Here’s a solution to the complicated and very expensive system of groping and invading citizens who board American air carriers.


Leave it up to the U.S. Government to make anything that can be simple and less expensive, into something that is beyond reality while costing billions unnecessarily.

Rather than reinventing the proverbial wheel, we could be following the model of the safest airline system in the world, despite the fact it is the most hated country in the mid-east. Israel makes no apologies. They do not grope or X-ray every man, woman and child. They follow a few simple rules:

1) Trained agents ask every passenger a short series of questions — four or five — to determine origin, nationality, and other factors, then observe the physical manner and characteristics. Unspoken, but in truth, Muslims and/or Arabs will get a second look before non-Muslims. If there is any doubts about a passenger, they X-ray or search further.

2) An armed Air Marshal is aboard every flight. Every terrorist knows this in advance.

End of story.

El Al is the world’s safest airline.

This short video explains it very well:

Click here: Video – How Israel Screens for Terrorists –

The fact of the matter, is that the TSA scans in use today and the groping searches would likely not have discovered the box cutters, used by the 9/11 terrorists, nor the crude bomb materials in the underwear of the Nigerian who intended on detonating his device en route to Detroit. All of this is for political correctness, to give the passengers a show, allegedly to make them feel safe enough to board aircrafts. There are better and more efficient ways to do it.

I don’t have the full count of airline terror attacks at hand, but I would ask anyone to tell me of any terror incident that has occurred on an aircraft in the last twenty years, that was NOT perpetrated by a Muslim. Please…tell me. Not the Lockerbie Pan Am flight of 1988, not the 9/11 terrorists, not the shoe bomber or the underwear bomber, or any other airline bomber.

Add to that the train station bombings of London and Madrid, plus the cruise ship Achille Lauro in 1985, plus all the terror hijackings of cruise ships and cargo ships by Somali Muslims over the last twenty years.

I wish it were not true. But it is.

In law enforcement investigations, we must follow leads and trends. When a series of children were being killed in Altanta in 1981, the cops had a witness description that the perpetrator was a black man. The cops didn’t waste their time checking out Asian and Caucasians just to be politically correct. Nor did they check out women. They focused on young adult black males. That was the profile of the killer.

I could cite numerous other examples. The fact remains, the descriptions of virtually all airline terrorists, and most terrorists around the world, are young Muslims, usually male. Sure, they are the radicals, but who can tell a radical from a non-radical? The terrorist bombings in London were perpetrated by doctors. Ft. Hood’s murderous rampage was waged by a psychiatrist. But they all had one common denominator: The Stamp of Islam.

So why are grey-haired pastors from Iowa being groped and X-rayed? Why nuns, and children? Why Asian grandmothers and grandfathers, and any other folks who are obviously not terrorists?

Because the government is more afraid of offending one or two percent of the nation’s population, than the other 98 or 99 percent. It’s okay to offend you and me, and our moms and dads, and our kids, and all of us who are hard-working Americans who have raised families, served out country and paid taxes all our lives. But, God-forbid we offend a Muslim.

For those of you who will caution me not to broad brush all Muslims as possible terrorists, you are right. We should not, because the greatest majority of Muslims are not terrorists. But you, nor I, will ever know how much money is being funneled to Hamas, Hezbollah or al Qaeda by seemingly “peaceful” Muslims who own businesses or otherwise earn large incomes. The threat is not by the terrorists alone. Those who aid and abet, are not coming out of the closet.

So, friends, it’s a matter of common sense and logic. Don’t expect any of that from the United States government.

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