Zeituni Onyango is a 57 year-old African woman, living illegally in the United States for the last eleven years. She is not one of those who has worked in the fields doing what work Americans won’t do (an overused misnomer). She receives public housing, food stamps, disability income and whatever else she can glean from the taxpayer, just for breathing. She thinks she’s entitled. Just ask her:

Click here: YouTube – Zeituni Onyango ‘This Country Is Owned By Almighty God’

She says this is a “Free Country.” To her, and millions of other illegals, “Free” means “Free.” Free housing, free food, free health care, free education and free income. And makes no bones about it: She says she’s as entitled as anyone else.

Of course, what’s makes this lady unique is that she is the aunt of President Obama. Which begs the question: Why is she on public assistance at all?

If you were a multi-millionaire, would you allow your aunt, uncle, niece or nephew to be living on welfare, on the backs of taxpayers? The president has stumped the country for the last three years, oozing compassion, talking about the disadvantaged, claiming it’s the government’s responsibility to help those who cannot be helped otherwise, yet he turns his back on his own?

What happened to, “spread the wealth?”

Well, let the taxpayer handle that.

How many times do we hear about multi-Jeopardy champions, pro-athletes, successful entertainers and best-selling authors vowing to use part of their vast wealth to provide better lives for their relatives?


Meanwhile, for the second year in a row, 58 million recipients of Social Security get the proverbial short end of the stick. Not since 1975, has the annual cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA) been denied the elderly, millions of whom rely solely on that monthly check for their meager incomes. The government uses low inflationary indexes as a reason to save the expenditure, suggesting that life isn’t any more expensive for the elderly than in 2009. Not so.

How do you tell one of these seniors the U.S. government gives away $26 billion in foreign aid, billions more in welfare entitlements to the poor, including $113 billion a year to illegal immigrants (according to the Federation For American Immigration Reform FAIR). Millions of illegal immigrants like Zeituni Onyango have paid little or nothing into the American system, yet are awarded housing, food stamps, health care and other benefits on the shoulders of taxpayers. Americans on Social Security have been paying into the system their entire lives, some of whom have honorably served their nation in the military or other state and local service organizations, yet we use statistics to save (or divert) money at their expense. If there is any segment of our society that should not be ignored, it’s the elderly for they are the people who have worked, struggled and contributed the most to their country.

Here’s what we should do:

* Ask the president to support his aunt, and get her off the public teat.

* Either have her follow a path to citizenship or deport her.

* Change Social Security laws so that retirees with an income of over $200 thousand a year, cede their Social Security back into the system. It seems ridiculous to be sending government checks to people who own yachts, planes and chalets in Switzerland.

* Demand a minimum COLA increase of three percent a year to seniors in need.

Meanwhile, time to take care of your aunt, Mr. Obama. She’s your kin, not mine. I don’t mind paying taxes to help those needy who have no other source of assistance. But that’s not the case with Ms. Onyango.

Practice what you preach.

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