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As predicted, trying international terrorists as common criminals in American courtrooms is a recipe for success — for the terrorists. Ahmed Ghailani, one of the men responsible for bombing an American embassy in 1998 killing 225 people, was found NOT GUILTY yesterday on 284 of the 285 charges against him. Fortunately, one charge stuck for which he can get twenty years, so he won’t be freed anytime soon.

Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas — and their millions of supporters around the world — must have sore hands from all the high fives. Congratulations to the defense of terror.

Thanks to Eric Holder and his boss, the president, we have been sent an omen for what’s to come when Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his 9/11 henchmen killers are paraded into the same courtroom environment, with all their confessions certain to be thrown out while facing a civilian jury of their “peers.” Then and now, the Attorney General had a choice of using a Military Tribunal. But he chose the avenue of greater value to the enemy.

Just as stated in previous blogs: What side are they on?


Don’t forget:

* Before his appointment as Attorney General, Holder worked for a law firm that represented seventeen of the Gitmo detainees (pro bono). But, who’s asking?

* Since becoming Attorney General, Holder hired five attorneys from that firm who had directly represented Gitmo detainees in the past. But, who’s asking?

* Holder is the same Attorney General who dropped all charges of voter intimidation against the New Black Panthers from the 2008 elections, when they were caught ON CAMERA breaking the law.

Where’s the outrage, Senators and Congressmen?

Where’s the outrage, news media?

Where’s the outrage, America?

2012 can’t come soon enough.

Excellent editorial in the New York Post, as follows:

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Mysterious, indeed.

If an airplane with 250 passengers aboard had been stranded somewhere in the world as a result of an unexplained, on-board fire, the news media would have been on the Department of Homeland Security, as well as local police, like buzzards on rotting carcass.

Yet, the Carnival Cruise ship, Splendor, with almost 4500 people aboard was stranded in the pacific off Northern Baja on November 9th as a result of an “engine-room fire,” then towed to port after two days of passenger misery where two people were taken off ship in handcuffs. It received a little more play than an L.A. traffic jam. The lion’s share of news reports were all about the inconveniences of passengers and the miserable conditions they had to endure for those three days. Not a word about what caused the fire, if there truly was an explosion, who was arrested and removed in handcuffs and why. It’s as though a gag order is in effect, and we — the public — are not supposed to know any more than what we’re being fed.

I hope I’m wrong. But my senses tell me there’s a whole lot more to the story we’re not supposed to know. If the black-out it occurred following an electrical fire, it’s unlikely that the fire would have traversed every generating system in the ship, at least four. The only way that would happen, logically, is the result of an explosion. And if there was an explosion, what caused it?

Little has been reported about Idaho Senator, James Hammond’s recollections of the incident. Senator Hammond was on board with his wife, and said there was an “explosion, a bang, so we stepped outside. We could see smoke coming from the back of the boat.” While the media poses questions to passengers about the terrible food, lack of air conditioning and other conditions, we hear little about the “explosion” and less from investigative authorities about the root of the problem.

Naturally, we should not draw conclusions based on such sketchy information, but why does it need to be sketchy to begin with? That makes it all the more suspicious.

One successful cruise ship terrorist act could conceivably kill more people in one swoop that the four hijackers did on 9/11. Not only would thousands die, it would be catastrophic to the cruise ship industry. Let’s hope that wasn’t the case.

Ironically, the night before the cruise ship fire, in that same Pacific Ocean 35 miles off the coast of California, an unexplained plume skyrocketed into space from nowhere, leaving everyone, including the Pentagon, at a loss for explanations.

I’ve delved into the usual research engines and found no more than I’m writing in this article. If anyone else can enlighten us, feel free.

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I propose that the U.S. Congress and all state legislatures pass new laws that establish minimum standards for holding elective office that mirror the same standards required of the most sensitive and trusted government workers under their control. Certainly, a general must pass the same codes of military acceptance that a private must follow. Then why not a senator or congressman, or even a president, to undergo the same scrutiny as — for example — a police officer?

It’s a matter of eliminating double standards.

We hold cops to the test because they are hired into one of the nation’s most powerful jobs, where they can affect the lives of American citizens simply by good or bad decisions. But we don’t hold elected officials to the same test. And as a result, we are often left with garbage and corruption in positions that affect the lives of Americans in every state in the nation.

And…we accept that.

Police personnel throughout the nation undergo rigorous screening procedures before being hired. They must produce accurate documentation of their history, including original birth certificates, certified school records, medical records and employment records, plus submit to background checks for signs of illegal or immoral past behavior, to and including the taking of a polygraph.

They are the law enforcers — almost one million nationwide — who are required to pass batteries of tests. Then, after being hired, they are placed on strict probation for a year, and for the rest of their tenure they must tow the proverbial line, lest they be denied the badge.

But what of the law makers, i.e., politicians? That’s a different story.

Representatives in the United States Congress, past and present, have been convicted for drunk driving, spouse abuse and other offenses, yet they can still held office. That could not happen with cops.

The integrity exemption for politicians goes even deeper. No better example than William Jefferson, former congressman from Louisiana, who was caught by the feds in 2006 with $90,000 in cash hidden in his freezer. Later, while under indictment on sixteen federal corruption charges, he was allowed to run for re-election in 2007, and nearly won. His voters didn’t care, neither did lawmakers.

In the early 1990s, flamboyant D.C. Mayor Marion Barry, was caught on tape possessing and using crack cocaine, convicted and sent to prison. When he got out, he ran for mayor again — and was re-elected. Before and after, Mr. Barry was the boss over the very cops who had to pass rigorous obstacles to prove their integrity was beyond question. The same standard didn’t hold true for the mayor.

Neither did it hold for Florida Congressman Alcee Hastings. As a federal judge in 1988, Hastings was tried for corruption and later impeached by congress for bribery and perjury by a vote of 413 to 3. Convicted and removed from the bench by a Senate conviction, it fazed him not. Instead, Hastings ran for a seat in the very U.S. Congress that impeached him for dishonesty, and got elected. His record of dishonesty didn’t matter, to the lawmakers or to the voters. He’s been serving for eighteen years on many sensitive and crucial committees, including Vice-Chair of the the House Committee on Intelligence.

Felonious Congressman James Traficant served seven years in prison for a litany of federal corruption charges until 2009. In 2010, after his release, he was certified to again run for the congressional seat he held before going to jail. In most places, convicted felons have a problem being hired to wash dishes, yet it’s ignored in the halls of congress.

Ted Stevens, Senator from Alaska, ran for re-election while convicted of bribery and tax evasion in 2008.

Rep. Charlie Rangel of New York, now faces ethics charges of tax evasion. He’s not a cop, so he’ll keep his job no matter what.

None of these people would get through Phase One for applicant to a police department. Yet, we — the voters — don’t care. We are the guilty ones. We assume corruption and politics to be synonymous and shrug it off. But, let one cop take a five dollar bill from a community businessman for a favor (i.e. unofficial lobbyist) and he’ll be fired and sent to jail, never to wear the badge again. If any one cop is nailed by the IRS for failing to pay taxes or to disclose income, he/she will lose his job, permanently.

It’s time for all representatives to re-evaluate election laws and institute new standards. No one should be able to run for office who cannot pass the same background and integrity standards that we require of cops. (Yes, that would go for the office of president.)

Then again, such changes would be up to — you guessed it — the politicians.

No, I’m not holding my breath.




I recommend that all parents and grandparents of teens and young adults see “Due Date.” Why? Because is not only terrible, it’s gross.

Hollywood should be flooded with letters and e-mails from outraged adults who are not only offended by the movie, they are appalled that the movie industry would lure young people to see such crapola.

Professional pundits and movie reviewers who gave this picture an acceptable, yet high rating, should be fired from the syndications.

The story is about two fellows who stumble upon one another with their sets of problems. The character of Robert Downey Jr., is in a panic to travel cross country to get to his pregnant wife before she delivers. The slovenly character of Zach Galifianakis is a pot-head, struggling actor who offers Downey the ride. The rest is supposed to be a series of obstacles that the Director, Todd Phillips, intended to make us laugh. Instead, it made my wife and I want to throw up.

And we are not prudes by any stretch.

Much like teen movie crap, the virtues of smoking marijuana (ergo, using drugs) are glorified, mostly by sicko Zach. But the capper was when sicko Zach had to masturbate in the car he and Downey were sleeping in. That was as needed for the scene as vomiting on your popcorn.

As an actor, Zach and the industry is making big bucks, which is all that Hollywood cares about. Robert Downey Jr., is one of the fine actors in Hollywood today, but he lowers himself to the bottom for even appearing in a tasteless, script like “Due Date.”

It would be like Lawrence Olivier playing Conan The Barbarian, but replete with four-letter words that add nothing to the dialogue.

Parents should not make excuses: “Oh, well, that’s what kids like these days.” “Oh well, no harm.” “Oh well, I can’t do anything about it.”

Parents: Do something about it. Let your kids know that you care about the extremes in the entertainment world, that the incessant and idiotic use of “F” words, flatulence, regurgitation, and grappling with sex organs and body parts is a sad testament to where our society has fallen.

Show the kids you do care. Maybe that will make a difference with only 10 percent, but it’s ten percent better than zero.

Incidentally, this junk actor named Zach Galifianakis had the audacity to light up a marijuana joint on the Bill Maher Show last week, supposedly in the name of humor. The entire panel, including Maher laughed. In fact, the possession of marijuana is illegal in all states and in federal law, albeit the exclusion for medical marijuana in California. In essence, Zach thumbed his nose at the law, and Maher thought it was funny.

Bear in mind, I am an advocate in decriminalizing pot, but I’m also an advocate of obeying criminal laws while they are laws, especially on national television by entertainment role models.

Maher should have ordered “Cut!” and ushered the nutball off his set.

P.S. Yes. We walked out of the movie … just as the car was rocking to Zach’s disgusting hand job.

Click here: YouTube – Zach Galifiankis Marijuana-Smoking With Bill Maher!



I am not a Christian. That’s because I have personal views that differ with the Gospels of Christianity. I also differ in views with the Old Testament. So, I don’t align myself with any organized religion. However, I have great love and respect for Christians in general. All my grown kids are Christian.

This article is about fundamental differences between Christians, Jews and Muslims. Not their Deity, but the actions, their compassion and their impact on the world.

I’ve actually heard some people say — people who have enjoyed the fruits of living as an American all their lives — that they are more afraid of Christians, than they are Muslims. That Christians are the real problem in the world! They say, there is more to fear from Catholics than Islamists. Some, of course, also hate Jews and claim they are the filth of planet Earth, and would gladly see Israel destroyed, and the world rid of the Jewish faith.

Ironically, some of those people are college educated and world traveled.

So, let’s start checking the scorecard by evaluating which of the religious groups are among the more humanitarian throughout the world. And, we’ll also check and see who is responsible for the most violence in the world, in the name of their religion.

I have a good friend. A Christian. It was quite a while before I learned that this friend was involved in an organization that traveled to remote parts of India in order to drill wells, to bring fresh and clean water to the impoverished. My friend has been doing this for many years. He does not brag, he does not evangelize, he does not wear humanitarianism on his sleeve. He simply gives of himself to help the needy, no matter their religion.

I suppose, if given the opportunity, he — and other missionary Christians — will share their beliefs and seek to convert some folks to Christianity. I say: So what? Whether the people convert or not, they have the benefit of loving and caring people providing assistance they would not have otherwise.  Yet, there are nudniks among us who will criticize them.

Christian ministries are an immense segment of the humanitarian world. Their organizations are spread throughout the seven continents providing food, housing, water, and health care to the poor and stricken. Lives are being saved by the millions by these loving organizations who donate their time, money, skills and sometimes, their lives, to provide for the needy, no matter what race or religion they represent.

Tell me one Muslim organization that provides humanitarian relief on a regular and constant basis to the poor and stricken around the world — no matter their religion?

I have listed a number of such Christian organizations at the end of this article.

Then — there are the Jews, who represent only 14 million people in the world, compared to 1.4 billion Muslims and 2 billion Christians. That’s one in a hundred.

Do the Jews fight hunger, disease and poverty in countries around the world? You bet. Watch this (rather funny) five minute video, and you’ll get the picture. (There are many more agencies than this, but my time and space are limited.)

Click here: AJWS + Apatow: A Public Service Announcement

Now, let’s count the Islamic relief organizations that also feed and care for poor Christians, Jews, Hindu, Africans and Buddhists around the world.


The next question was about international violence.

We all know how those terrible Christians went about bombing a federal Building in Oklahoma City. There’s one.

And, we know that the Israelis have encountered violence in their own country, to which they respond in kind, but where have the Jews randomly killed innocent people around the world in the name of their religion?

I’m waiting! Hello?

Here’s the track record for Muslims:

Since 9-11-2001, over 16,300 random acts of terror, in more than forty countries, leaving bodies numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

Every airport and airline in the world must deploy trillions in technology and manpower to make air travel safe for the average passenger… all because of radical Islamists. Those trillions are passed on to the consumer.

Tell me, please, if that fear of terror – and the costs of safety — are the fault of Christians? Jews? Or Muslims?

I’m waiting for the nudniks with college degrees to answer that question.

To those who would say I am spreading hate: The only hate I hold, is for the hater. And, 16,300 acts of terror in nine years hasn’t come from people who love.

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