For readers who cannot think past the race card, here’s some fodder for you.

President Barack Obama wants to form a monstrous private security/police force, answerable to the executive department, as large as the military and unattached to the Homeland Security Department, the military, or any of the federal investigative agencies. No lie. He specifically stated this during his campaign, remarks that were mysteriously ignored by the media and the political parties.

First Question: What’s the motive?

Second Question: How could a near-bankrupt nation afford multi-billions more of tax dollars?

Third Question: Is this reminiscent of any other country in past regimes?

If you think I’m kidding, here’s one of his video speeches during the campaign. Check out the Kool-Aid drinkers cheering him on, with no idea what they’re cheering for:

Click here: YouTube – Obama advocates an American Gestapo

By now, folks probably think this was just a lot of hooey, nothing to be concerned about. Think again. When the new congress is seated, honest Charlie Rangel — one of the Obama chief minions — has plans to initiate the first step. Check the article:

Click here: Rangel plan gives prez ‘civilian security force’

Click here: Democrat: Let’s have mandatory national service

What is amazing and so frustrating, is that intelligent Americans cannot see past the smokescreen. One only has to connect all the dots, nationalizing banks, health care, insurance companies, auto industry, and so much more, and then striving toward his own “private security force” — A Private Army — as though it was something “essential” to America. And, people actually buy into it, for no other reason, than it is being voiced by Barack Obama.


Sometimes I wonder if Barack Obama openly advocated Sharia Law to replace the constitution, if the leftist news stations and far left wing democrats would echo his demands.

This is one more connected dot that tells me we have a future dictator in the Oval Office, who — if re-elected in 2012 — will probably try to repeal the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution on presidential term limits, so he can continue to rule indefinitely. That is undoubtedly one of the motives for pursuing a strategy for legitimizing 12 million illegal aliens, (amnesty) half of whom would become voters overnight, and almost all of them Democratic sheep.

Wake up folks, there’s more to the rhetoric than what you are hearing.

Mao Tse Tung and Adolf Hitler formed their private armies, independent of the national military.

Meanwhile, Obama has already formed an army of White House czars who are setting the tone for the nation’s government, skirting standard government departments, like State, Defense, Energy, etc. Heads of those departments are nothing more than figureheads while the real orders are coming from the czar pool. I can’t wait for Hillary to write her memoirs — that is, if she’s willing to tell the truth about the goings on behind the scenes.

All of this equals steps to manipulate the governmnt, side-step established channels so that a form of dictatorship is in place…and we don’t even know it.

Some folks who have actually read the entire Health Care bill, say that the baby steps toward a federal security police force is already on the books. Most of us don’t know it, or have turned a blind eye. For more on that, check the chapter sub-titles in this article:

Click here: Obama Just Got His Private Army

Some people will accuse me of scare tactics. To them, I plead Guilty as charged. These are facts which should scare the heck out of every American.

Some other people — who can’t think beyond the race card — will accuse me of being a racist. To them, I say: Try using your brain and then refute me. Show where I am wrong. Because, I sure hope I am.

What’s the answer?

For now, the answer starts with exposing this administration for what it is. Opening the eyes, minds and hearts of all Americans. And, casting a “no” vote for any state of federal politician that would support Obama or any segment of his agenda.

Vote against Obama this Tuesday.

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