“Your wives are a tilth (tilled soil) for you, so go into your tilth when you like and do good beforehand for yourselves and be careful (of your duty) to Allah and know that you will meet Him , and give good news to the believers.”

Surah  2:223

I cannot emphasize enough, that the segment of the population who will suffer most if America ever becomes an Islamic state, are the women. For that reason alone, women and women’s organizations should be paying close attention to the trends that are taking place in Europe and the U.S., and learn all they can about women in Islam, no matter if the source is “radical” or “moderate.”

In many Islamic countries, women are nothing more than slaves and property. Their purpose for existence is to serve men, keep the home and bear children. The slightest infractions, including an minor act of disobedience, can result is violence which is justified in the Koran, and encouraged and taught by Islamic leaders around the world. Here’s a few examples:

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We’ve all heard of “honor killings,” some of which have occurred in the U.S. Ever notice that the victims of honor killings are almost exclusively female? Statistics are difficult to come by on an international level, but it’s safe to say that the current spotlight on Islam has caused strict Islamists to back away from the obvious, because it makes Islam look bad to the rest of the world. So, when you hear about young Islamic women who have committed suicide, think twice. All is not necessarily as it seems. One way to dodge the “killing” aspect of such horrors, is to force suicide. Lock a girl in a room indefinitely, with no way to escape, with no food and only a rope, a gun and a box of rat poison to keep her company. That will skew the honor killing stats.

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Most folks will say that this is happening in other countries, not the U.S. But that’s wrong. And it’s not an act that’s limited to “radical” Muslims. Honor killings have been perpetrated by father’s and brothers against their daughters and sisters, who were otherwise considered “moderate,” all in the name of their religion. The most dramatic example is the “moderate” pillar of the community who owned a television station in Buffalo, NY, and was dedicated to improving the image of Islam in his community. His wife wanted a divorce, so he beheaded her.

Click here: Bridges TV, a Wife’s Beheading, and Honor Murder :: Daniel Pipes

The trend is undeniable. In 1990, this kind of mentality in radical countries was barely known about and virtually non-existent in the U.S. Now that it is getting a foothold, Islam and Muslims are a common entity, written or spoken about constantly in the media and the Internet. In only twenty years, we now hear of Islam as a powerful force in America almost daily. Average Americans never heard of “Sharia” in 1990? Today, it’s almost a household word. What will the next twenty — or fifty years — bring as the demographics change dramatically?

Inch by inch.

There are millions of Muslim women, including American converts, who are being exploited as a device to further the cause of Islamic expansionism. Muslim men will often lie to their women — glorifying Islam — in order to fulfill their duty. A great example was the female reporter, Laura Mansfield, who infiltrated a women’s event in a southern Mosque that was intended to teach about the goodness of Islam, and perhaps, secure converts and future wives.

She arrived early to the mosque and asked if she could wait in the front until the other women arrived. The Imam granted her wish. What they didn’t know, is that Ms. Mansfield was fluent in Arabic. She overheard the men converse among themselves in a most hateful manner toward America, praising Jihad. Later, when the American women arrived, the tone completely changed 180 degrees, claiming that Islam was very similar to Christianity and that the perceptions of Islam were all wrong.

This is a war of deception, have no doubts. Read her article:

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All of which brings me to Nonie Darwish. This is an Egyptian-born woman whose father was killed in 1956 by the Israeli Defense Force, after being sent to fight in Gaza by Nasser. Ms. Darwish has since become an author, a Christian convert and an outspoken voice trying to bring awareness about the threat of Islam toward women, here and abroad. The following article spells out in concise terms, what our granddaughters great-granddaughters will be facing as a lifestyle, should Sharia take firm hold in the United States. And, as the population grows to over fifty percent Islamic, with an Islamic dominated government, Sharia will creep into the Constitution and eventually be replaced by the Koran. That — is the stated goal of the Muslim Brotherhood, the largest and most powerful extremist organization in the world. Please, (especially women) read her article:

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What to do about all this?

Women should be rising up, to protect their future granddaughters. Women’s groups must put aside partisan politics and think about the big picture down the proverbial road. Where is NOW and the League of Women Voters, and the AAUW, and the scores of other women’s organizations that have so much clout? Where is the voice of women’s future?

Nonie Darwish, on video:

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