I am an American citizen. Showing my identification is routine. I show my I.D. when:

* Asked by any police officer

* Asking for credit or a loan

* Boarding an airplane or train

* Applying for college

* Applying for a passport, driver’s license or any other license.

The list goes on.

But wait. There are those who say that asking for I.D. if someone might be in the country ILLEGALLY, is tantamount to racial profiling. The ACLU and the current presidential administration is so adamant about preventing law enforcement from asking people for I.D., that they’ve sued our own sovereign state of Arizona for passing an anti-ILLEGAL immigration law. Not only that, they’ve solicited support from — you guessed it — other countries from South America and from the UN. In other words, President Obama lobbied for support outside the country against one of our own sovereign states, for passing a domestic law that gives police officers a right to ask about immigration status IF that person has been legally detained for another lawful reason. AGAINST OUR OWN STATE!

What a guy, that Barack Obama. Aren’t you just proud to call this man our president?

Meanwhile, his legal lackey, Eric Holder, happily dismissed charges against OBVIOUS voter intimidation violators in the 2008 election, without reason. His staff was so incensed, that one of the top prosecutors in the Justice Department resigned in protest. This is the same Attorney General, (lackey for the president) who chose to bring international war criminals, i.e. terrorists, into a New York State civilian courtroom instead of a military tribunal. In the most recent trial against Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani, so much evidence was thrown out that the prosecution lost 284 out of 285 counts of criminal behavior against him.

So, what’s going on folks? Can you imagine a Dwight Eisenhower, or a JFK, or a Ronald Reagan seeking legal support from other countries against one of our states? It is beyond mind-boggling.

Past presidents, like Herbert Hoover, Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower enacted presidential decrees ordering sweeps of illegals for deportation, so that Americans could have jobs following the great depression and the end of wars when soldiers were coming home. Not this president. File suit against Arizona, that’s his response. Whine to the UN, that’s his response. Suck up to third world countries, like Bolivia, Venezuela and Mexico, to fight Arizona.

Is he president of the world? Or, of this country?

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I always did have doubts about his loyalty as an American. He never sways me.

During the Bush administration and now Obama’s, the pat answer to all of America’s woes concerning the multi-violated border, has been the so-called need for “Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” which — translated — is nothing more than a path for amnesty.

Meanwhile, immigrants who have followed the law and earned their citizenship are aghast to see that breaking immigrations laws might have had its rewards after all.

They are not all “undocumented workers.” No one knows what percentage of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in America are actually here to work, or what percentage are here to steal, join gangs, traffic drugs or even engage in terrorist activities. But one thing we do know, is that the federal government has shamefully failed to secure the borders and to effectively enforce laws against illegal crossings. The government is more interested in the rights of illegal immigrants, than the rights of law-abiding, tax-paying Americans. How pathetic can it get?

It’s a cop’s job to ask questions. The law proposed by Florida Senator Mike Bennett simply gives authority for cops to ask about legal status when a suspect has violated a law. Opponents have no logical argument against, other than the same worn-out cliches about “racial profiling.”

Police officers of 2011 walk on eggshells to avoid the mere appearance of profiling, to the detriment of public safety. The term has been used and abused by politicians as a scare tactic to propel their amnesty agenda. Unfortunately, too many people fall for it.

Every poll, both state wide and national, shows that the American people are overwhelmingly in favor of the Arizona anti-ILLEGAL immigration law. Maybe someone should inform our president?

There are those who see illegal immigrants as poor, helpless, job-seekers who would love to be Americans. That may be true for some, but not all. Check this out:

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It all boils down to politics. If you think Barack Obama has pangs in his heart for the poor ILLEGAL immigrants, think again. He knows full well that the cops are not “profiling.” He’s a politician first, and a humanitarian second. Twelve million former illegals, would make twelve million new democrats. That’s an irreversible voting block. He would be the hero of the amnesty illegals, thus securing democratic administrations for time ad infinitum.

That’s the reality, folks.