Most pundits attribute the historic Republican sweep of November 2nd to the failing economy and associated issues, i.e., housing, spending, stimulus and unemployment rates. All true, no doubt. But, as Paul Harvey would have said, there’s the “rest of the story.”

Dissatisfaction among the American populace, especially within the growing Independent ranks, goes far deeper than the economy. This election was, without question, a clear referendum on the Obama administration. Those who hung on to his coattails are reaping the effect.

While analysts always cite statistical numbers to make sense out of the national turnaround in only two years, they fail to note other factors that filter into the decisions of voters. Besides economy, subliminal messages have been forthcoming from the current White House that have iced the feelings of Americans all around the nation. These are messages that cannot be quantified, but have an equal impact on American perceptions. Such as:

* Starting a presidential term by apologizing to the world for the actions and motives of our own country. That did not set well with millions.

* Suing a sovereign state for passing a law to curb crime on the Arizona border, then pandering to other countries to seek support against our own.

* Failing to see the trend of America, where more than twenty states are considering similar laws to that of Arizona.

* Failing to secure the Mexican border, i.e. secure America on our own turf.

* Authorizing trials of terrorists to be held in civilian courts, affording 9/11 defendants rights as if they were Americans.

* Hiring devout Muslims to work within the bowels of the Department of Homeland Security.

* Playing an open hand in the Afghan war by letting the enemy know when the U.S. will be pulling out.

* The use of unscrupulous tactics to sway democratic holdouts to push through a flawed health care bill.

* Dropping charges against the New Black Panther group that overtly intimidated voters at the 2008 election.

* Using a cadre of White House czars — unvetted and unscreened by congress — to help run the government sidestepping the authority of department heads.

* White House czars have been appointed from the ranks of anti-American fanatics, including Van Jones, noted communist.

* Refusing to openly acknowledge that radical Islam is the source for ninety-nine percent of international terror.

There’s plenty more, but the list is too long for one article.

Scores of Democratic candidates distanced themselves from the president whose approval ratings have plunged from 63 percent in 2008 to 46 percent today, according to the latest polls. Such was the strategy of Democrat Joe Manchin who won the West Virginia senate seat. In Florida, Rick Scott’s ads hammered Democrat Alex Sink for her prior support of Obama’s policies, and it paid off.

Hard core Republicans and Democrats rarely waver. However, in 2008, Barack Obama was voted into office on the swing votes of Independents, all disenchanted with the last four years of the Bush administration. After two years in office, those voters have swung the other way. According to exit polls, Independent voters supported Democrats 51percent compared to 43 percent for Republicans in 2008. But in 2010, the Democrats garnered only 39 percent of the independent vote compared to 55 percent for the GOP. I have personally been told by many people, that they are sorry they voted for Obama in 2008.

Consider, also, the shift among women. In 2008, women voted Democrat over Republicans 56 percent to 42 percent. In 2010, the vote went even.

In general, Independents vote issues and individuals, not party-lines. And they make up approximately one-fourth of the electorate nationwide, and almost 20 percent in the State of Florida. The election outcome in Florida, and around the country, were the result of proxy votes against Obama and any politicians who would make compromises to support his agenda. Some decent Democrats have likely suffered defeat for that very reason.

If trends continue, more Democrats in 2012 will be going over the cliff with the current president. Mr. Obama’s ability to stir the masses with charm and oratory has dwindled. America now has actions to judge, not just words.