Juan Williams is a respected journalist. He is a regular for the last ten years as a senior news analyst on NPR (National Public Radio) and appears regularly as a panelist/moderator on Fox News. He is, for the most part, a liberal. I don’t always agree with his points of view, but he presents his arguments in a respectful and intelligent manner, often with facts and information to back him up. He is also a best-selling author on the civil rights movement.

Juan Williams has been caught in the web of extreme-biased journalism, but not by the conservative Fox channel, as some might think. Rather, the liberal news company (NPR) — you know, the one that promulgates the values of free speech and free thinking — has fired Juan for telling it like it is, political correctness be damned.

A regular panelist on Fox News, Juan Williams was in a debate with Bill O’Reilly when the subject of bigotry and prejudice came up. He said, what millions of Americans feel (probably an overwhelming majority), that the presence of Muslims dressed in Muslim garb on airplanes make him nervous. For that, NPR fired him.

Here’s the short video clip of his remarks:

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Williams’ ten-year relationship with NPR has apparently been tenuous of late. Party politics and left leanings apparently plays a major role in this supposedly “neutral” news broadcast. One year ago, NPR admonished him to disavow his employment on NPR when appearing on Fox.

The folks from NPR must be plain stupid. As “liberal” as they claim to be, NPR has employed only one journalist who is black. Guess who? Juan Williams. Now, they’re back lily white, though I’m sure his replacement will be an African American to their political liking.

NPR solicits and receives public funding, representing about 2-3 percent of their total budget. I think they can kiss that goodbye. Contributors, including Democrat, Bob Beckel, — another liberal who often appears on Fox — has announced intent to hold back any more contributions to NPR.

NPR was started back in the re-cable days when there were only three networks and no other talk shows to tune in to. Today, their following is diminished greatly because of cable and satellite expansion, and the Internet which people can follow without being spoon-fed liberal or conservative biases. Prediction: Watch for the demise of NPR

Even the conscientious liberals are outraged over the firing of Williams, because of the spear driven into the very heart of free speech. Whoopie Goldberg has spoken out. Joe Scarborough, liberal commentator on MSBNC, a competitor of Fox, called Williams’ firing a “disgrace.” Reporters on CNN have spoken out against NPR.

NPR should be stripped of their public funding for this outrageous act of UnAmericanism, and hopefully find themselves at the wrong end of a lawsuit.

But, as Paul Harvey might have said, here’s “the rest of the story.” There’s more going on behind the scenes than we know. What we do know, is that billionaire George Soros recently donated $1.8 to NPR for them to hire liberal reporters and commentators in every state in the union, ostensibly to go to war against Fox. Soros and his minions are avid haters of Fox, because Fox is not agreeable with the Soros program. And as most folks know, Soros is the money behind MoveOn.org and ACORN which has avidly ramrodded the Barack Obama movement and the path toward socialism.

Basically, with most network and cable stations presenting a left leaning political agenda, Fox stands alone on the television airwaves as one counterpoint on the right. It’s unimaginable that anyone, right or left, would want to see all our news and commentary in lock-step with a single ideology. It’s also interesting to note, that Fox ratings lead all other cable news networks combined.

It’s clear that the puppeteer in this whole affair, is socialist billionaire, George Soros. NPR got their marching orders, and the servants followed. And, if he — and the likes of NPR — had their way, we’d see an end to free speech as we know it and a renewed effort to re-ignite the Fairness Doctrine for no other purpose than to see government control the airwaves — and … the way we think.

Juan Williams said only that he felt nervous when he saw Muslims, in garb, boarding an aircraft. He also said he felt bad about feeling that way. To his credit,Williams spoke, not from a standpoint of bigotry, but of honesty. He merely echoed the sentiments of multi-millions of Americans. Three cheers for an straight forward liberal commentator.

There have been over 16,000 acts of terror — or attempts — around the world since 9/11. Ninety-nine percent of those by Muslims, and most of them against Muslims.

It is, what it is.

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