“TEMPLE GRANDIN” – Movie review

Though a diehard movie fan, I had never heard of actress, Claire Danes. She’s been in a number of films since the late 1990s, mostly made for TV., but also in regular cinema, such as Steve Martin’s “Shopgirl” in 2005.

Now that I’ve been privileged to witness her acting acuity — on a par with the greatest — I won’t miss any more of her pictures.

In 2010, she won a well-deserved Emmy for her leading role in “Temple Grandin.” a made for TV movie about the life of a young woman born with autism, who conquered the affliction and went on to become one of the foremost scientists and writers who eventually spearheaded major improvements in the handling of livestock.

If you think Dustin Hoffman was superb as an autistic in “Rain Man,” this performance surpasses. It is one of those roles where the actor totally becomes the character.

It’s available as a rental, on Netflix, and other medium where you can enjoy good movies at home. If you want to see great acting, and the topic of overcoming a genetic affliction, don’t miss “Temple Grandin.”

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