination begins.

Meanwhile, we all sit by. People like me are called names. Government and media are skiddish over being names, so they turn a blind eye.

The only things we can do, is become better informed. Knowledge is power, and it is our duty to protect what is already here, our democracy, our way of life and our grandchildren’s children. Otherwise, we’re just a bunch of ignorant fools and the Jihadists would have been right all along.

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I Love You Phillip Morris” =  0

This article contains some graphic language and descriptions concerning sex scenes in a movie starring Jim Carrey. If that offends you, do not read on.

I wish it were not necessary to include that warning, but I cannot make my point without describing — to some extent — the graphic nature of these scenes.

I am a lover of physical comedy, ever since Abbott and Costello, Jerry Lewis and Johnny Carson. Jim Carrey is just as talented, ranking with the best of them. Especially in Liar Liar and the Ace Ventura series. I think his career had hit bottom.

I Love You Phillip Morris is a movie about a married man who discovers he is gay, then goes about a life of con games, stealing/embezzling and ending up in prison where he meets his lover. From there, Carrey’s character struggles with criminal behavior and the pursuit of his man friend. While allegedly a true story, that’s all there is.

It’s a B movie, and without the garbage scenes, would not score better than a 3 out of 10. Instead, it’s a Zero. The directors, writers, actors sunk the picture into the pits of salacious obscenity with dialogue and scenes that added nothing to the story, and entices the audience to throw up.

This has nothing to do with being offended by gay or straight sex. It has nothing to do with being open minded. When a scene opens with pounding sex while the camera pans up to a naked Jim Carrey pile-driving into the rear end of a man…while than man is screaming “Come in my ass!” You have to wonder, why a rich, talented comic would stoop to that level to entertain.

In another scene, Carrey is the recipient of fellatio by his man friend on a boat. When the “performer” is finished, he spits over the side of the boat. Ugh!

Delicious movie, indeed.

There’s more, but you get the point.

That’s not entertainment. It’s not art. That’s porn, that’s junk, that’s pure crap.

Hollywood should be ashamed. Carrey should be ashamed. The movie industry is known for it’s wide-open-minded tolerance and support of depicting gays in the mainstream.  But now they are pushing the envelope…they’ve gone too far. Way too far.

What’s really disappointing is the array of professional reviews, none of which express any outrage, or even dare to besmirch. Rather, the graphic sex seems to be ho-hum, taken in stride, part of the modern mentality. It actually received some good reviews, including from Roger Ebert.

It must be me.

Meanwhile, you’re not going to want your teenage son or daughter seeing that movie, that’s for sure.



Staunch supporters of Barack Obama will no-doubt be rolling their eyes, but it would serve them well to give some clear-minded attention to the growing questions being raised about the legitimacy of this presidency. This goes far beyond a Democrat/Republican adversarial situation. It is something that can devastate the democratic party, and the end result will be a one-party rule for some time. And the democrats will have no one to blame but themselves.

Why? Because the staunch supporters of Barack Obama have not paid attention to reality. Instead, they have turned a blind eye to the obvious, that he has never proved himself legally qualified to hold the office of president, as John McCain was required to do.

I’ve steered clear of the issue for the last several months because it’s become an old story, though a significant one. But, now comes the newly elected democratic governor of Hawaii who, in December, vowed to proved Mr. Obama’s legitimacy to the world, and that “birthers” are a group of wacky conspiracy theorists.

Click here: Obama’s Birth certificate: Hawaii Governor Abercrombie’s Birther mission

But, alas, the governor may have to eat his words. In a recent interview, Governor Abercrombie admits that, thus far, he has not been able to find an original, hard copy birth certificate in file which, he admits, could present very difficult times for Obama in the next presidential election.

Click here: Hawaii governor can’t find Obama birth certificate

Surprise, surprise.

No one should be shocked, because the reports have been out there for three years for people to learn from, i.e., those who are willing to learn. Yet, the name-callers (Whacko! Extremist! Birther!) never stop to wonder why the president would have been spending over two million dollars in legal fees to fight off law suits that demand nothing else, but to produce a legitimate birth certificate from Hawaii’s records?

Why spend two million dollars to prevent people from discovering of a fact about the president? He would only do that if there is something to hide. Even if it’s an empty file folder.

Here’s the obvious answer. Because, it doesn’t exist, and it is politically terminal to this man’s presidency.

Mr. Tim Adams was an elections clerk in the city of Honolulu with access to public records, and a Democratic supporter of Hillary Clinton. Now a university professor, Mr. Adams revealed in June of 2010, that “there is no birth certificate. It’s like an open secret. Everyone in the government there knows this.”

Click here: Election official: I’d testify Obama not born in Hawaii

The so-called Certification of Live Birth, that has been proffered on the Internet as proof of Obama’s Hawaiian origins has lost its steam over the last two years, because it’s an obvious fraud and his supporters refuse to own up to it. Anyone who has ever seen a legitimate birth certificate from Hawaii, especially in the era of 1961, will know the difference. I’m one of those. My two grandkids were born in Hawaii. The forms are totally different, with the phoney document devoid of basic information, like the doctor in attendance and home address. It even lists the father’s race as “African” which is not a listed race in the census system.

Plenty of Africans are white and Arab/Semitic.

All of the above, portend disaster for the Obama presidency, and a crisis for this country. If the Democratic power structure was smart, they would convince the president to resign, install Joe Biden as president, and then appoint Hillary as the VP. Only she would stand a chance at winning for the Democrats in 2012.

If the Democratic party is not smart and stonewall this issue, it will come back to haunt them.

Why is this so important, you ask? What’s the big deal if he was not born in America?

1) It clearly violates the constitution that the president swore to uphold.

2) It will expose Obama and his entire camp as a cadre of frauds.

All this may explain why Mr. Obama has thus far refused to release any of his records from any of the three colleges and universities he attended. After all, the registrations will most definitely contain personal data, including passport information, student loan information, and …yes, birth certificate information. But we, the American people, have been stonewalled.

And, you don’t wonder, why?

Democrats: You can overcome this. You can see the edge of the cliff coming. What are you going to do about it?

Click here: Obama: Where have all his records gone?




As the dust settles in Arizona, it becomes clearer how and why Sarah Palin became the vicarious scapegoat from the actions of a crazed mass murderer. It’s almost laughable, if it weren’t so sad.

While the victims were still bleeding in the hospital, a Lima County Arizona Sheriff, Clarence Dupnik, made a passionate statement on national television suggesting that campaign vitriol played a role in the suspect’s motives, i.e. Sarah Palin’s infamous cross hairs. Bear in mind, the sheriff is supposed to be a law enforcement official who job it is to act upon facts, once all the facts are known. But in this case, the sheriff took it upon himself to stir the political pot making public his assumptions that Jared Loughlin was somehow inspired by Palin’s ads, therefore, it’s her fault.

And to their shame, the national media took that incompetent blurb and exploded it into national firestorm. Based on Nothing! Zero.

In truth, Sheriff Dupnik is a politician, elected into office on the coattails of political favors, like all politicians, on which he owes favors to them, and they to him. That’s the nature of the beast. In this scenario, Sheriff Dupnik has shown that he knows nothing about investigating a murder, because you do not make public statements of that nature until you have facts to back them up. He should be fired. So should the media moguls who went on a feeding frenzy, skewing assumptions into facts to mind the minds of all Americans.

Meanwhile, during all the hoopla, the media disregarded the most important issues in this case, which are:

* Should senators and congresspersons be afforded security in the public forum?

* Why didn’t the Sheriff’s Department, or any police agency, have officers present at this political event?

* How can we prevent psychopaths who don’t have “official” records, from owning firearms?

* How can we improve our system of treating, identifying and isolating psychopaths that are dangerous to themselves or to others?

Are these the issues at the forefront? No. It’s about Sarah Palin.

Gotta giver her credit, her popularity and clout must be scaring the crap out of democrats. Sarah Palin had as much to do with this tragedy as I had with killing Kennedy.

Within the first two or three hours of hearing about the shooting, Paul Krugman of the New York Times was blogging about the terrible way Republican politicians inflamed the public with rhetoric, all of which had nothing — Zero — to do with the crazy shooter. Krugman, couldn’t wait to seize the moment to take an opportunity to somehow connect Sarah Palin to the nutball’s motives. That’s journalism? That trumps credibility for the New York Times, for even employing such a biased and incompetent writer.

Whatever happened to, “Let’s not jump to conclusions?” Sound familiar?

It’s not so complicated. Jared Loughner is a psychopath that has been living inside his own lunatic cocoon for several years, which many of his classmates and teachers have attested to. Those who do not know about schizophrenia and severe mental illness should do a little homework before shooting off their mouths, because its another world these people live in, a world which you and I, the normals, cannot relate to. If we must find a goat to blame, perhaps we should be asking why his parents — who must have known he is seriously imbalanced — didn’t seek psychiatric help for their son, or yet, have him institutionalized. For now, that’s speculation.

There is not one shred of information to suggest that Loughner ever even saw the “Crosshair” ads at all. I didn’t, and I don’t live under a rock. And if he did see them, they had nothing to do with his actions which had been pressure cooking for years. 

Sheriff Dupnik may be experienced at administrating police departments, but he’s short on knowing anything about mental illness and dealing with crazies. Meanwhile, he tap danced his way from focusing on his own failure as a police leader so people would not ask why his department was not involved in protecting a congresswoman in the public arena — which was HIS JOB. Not stirring political rhetoric at a most inappropriate time.

Hey sheriff, maybe it’s your fault that the congresswoman was shot. Hmmm? Maybe not, but it makes far more sense than Sarah Palin, or even Mickey Mouse.

The left wing has a way of portraying themselves with angelic halos, pure and innocent, while it’s the right wing who are the evil ogres of the world. It’s getting old. It doesn’t work that way.

You want to see hate and vitriol? Generally, I try to avoid tit for tat, but this time I’ll post a link that speaks for itself. Some of the signs in the demonstrations here are verbally graphic, but that’s part of the shock effect. In them, you’ll see that the left wing has its own issues with serious — I mean serious — vitriol.

Maybe Sheriff Dupnik, CNN and the New York Times will comment on that?

The Face of Hate comes in all shapes, colors and political platforms:

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