Most pundits and politicos are saying the main issues that will sway this mid-term election toward a Republican congress, are the 9.6 percent unemployment rate, the unpopular health care bill, Cap and Tax and the failed stimulus costing taxpayers $787 billion. That’s what we read in newspapers, what we hear in political ads on TV, what we hear on talk radio, and virtually all the network stations, right and left. They are the tangible reasons.

Then, there’s the intangible — what’s not being said, that is truly swaying the central voters. And that can be summed up in one word: Obama.

Barack Obama has scared the daylights out of millions of Americans. The Tea Party would never have formed if it were not for Americans banding together to show unison against the policies and behavior of Mr. Obama. Simple as that. To nearly half of America, Mr. Obama is not seen as an American patriot.

Despite some poor decisions and partnerships with greedy corporations, no one ever doubted the loyalty of G. W. Bush to America. Neither did they doubt Bill Clinton, or virtually any other president in history. Mr. Obama represents the first president in history whose loyalty to America is considered in serious doubt by millions, and thus, his motives for even running for president are equally suspicious. Those doubts have since been reinforced by action, and those actions in two years, have seen America go down the economic tubes and our image across the world tarnished, except – of course – to Islamic nations.

Think of the bell curve. The far right 20 percent and the far left 20 percent, are immovable. Then, as you draw nearer to the peak of the bell, there are moderates in both parties, and a vast number of Independents. These are the folks who went to polls in 2008 with a distrust of Republicans because of Bush policies. Thus, Obama rode the wave of discontent, adding his own charisma for good measure, his lack of experience and dubious background discounted. It also didn’t hurt to receive 94 percent of the black vote.

After these past two years, the Independents and true moderates who voted Obama in 2008 have recognized their huge mistake and fear for America the next two years with his administration in the Oval Office. Therefore, the only way to diminish his power until he can be ousted from office, is to vote off his power base, i.e. congressional seats and governors. I generally vote the person, and have voted three different parties in past elections. This year, I’m straight Republican down the line, for the very reason I just stated.

Besides the obvious economic indicators, here are some of those intangibles that stick in the craw of American voters:

* No sooner than elected, Obama hit the ground running, apologizing for America to Islamic countries. Not cool.

* Quotes like, “Just an isolated incident,” or “Don’t jump to conclusions,” resonate with Americans who still seethe over being attacked by a foreign invader in 2001, with designs on the overthrow of our government. Thus, discounting additional terror attacks as no big deal angered Americans.

* Refusing to acknowledge, or even utter the term “Radical Islam” as being responsible for international terror, opens questions. Why not? Same with his Attorney General.

* Trying our enemy terrorists who were rounded up in foreign countries, in civilian courts, giving them access to free counsel and the benefits of America’s judicial system, when they could easily have been tried in a military court.

* Suing our own state of Arizona for passing a law to curtail crime, then marketing the idea for approval from foreign countries. Not cool.

* Sucking up for favoritism from Islamic organizations, some of whom are linked to the notorious Muslim Brotherhood whose stated goals include the destruction of the United States. That, plus hiring “devout” Islamists within the Department of Homeland Security.

* Inability to make decisions about strategy in the Afghan war, then setting time lines for withdrawal to the delight of our enemies.

* Muscling and bribing senators, Chicago style, in order to pass a most unpopular health care bill…one that incumbent Democrats are distancing themselves from in their campaigns.

* Clearly poised to present and pass an immigration bill that will grant amnesty to nearly 12 million illegals.

* His constant refusal to validate his eligibility to serve as president, by spending millions to prevent his original long form birth certificate from public scrutiny. That, plus the mystery surrounding his refusal to release his records from three colleges. Why? This is transparency?

* Turning our backs on European allies by scraping plans to install receptors and radar stations in Poland and the Czech Republic as a concession to Moscow.

* Bowing to the Saudi King but snubbing the Brits by returning the bust of Churchill

This could be a ten page article, but you get the idea. While the economic picture is bleak, and it’s no longer the fault of the Republicans, there’s much more at play here in the minds of voters when they enter the polls on November 2nd.

Thanks to Mr. Obama and his administration, Democrats will take a drubbing on November 2nd. The electorate will be sending a clear message. Will Mr. Obama take note? Will he care about the feelings of Americans? Will he change course?

Doubtful. The predetermined agenda, established long before he ran for president, will not vary. And that means, he will go the way of Jimmy Carter when his 4-year term is up.

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