When it comes to national security and fiscal matters, I consider myself a conservative. But I have serious reservations about adorning any praise upon our last president. Those who think G.W. Bush was a staunch conservative, think again.

Here are five ways in which Mr. Bush screwed America:

1) The Economy.

Between 2001 and 2007, the president had every opportunity to reign in the spending and to control earmarks. Rather, when he won office by an electoral college, and not a majority of voters, he and his staff went on a hog-wild spending party. It became a Republican orgy in which the organisms thought no one was looking. For the first six years, Bush never vetoed one bill, no matter how many billions was attached in pork. That, and the Iraq war, is what led to a Democratic congress starting in 2007. By then, his credibility was gone and a Democratic president was Fait Accompli.

2) The Saudis

The day after 9/11, when all airports were closed to incoming and outgoing travel, the Bush administration arranged for 142 Saudi nationals in the U.S., to be secretly flown out of this country and back to the mid-east. That, at a time when covert intelligence was at a premium and the trail of Saudi money attached to 9/11 was reeking to high heaven, and some of the terrorists were Saudis themselves.

After the 9/11 commission published their report, twenty-eight pages were blacked-out by the administration as “classified” for national security. Those pages were read by Senator Bob Graham and Richard Shelby, who stated they should never have been redacted. Evidence later revealed that those pages reflected a money trail from the Saudis to the terror attack.

The Bushes have been financially glued to the Saudis since the 1980s when a Saudi prince bailed Bush out of a $25 million debt. And, the Saudis have been pouring billions of investments into the Carlyle group, which has as its top dogs, former President, G.H.W. Bush and former Secretary of State, James Baker. People who read the book, House Of Bush, House of Saud, by Craig Unger, would be shocked to learn about the sea of Saudi mud the Bush administration had been immersed in. And, if anyone does their homework, they will easily see that the Saudis are the financiers behind the stealth invasion of America by radical Islam

3) The Iraq war.

In the wake of 9/11, Bush had the American people and congress believing that an invasion of Iraq was a necessary part of the war on terror. Though we have assembled many heros — dead and alive — among our valiant military service men and women, the war was no more necessary than Viet Nam. Considering other issues, including the quest for controlling oil, and Dick Cheney’s Halliburton, Inc., which gleaned billions in service contracts along with Blackwater and other contractors, the motive leaves too many doubts from which to assign Bush credibility.

Sure, Saddam was an evil despot, so was Idi Amin, Mao Tse Tung and Robert Mugabe, but we did not invade nations who did not invade us, nor did they present a clear and present danger to our national security. Thus, the suffering of millions of Iraqis and tens of thousands of Americans and allies, was for naught. That, plus $800 billion in taxpayer costs, not to mention the costs of health and rehabilitation for those wounded and suffering PTSD. But, the military industrial complex made out, like Eisenhower warned.

Was it worth the investment?

4) Illegal immigration.

I did a study not too far back and discovered that during the Clinton administration, thousands of employers were prosecuted by the department of Justice for knowingly hiring illegals.

During the first six years of the Bush administration, it was hands off. Only three prosecutions took place of employers that hired illegals.

What does that signal?

It signals: Come on over boys, it’s wide open.

Despite his “conservative” agenda, Mr. Bush struggled hard to pass a “comprehensive immigration policy” which amounted to amnesty for 12 million law breakers who were already here illegally. Thus, the problem simply worsened. The rest is history. Drug wars, billions in costs of social services, education and health care, terrorist invasions, murder, rape, and trafficking beyond control. And, the border is still not secure.

It’s all about back-room politics. When big bucks are gleaned from labor-intensive industries like agriculture, construction and hotel/motel service, politicans pay back those favors, and to hell with the American taxpayer. Who says bribery doesn’t work?

5) Barack Obama

Because of items #1 through #4 (above), the American voters — particularly the independent fence-riders — elected Barack Obama. Thank Mr. Bush for that.

The message: The American people may be slow, but they are not stupid. They see through deception (eventually) just like they are seeing through deception today— again. Ergo, the huge swing in the November election. If Republicans want to have a chance to regain the executive branch in 2012, they must shed the Bush administration stench, and that goes for Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, or anyone else who was in major policy making roles during that time. People do not trust them. And for good reason. Fox should keep them off the airwaves.

Bring in the new, out with the old.