I am not a Christian. That’s because I have personal views that differ with the Gospels of Christianity. I also differ in views with the Old Testament. So, I don’t align myself with any organized religion. However, I have great love and respect for Christians in general. All my grown kids are Christian.

This article is about fundamental differences between Christians, Jews and Muslims. Not their Deity, but the actions, their compassion and their impact on the world.

I’ve actually heard some people say — people who have enjoyed the fruits of living as an American all their lives — that they are more afraid of Christians, than they are Muslims. That Christians are the real problem in the world! They say, there is more to fear from Catholics than Islamists. Some, of course, also hate Jews and claim they are the filth of planet Earth, and would gladly see Israel destroyed, and the world rid of the Jewish faith.

Ironically, some of those people are college educated and world traveled.

So, let’s start checking the scorecard by evaluating which of the religious groups are among the more humanitarian throughout the world. And, we’ll also check and see who is responsible for the most violence in the world, in the name of their religion.

I have a good friend. A Christian. It was quite a while before I learned that this friend was involved in an organization that traveled to remote parts of India in order to drill wells, to bring fresh and clean water to the impoverished. My friend has been doing this for many years. He does not brag, he does not evangelize, he does not wear humanitarianism on his sleeve. He simply gives of himself to help the needy, no matter their religion.

I suppose, if given the opportunity, he — and other missionary Christians — will share their beliefs and seek to convert some folks to Christianity. I say: So what? Whether the people convert or not, they have the benefit of loving and caring people providing assistance they would not have otherwise.  Yet, there are nudniks among us who will criticize them.

Christian ministries are an immense segment of the humanitarian world. Their organizations are spread throughout the seven continents providing food, housing, water, and health care to the poor and stricken. Lives are being saved by the millions by these loving organizations who donate their time, money, skills and sometimes, their lives, to provide for the needy, no matter what race or religion they represent.

Tell me one Muslim organization that provides humanitarian relief on a regular and constant basis to the poor and stricken around the world — no matter their religion?

I have listed a number of such Christian organizations at the end of this article.

Then — there are the Jews, who represent only 14 million people in the world, compared to 1.4 billion Muslims and 2 billion Christians. That’s one in a hundred.

Do the Jews fight hunger, disease and poverty in countries around the world? You bet. Watch this (rather funny) five minute video, and you’ll get the picture. (There are many more agencies than this, but my time and space are limited.)

Click here: AJWS + Apatow: A Public Service Announcement

Now, let’s count the Islamic relief organizations that also feed and care for poor Christians, Jews, Hindu, Africans and Buddhists around the world.


The next question was about international violence.

We all know how those terrible Christians went about bombing a federal Building in Oklahoma City. There’s one.

And, we know that the Israelis have encountered violence in their own country, to which they respond in kind, but where have the Jews randomly killed innocent people around the world in the name of their religion?

I’m waiting! Hello?

Here’s the track record for Muslims:

Since 9-11-2001, over 16,300 random acts of terror, in more than forty countries, leaving bodies numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

Every airport and airline in the world must deploy trillions in technology and manpower to make air travel safe for the average passenger… all because of radical Islamists. Those trillions are passed on to the consumer.

Tell me, please, if that fear of terror – and the costs of safety — are the fault of Christians? Jews? Or Muslims?

I’m waiting for the nudniks with college degrees to answer that question.

To those who would say I am spreading hate: The only hate I hold, is for the hater. And, 16,300 acts of terror in nine years hasn’t come from people who love.

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