“BURLESQUE” Movie Review

If you enjoy sheer entertainment, see “Burlesque.”

Good musicals are so rare these days, that I get totally engrossed in a film that features well-choreographed singing and dancing mixed with storyline and good acting in the style of “Chicago” and “Moulin Rouge.”

While this picture doesn’t quite add up to the five-star quality of the aforementioned, it nevertheless is worthwhile as a respite from the garbage that Hollywood has been pumping out of late, including “Due Date,” which we walked out of after 45 minutes.

“Burlesque” tells the story of a young girl (newcomer Christina Aguilera) who bolts from a boring life in small town Iowa to seek stardom in L.A. After landing a waitress job in a local cabaret, the show’s entertainer/manager (Cher) finally gives her a chance, and the rest is history. Her powerful voice and sexy moves clears the path toward stardom. Aguilera’s character is dynamic, talented, full of energy and dripping with glitz. Watch her name explode into real stardom.

Particularly refreshing is a sexuality-driven movie devoid of the perennial “F” word, devoid of nudity (except one butt shot of actor Cam Digandet), and devoid of unnecessary sex scenes and slurpy kissing.

Yet, sex drives the music, the choreography, the characters, the story, the heart and the beat. Credit to the writers and directors who showed you can titillate an audience quite well without vulgarity.

While it probably won’t win any Oscars, it was a two-hour journey back into the times of “Cabaret,” when you left a theater feeling entertained. That’s what it’s all about.

Frankly Speaking Rating:    8 ½

Click here: YouTube – Official BURLESQUE Trailer