Christmas is in the eyes of the beholder.

It means different things to different people, but all those things stem from one common denominator: Love.

To much of the world, Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of a child who Christians believe to be the son of God. Without that fundamental reality, there would never have been any such thing as Christmas.

To another great part of the world, even among people who do not call themselves Christians, Christmas means a national holiday when family and friends can come together at least one time of the year and look each other in the eyes and say “I love you.”

It is a time for children of all races, faiths and nationalities to anticipate fun, attention, toys, and to witness the family experience at its height. It’s also a time for mythical characters, like Santa and Rudolf.

It is a time of giving, whether it be gifts, food or expressions of love and appreciation.

It is a time of good music and jolly spirits.

It is a great time for retailers to boost the economy and reap the rewards of good business.

It is a time of sparkling lights and spectacular decorations

It is a time to knock off the hate and bring in the love.

I am not a Christian, but I enjoy the Christmas experience, and the love it fosters across the globe.

The utterance “Merry Christmas” has waned in recent years in favor of politically correct terms such as Happy Holidays. This is so we don’t “offend” anyone of another faith. Is that not ridiculous.

So, it’s time for other faiths to get over it. Christmas is a good thing, not a bad thing. And the phrase brings much joy and gladness to the hearts of millions. It doesn’t matter if you translate Christmas to a religious experience, love experience or a shopping experience, it’s here to stay.

To all my friends and readers, I want to say thanks for all your indulgence and your  fabulous insights via the thousands of comments posted on these pages during the last three years.  Sometimes we agree to disagree, but that’s the beauty of free thinking and eclectic minds. Please, keep them coming.

Free speech will one day vanish if we stop exercising it.

And…a Merry Christmas to everyone — whether you like it or not.

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